Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 192
Department of Health and Senior Services


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
ABLE program, semiannual review, 209.640
AIDS, duties of department, 191.650 to 191.703
Air quality, nonattainment areas, carbon emissions, implementation impact report, submitted with other departments, 640.090
Amber alert system created, 210.1012
Amber alert system oversight committee, director to be a member, 210.1014
Blood tests of pregnant women, department to make rules and approve tests, 210.030
Breast feeding, written information provided to physicians, hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers, when, 191.915
Breast implants, department of health and senior services to provide written summary on risks and effects, 376.1250
Cervical cancer and HPV, department to develop informational brochure, contents, 167.182
Child death review teams, department's duties, 210.192 to 210.196
Comprehensive emergency medical services systems act, 190.001 to 190.255
Conflict resolution materials to be developed and made available, 170.046
Controlled substances, waiver of registration and record-keeping requirements during emergencies, 195.041
Convalescent and nursing homes, department of health and senior services to inspect, license, Chap. 198
County option dumping ground law, duties, 64.470, 64.477
Department to approve techniques and issue permits for chemical analysis of breath to determine alcoholic content of blood, 577.020
Early childhood development education and care program facilities to be licensed by department of health and senior services to receive money from gaming fund, 210.199
Eating disorders, education and awareness programs established, 630.580
Elderly health and nutrition act, 208.600 to 208.630
Electronic vital records system, department to notify certain medical professionals on use of for purposes of death certificates, 193.145
Essential community providers, letter of designation, 354.654
Exchange of information for the protection of individuals serviced by health care providers regulated by the departments of health and senior services or social services, 191.005
Hepatitis B vaccine for at-risk state employees, department's duties, 292.650
Hospital and health facility inspection reports may be made available to public, duties of department, 197.477
Information system coordination for tracking of individual children, 210.865
Juvenile information governance commission, members, duties, meetings, annual report, 210.870
Lead abatement and prevention of lead poisoning, 701.300 to 701.349
Medical school loan repayment program, duties, 191.600 to 191.615
Missouri Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) board, membership on, 209.605
New state programs to sunset after six years, Missouri sunset act, 23.250 to 23.298
On-site sewage disposal systems regulations, duties of department of health and senior services, 701.025 to 701.039
Organ donor program and registry, duties, 194.304, of health, 701.025 to 701.035
Penalties assessed by state agencies for delinquent reports or fees, limitations, 33.202
Personal care assistance program for disabled persons, 208.900 to 208.930
Pregnant women, using drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, effect on women and children, treatment and education program, department's duties, 191.725 to 191.748
Rules and regulations of department as to immunization of school children, 167.181
Social Security numbers on file with vital statistics may be used by department for statistical purposes, 193.075
Student loan program doctors and osteopaths, duties, 191.500 to 191.550
Summer food service program, 191.810
Uniform claim forms, health care reporting, 374.184
Unsafe children's products, child care facilities, disposal of, inspections, 210.1007
Water resources interagency task force, to be member, 640.430
192.002 Department of health and senior services established.
192.005. Department of health and senior services created--division of health abolished--duties.
192.006. Health and senior services, department of, rulemaking authority, procedure.
192.007. Director, appointment--compensation--qualifications.
192.011. Duties of department--monitoring environmental effects on public health--developing disease prevention plan.
192.014. State board of health to advise department.
192.015. Fees for laboratory tests authorized--deposit in general revenue.
192.016. Putative father registry--fund created.
192.019. Citation.
192.020. To safeguard the health of the people of Missouri--certain diseases to be included on communicable or infectious disease list.
192.025. To accept and disburse federal funds for health purposes.
192.031. Hepatitis C programs established by department of health and senior services.
192.033. Strategies for raising public awareness on hepatitis C.
192.036. Information on hepatitis C for physicians, health professionals and training providers.
192.040. Department to issue reports--subjects.
192.050. Department to maintain certain bureaus--establishment of others.
192.060. Department to keep vital statistics.
192.067. Patients' medical records, department may receive information from--purpose--confidentiality--immunity for persons releasing records, exception--penalty--costs, how paid.
192.068. Quality of care, access, member satisfaction and status information provided to department--standards of measurement--rulemaking authority--data not to be made public--reports to be published.
192.070. Care of babies and hygiene of children, educational literature to be issued by department.
192.072. Bureau of immunization to develop educational materials--contents, distribution.
192.080. Bureau of food and drug inspection.
192.081. Donation of canned or perishable food--definitions--procedure--immunity from liability, when--department to provide information.
192.083. Office of minority health, established--purpose, duties.
192.090. Inspection of hotels, inns and boardinghouses.
192.100. Inspection of beverages.
192.110. Department's duty as to diseases of animals.
192.131. Definitions--health care-associated infections data to be reported--confidentiality--plan to help monitoring to be developed--required standards.
192.138. Contagious or infectious disease reports by medical treatment facilities and nursing homes.
192.139. Communicable disease reporting, guidelines for department.
192.140. Public health nurse provided--public and private places disinfected.
192.150. Interference a misdemeanor--duty of mayor and county commission.
192.160. Taxpayers may petition for the appointment of a nurse.
192.170. Money appropriated from current revenue.
192.230. Department to conduct a survey of hospitals and health facilities--to recommend a state plan.
192.240. State hospital advisory council created--appointment--qualifications--terms--director of health and senior services to approve applications for federal assistance.
192.250. Department to receive grants.
192.260. County health officer appointed by county commission.
192.270. Deputy or assistant county health officers (certain first and second class counties).
192.280. Duties of county health officer--neglect, penalty--removal.
192.290. State regulations supersede local rules--additional local rules.
192.300. Counties may make additional health rules--fees may be charged, deposit in county treasury, purpose--individuals unable to pay not to be denied health services--records and publication--violation a misdemeanor.
192.310. City of St. Charles and cities of 75,000 or over excepted from sections 192.260 to 192.320.
192.320. Violation of law or quarantine--penalty.
192.323. Department of health and senior services document services fund created--funding by certain fees--purpose--amount from fund exempt from lapse into general revenue.
192.324. Administrative and cost allocation fund created, use of moneys.
192.326. Disaster fund created, use of moneys during a state of emergency.
192.360. Active duty military, license to remain in good standing for duration of duty--licensing board procedure required--renewal of license.
192.390. Cost of certain formulas to be provided--rulemaking authority.
192.400. Definitions.
192.410. Powers and duties of department.
192.420. Department to make rules--procedure.
192.430. Radiation sources to be kept safe.
192.440. Unregistered use or possession of radiation producers unlawful--use or possession contrary to law or regulations unlawful.
192.450. Department to order abatement of violations--agents may inspect--data confidential.
192.460. Emergency orders--compliance required--hearing.
192.470. Judicial review.
192.480. Law not to limit medical use of radiation.
192.490. Violation of law or regulation, misdemeanor--injunctive relief.
192.505. Radiation data management program to collect statistics to protect health and environment.
192.507. Radiological laboratory to be established, purpose.
192.510. Radiation emergencies, duties of department of health and senior services to cooperate with other agencies.
192.601. Toll-free telephone to be established for information on health care providers for children on medical assistance.
192.604. Office established--powers and duties--report to general assembly and governor, when.
192.630. Advisory committee on childhood immunization--members--public meetings, costs--appointment--duties.
192.650. Cancer information reporting system established--purpose--rulemaking authority.
192.653. Reports required from certain health care providers, content--exemptions.
192.655. Confidentiality of reports--release of reports, requirements--publication, when--exchange of data agreements with other registries permitted, when.
192.657. No liability for furnishing or providing access to required information, exception--department examination of individuals not intended--violations, penalty.
192.665. Definitions.
192.667. Health care providers, financial data, submission of data on infections to be collected, rules, recommendation--federal system may be implemented--use of data by department of health and senior services, duties, restrictions, penalty--publication of information, when--failure to provide information, effect--public reports required, when, requirements--rulemaking authority--antimicrobial stewardship program, report.
192.700. Arthritis program established--purpose.
192.703. Definitions.
192.705. Program coordinators, appointment, duties--compensation.
192.707. Arthritis advisory board established--members, terms, appointment, vacancies--meetings--chairman, term--duties, reports, reimbursement of expenses.
192.710. Arthritis program review committee created--members--qualifications--appointment--term--vacancies--meetin term--duties--executive administrator.
192.712. Expenses of board and committee members to be paid, subject to appropriations.
192.714. Regional arthritis centers to be established--purpose--regions designated.
192.716. Centers to establish programs for education and improved patient care.
192.718. Fellowships to be granted in clinical rheumatology--candidates, how approved--amount.
192.720. Support for rheumatology trainees--amount--approval of candidates.
192.723. Research feasibility studies to be carried out by regional centers.
192.725. Arthritis information network to be established--staff.
192.727. DMSO--definition--use for treatment of arthritis--authorized--no liability for persons prescribing, administering, dispensing, when--label requirements.
192.735. Definitions.
192.737. Data analysis and needs assessment.
192.739. Confidentiality of reports--release of reports, requirements.
192.740. No liability for furnishing required information, exception.
192.742. Promulgation of rules, authority for, consultation with council.
192.744. Department examination or treatment of individual not intended--violations, penalty.
192.745. Advisory council established--members, terms, appointment, meetings, expenses--chairman--duties.
192.760. Definitions.
192.762. Department to license materials used to perform mammography--minimum training and performance standards--rules, procedure, review.
192.764. Schedule of fees to be established--nonrefundable fees--waiver of fees--mammography fund.
192.766. Machine not registered shall not be used for mammography--department to authorize machines, when--nonrenewable temporary authorizations--application form, information required--annual inspections--withdrawal of authorization, emergency order authorized--administrative penalty--injunctive relief.
192.769. Notice to patients upon completion of a mammogram--effective date.
192.900. Missouri public health services fund, established, purposes.
192.915. Over-the-counter weight loss pills, education and awareness program established--strategies--rulemaking authority.
192.925. Awareness program established--focus of program--cooperation with department of social services, distribution of program information.
192.926. Committee established to assess continuation of demonstration program--duties of committee, members--recommendations--termination date.
192.935. (Transferred 2014; now 209.015)
192.945. Registration cards issued, requirements--definitions--recordkeeping--rulemaking.
192.947. Hemp extract, use of, immunity from liability, when.
192.965. Office on women's health created, duties.
192.968. Committee to advise the office on women's health created, duties.
192.2000. Division of aging created--duties--inspectors of nursing homes, training and continuing education requirements--promulgation of rules, procedure--dementia-specific training requirements established.
192.2005. Definitions.
192.2010. Shared care program established, goals--department duties.
192.2015. Shared care tax credit available, when--eligibility requirements--rulemaking authority--penalty provision.
192.2020. Area agencies for aging duties--advisory council, duties--agency records audited, when.
192.2025. Budget allotment tables provided to each area agency on aging, when--area plan submitted, when--on-site monitoring by department.
192.2030. State board of senior services created, members, terms, duties.
192.2100. Alzheimer's disease and related disorders respite care program--definitions.
192.2105. Respite care program for Alzheimer's purposes.
192.2110. Rules and regulations for respite care program, procedure.
192.2150. Department to use services of certain organizations, when.
192.2200. Definitions.
192.2205. License required to operate day care program--forms--documents--review--license validity period--temporary operating permit, when.
192.2210. Deficiencies, operator informed in exit interview, requirements--plan of correction--categories of standards established--inspection reports made available--notices required.
192.2215. Revocation of license, when--notification of operator.
192.2220. Exceptions to licensure requirements for adult day care centers.
192.2225. Right to enter premises for compliance inspections or to investigate complaints--failure to permit, effect.
192.2230. Fee for license or renewal, limitation.
192.2235. Adult daycare program manual--regional training sessions.
192.2240. Inspections, when--refusal to permit access, court order issued when--injunction authorized.
192.2245. License denied--suspended--revoked--hearing procedure--appeals.
192.2250. Rulemaking authority.
192.2255. Rules, authority, procedure.
192.2260. Violations, penalties.
192.2260. Violations, penalties.
192.2265. Inspections and plans of correction to be provided on department website, exceptions.
192.2270. Dispute resolution, department may contract with third parties--definitions--requirements--rulemaking authority.
192.2275. Cost-based uniform rate for services, budget line item.
192.2300. Definitions.
192.2305. Office of state ombudsman for long-term care facility residents created in department of health and senior services--purpose--powers and duties.
192.2310. Confidentiality of ombudsman's files and records, exceptions, violations, penalty.
192.2315. Immunity from liability for official duties for staff and volunteers--information furnished office, no reprisals against employees of facilities or residents, violations, penalty.
192.2400. Definitions.
192.2405. Mandatory reporters--penalty for failure to report.
192.2410. Reports, contents--department to maintain telephone for reporting.
192.2415. Investigations of reports of eligible adults, department procedures.
192.2420. Investigations of reports of eligible adults between eighteen and fifty-nine, department procedures.
192.2425. Investigation of elder abuse--report.
192.2430. Duty to report, immunity.
192.2435. Records, what confidential, what subject to disclosure--procedure--central registry to receive complaints of abuse and neglect.
192.2440. Assistance to be given.
192.2445. Procedure when abuse, neglect, or physical harm may be involved--remedies.
192.2450. Interference with delivery of services, effect--remedy.
192.2455. Recipient unable to give consent, procedure, remedy.
192.2460. Director may proceed under other law, when--legal counsel may be retained, when.
192.2465. Peace officer may act, when, how--involuntary treatment may be ordered, how, where rendered--religious beliefs to be observed.
192.2470. Discontinuance of services, when--exception.
192.2475. Report of abuse or neglect of in-home services or home health agency client, duty--penalty--contents of report--investigation, procedure--confidentiality of report--immunity--retaliation prohibited, penalty--employee disqualification list--safe at home evaluations, procedure.
192.2480. In-home services client, misappropriation of property, report--investigation--penalty--confidentiality of report--immunity--retaliation prohibited--employee disqualification list.
192.2485. Alteration of in-home services provider agency contracts, procedure--letters of censure--staying of suspensions--appeal process.
192.2490. Employee disqualification list, notification of placement, contents--challenge of allegation, procedure--hearing, procedure--appeal--removal of name from list--list provided to whom--prohibition of employment.
192.2495. Criminal background checks of employees, required when--persons with criminal history not to be hired, when, penalty--failure to disclose, penalty--improper hirings, penalty--definitions--rules to waive hiring restrictions.
192.2500. Prohibition against disclosure of reports, exceptions--employment security provided reports upon request.
192.2505. Confidentiality of records, records disclosed, when.

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