Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 469
Disclaimers of Property


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Disclaimer by beneficiary of nonprobate transfer, effect, 461.048
469.010 General rule, effect of disclaimer.
469.020. Disclaimer, how and when made--delivery--right to disclaim.
469.030. Acceptance, how shown, preclusion of later disclaimer--who may accept or disclaim.
469.040. Revocable transfers.
469.050. Separate interests, disclaimers or acceptance.
469.060. (Repealed L. 2016 H.B. 1765 § A)
469.070. Contingent interests.
469.080. Per stirpes transfers.
469.090. Special rules for interests under old transfers.
469.100. Special rule for persons attaining majority--transfers after 1976.
469.110. Chapter not exclusive.
469.120. Retroactive effect.
469.240. Definitions.
469.250. Payment or transfers to fiduciaries or at the direction of the fiduciary, effect on transferor.
469.260. Transfer of negotiable instrument by fiduciary.
469.270. Check drawn by fiduciary payable to third person.
469.280. Check drawn by and payable to fiduciary.
469.290. Deposit in name of fiduciary as such.
469.300. Deposit in name of principal.
469.310. Deposit in fiduciary's personal account.
469.320. Deposit in name of two or more trustees.
469.330. Cases not provided for in law.
469.340. Uniformity of interpretation.
469.350. Short title.
469.401. Definitions.
469.402. Applicability.
469.403. Disbursements to or between principal and income, fiduciary's responsibilities.
469.405. Adjustments between principal and income permitted by trustee, factors to be considered--no adjustment permitted, when.
469.409. Bar on claim of breach of fiduciary duty, when--applicable rules.
469.411. Determination of unitrust amount--definitions--exclusions to average net fair market value of assets--applicability of section to certain trusts--net income of trust to be unitrust amount, when.
469.413. Death of decedent or end of income interest, applicable rules.
469.415. Rights of beneficiaries to net income.
469.417. Beneficiary entitled to net income, when--asset subject to trust, when--income interest.
469.419. Trustee to allocate income receipt or disbursement, when.
469.421. Mandatory income interest, undistributed income, paid when.
469.423. Allocations by trustee--entity defined.
469.425. Allocations to income or principal.
469.427. Separate accounting records maintained, when, procedure.
469.429. Allocations to principal.
469.431. Rental property, allocation to income.
469.432. Interest allocated to income--amounts received from sale, redemption or disposition of an obligation to pay money to principal.
469.433. Life insurance proceeds allocated to principal--dividends allocated to income.
469.435. Insubstantial amounts may be allocated to principal, exceptions--presumption of insubstantial amount, when.
469.437. Distributions allocated as income, when--definitions--balance allocated to principal, when--effect of separate accounts or funds--marital deduction, effect of.
469.439. Ten percent of receipts from liquidating asset allocated to income, remainder to principal.
469.441. Allocation of interest in minerals or other natural resources--interest in water, allocation of.
469.443. Sale of timber and related products, allocation of net receipts.
469.445. Marital deduction, insufficient income, allowable actions.
469.447. Transactions in derivatives allocated to principal--options to sell or buy property allocated to principal.
469.449. Allocation of collateral financial assets and asset-backed securities.
469.451. Required disbursements from income.
469.453. Required disbursements from principal.
469.455. Depreciation not to be transferred.
469.457. Principal disbursement, permitted transfers.
469.459. Taxes to be paid from income or principal, when.
469.461. Adjustments between principal and income, when--estate tax marital deduction or charitable contributions, how handled.
469.463. Uniformity considered in application and construction.
469.465. Severability clause.
469.467. Applicability of sections.
469.600. Doctrine of worthier title and Rule in Bingham's case abolished, effect of language describing beneficiaries.
469.900. Citation of law--definitions.
469.901. Trustee duties, settlor may restrict or expand.
469.902. Trustee duties and powers--decisions to be evaluated in context of trust.
469.903. Diversification required, exception.
469.904. Trust assets, retention and disposition.
469.905. To whom duty owed.
469.906. Multiple beneficiaries, duty owed to whom.
469.907. Restriction on costs.
469.908. Prudent investor rule, standard.
469.909. Trustee powers, delegation--agent duties--liability of agent--agent submits to jurisdiction, when.
469.910. Trust terms and phrases, definition.
469.911. Applicability of certain sections.
469.912. Interpretation of certain sections.
469.913. Specific statutory standards to control.

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