Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 419


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Dogs, guide, service or hearing assistance, when entitled to accompany trainer without extra charge, 209.152
Hotels, motels, resorts and other public lodging, regulations of, Chap. 315
"Seeing-eye" dog entitled to accommodations in public places, 209.150
419.010 Lodging establishment liable, when--defined.
419.020. Lodging establishment not liable, when.
419.030. Lodging establishment not liable for baggage, when.
419.040. Rates--duty to post.
419.050. Penalty.
419.060. Lien on baggage and wages.
419.070. Enforcement of lien against wages of guest.
419.090. Campground curfew, alcohol and tobacco use, and pet policies to be posted in high traffic area--owner may eject persons, when--person guilty of trespass, when--refund, when--inapplicability to state parks.

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