Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 447
Lost and Unclaimed Property


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Cemeteries, burial sites, abandoned, reversion to cemeteries, when, 214.209
Escheats, deemed unclaimed property when, Chap. 470
Mobile homes abandoned on rented real property, rights of property owner and lienholder to get possession and title, 700.525 to 700.541
Museum property law to supersede abandoned and unclaimed property law, 184.122
Sheriff or highway patrolman may order removal of vehicle abandoned on highway right-of-way, 304.155
Warehousemen's liens on property left in storage, 400.7-209, 400.7-210
447.010 Duty of persons finding lost money, goods.
447.020. Appointment of appraisers by circuit judge.
447.030. Appraiser's list, where filed--publication.
447.040. Procedure if no owner appears, when.
447.050. Restoration of property, when--owner may sue, when.
447.060. Failure to discover--penalty.
447.070. Goods retained until payment of charges.
447.080. Sale of unclaimed property.
447.090. Unclaimed proceeds.
447.100. Carrier's responsibility ceases, when.
447.110. Sale of property upon which advances are made, when.
447.500. Law, how cited--exceptions--purpose.
447.503. Definitions.
447.505. Property held or owing by banking, financial organization or business presumed abandoned, when--exception.
447.506. Imposition of charges including prepayment penalties on certificates of deposit, requirements--not to affect unclaimed property.
447.510. Unclaimed funds held and owing by insurance company presumed abandoned, when--unclaimed funds defined--distribution of abandoned property, when.
447.517. Utilities, funds held or owing presumed abandoned, when.
447.520. Stock, certificates and ownership--dividend profit--distribution or interest payment, held or owing by business association presumed abandoned, when.
447.527. Dissolution of business--unclaimed intangible personal property presumed abandoned, when.
447.530. Fiduciary holding intangible personal property for benefit of another presumed abandoned, when, exception.
447.532. Courts--public corporations--public authority--officers--political subdivisions holding intangible personal property for another presumed abandoned, when.
447.533. Interest, dividends or their earnings deemed unclaimed property, when.
447.534. United States savings bonds deemed abandoned, when--proceeds to escheat to the state, when--filing of a claim, procedure.
447.535. All other intangible property presumed abandoned, when--ongoing business relationships, certain items not presumed abandoned, when.
447.536. Abandonment period, effective when--exception for payroll checks.
447.537. Owner of property in another state and holder subject to that state's jurisdiction, effect.
447.539. Report to treasurer on property presumed abandoned--content--filed, when--extension of filing time--location of owner, duties--penalty--assessment, reconsideration, interest--waiver--determination of amounts, estimation.
447.540. Charitable, fraternal and other federally tax-exempt entities to report and remit unclaimed property.
447.541. Notices required--publication form, content--mailed notice, requirements, content, exception--treasurer's duty.
447.543. Delivery of property to treasurer, when--retention of approved costs--errors of presumption, procedure--abandoned fund account established--payment of claims--records subject to public inspection, exception.
447.545. No liability for claims by holder after delivery to state--legal actions, procedure.
447.547. Law of abandoned property not applicable, when.
447.548. Reportable periods, no enforcement after three years, when--fraudulent report, enforcement for six years.
447.549. Statute of limitations not a defense for governmental agencies in proceedings by treasurer to recover unclaimed property.
447.558. Sale of property, when--publication of notice--purchaser's title--proceeds, deposit.
447.559. Historical review of items by state historical society, when--fee, how determined.
447.560. Record of property, content--retained for public inspection--information not public record, when--public record, when--penalty for disclosure--military medals, procedure--United States savings bonds, procedure.
447.561. Destruction or disposal of property by treasurer if of no value--no liability for state or holder.
447.562. Claim to be filed for property delivered to the state, form, procedure, penalty--claims paid by holder, reimbursed by treasurer, when, exception.
447.565. Hearing on claims by treasurer--payment of claim, amount, no charges authorized--interest--treasurer discharged from liability--claimant accountable to person with superior right.
447.569. Appeal of treasurer's decision or failure to act, when--report filed, deemed contested case.
447.571. Custody of property, powers of treasurer to receive or decline--failure to act, effect--postponing delivery, when, limitation.
447.572. Examination of records by treasurer and persons authorized, when.
447.575. Enforcing delivery, court action.
447.577. Reports--payment or delivery of property, failure to make--false statements in report--penalties.
447.579. Rules authorized.
447.581. Agreements to locate or reveal whereabouts of property--requirements for validity--agreements to pay or assist in recovery of property, requirements for enforceability--registration of recovery representative, requirements--suspension of registration, hearing, disclosure of information.
447.583. Reciprocal agreements with other states--attorney general's duties, when.
447.584. Agreements--property held by business entities in other states or governmental entities--treasurer, duties--fees.
447.585. Another state may recover property from state of Missouri, when.
447.587. Safe deposit box contents that become unclaimed property--right to fees, charges and authority to enforce possessory liens.
447.595. Bond required for arrest warrantor, probation or civil cash bond, proceeds deemed unclaimed property, when.
447.620. Definitions.
447.622. Petition, requirements.
447.624. Proceeding, where commenced, procedure.
447.625. Procedures in home rule cities.
447.626. Expeditious treatment.
447.628. Notice of pendency of suit, effect.
447.630. Hearing, plan of rehabilitation.
447.632. Grant of petition, requirements.
447.634. Grant of temporary possession.
447.636. Quarterly report.
447.638. Restoration of possession, compensation.
447.640. Quitclaim judicial deed may be granted, conditions, effect.
Cross Reference

Tax Credit Accountability Act of 2004, additional requirements, 135.800 to 135.830 ***

447.700. Definitions.
447.701. Eligible projects, director's duties--owner to repay, when.
447.702. Department loans to eligible projects, guidelines, conditions.
447.704. Loan guarantees, guidelines, conditions--private lender immune from liability, when.
447.706. Grants, guidelines, conditions.
447.708. Tax credits, criteria, conditions--definitions--eligibility of certain demolition costs.
447.710. Property reuse revolving fund--lapse into general revenue prohibited--investment of fund.
447.712. Tort immunity.
447.714. Hazardous substances on property, duties of purchaser--department of natural resources, duties.
447.716. Failure of purchaser to perform, sanctions.
447.718. Rulemaking authority, procedure.

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