Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 194
Death--Disposition of Dead Bodies


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Chapter Cross Reference
Death certificate issued when, fee, 193.265
194.005. Death, legal definition.
194.010. Encasement of bodies to be shipped.
194.020. Hermetically sealed coffin, specifications.
194.060. Transportation of dead body by common carrier, requirements.
194.070. Preparation of certain bodies for shipment supervised by health officer.
194.080. Preparation of certain dead bodies for shipment.
194.090. Preparation necessary for bodies of persons who died of certain communicable diseases.
194.100. Transportation of bodies where cause of death is noncontagious.
194.105. Disinterment for transport to location outside original cemetery--notice, to whom, contents.
194.110. Penalty for violation.
194.115. Autopsy--consent required--penalty for violation--availability of report, to whom.
194.117. Sudden infant death--notification--autopsy by certified child death pathologist required, procedure, release to parents or guardian--cost, how paid--department of health and senior services duties--rules and regulations.
194.119. Right of sepulcher, the right to choose and control final disposition of a dead human body.
194.120. Missouri state anatomical board--members--responsibilities.
194.130. Meetings of board--organization--funds.
194.140. Acceptance of provisions of this law--bond--prohibited actions and penalties.
194.150. Disposal of paupers' bodies.
194.160. Distribution of bodies.
194.170. Autopsy not to be held, when.
194.180. Penalty for violation.
194.197. Depth at which body is buried may be regulated.
194.200. Disposition of a stillborn child, definitions, duties of hospital, duties of parents, collection of costs, penalties.
194.210. Definitions.
194.215. Applicability of law.
194.220. Registry to be established--gift may be made by whom.
194.225. Procedure for making a gift--donor cards, requirements--gift made by will, effect of.
194.230. Amendment or revocation, procedure.
194.235. Refusal to make a gift, evidenced how, requirements.
194.240. Person other than donor barred from making, amending, or revoking donor's gift--revocation not a bar to making a gift--parent may revoke or amend a gift of a child.
194.245. Gift for transplantation, therapy, research, or education, priority list for persons making.
194.250. Document of gift, procedure.
194.255. Persons eligible to receive gift in the document of gift--gifts not naming persons, effect of--refusal of gift required when.
194.260. Reasonable search to identify donors--immunity from liability, when.
194.263. Delivery of document of gift not required--examination and copying of document permitted, when.
194.265. Referral to procurement organization, diligent search of donor registry required--reasonable examination of body parts permitted, when--search for minor's parents required, when--attending physician shall not procure, when.
194.270. Hospitals to enter into agreements with procurement organizations.
194.275. Purchase or sale of body parts for valuable consideration prohibited--penalty--definition.
194.280. Falsification of documents, penalty.
194.285. Immunity from liability, when.
194.290. Declarations and advance health care directives--definitions--gift in conflict with, donor or physician to resolve.
194.292. Requirements for valid execution of a document of gift--presumption of validity, when--requirements for out-of-state execution of documents.
194.293. Uniformity of law a consideration in construing statutory provisions.
194.294. Effect of law on certain federal acts.
194.295. Embalmers authorized to enucleate eyes, when.
194.297. Organ donor program fund established--funding, administration, purpose--transfer to general revenue prohibited.
194.299. Money in organ donor program fund, how expended.
194.300. Organ donation advisory committee established in department of health and senior services, appointment, qualifications, expenses, terms.
194.302. Advisory committee's powers and duties--annual report, due when.
194.304. Transfer of donor registry information, department of revenue to cooperate--registry requirements.
194.307. Effective date for sections 194.240, 194.297 through 194.304 and section 302.171.
194.350. Disposition of cremated remains--if no directions are given, procedure, notice.
194.360. Veterans, cremated remains--definitions--funeral establishment or coroner, authorized release of identifying information, to whom--release of remains, when--immunity from liability.
194.375. Citation of law--definitions.
194.378. Final disposition of fetal remains, mother has right to determine.
194.381. Means of disposition.
194.384. Written standards required for protection of mother's right to determine final disposition.
194.387. Miscarriage--mother's right to determine final disposition of remains--counseling made available, when.
194.390. Right to legal abortion not affected.
194.400. Definitions.
194.405. Scope of law.
194.406. Unmarked human burials, knowledge or discovery--notice to local law enforcement officer or state historic preservation officer--jurisdiction, how determined.
194.407. State historic preservation officer, jurisdiction of unmarked human burials, duties--general archaeological investigation, when--professional archaeologist, advise state historic preservation officer, when.
194.408. State historic preservation officer, reinterment, duties--consultation with unmarked human burial consultation committee, when.
194.409. Unmarked human burial consultation committee, established--seven members, qualifications--state historic preservation officer, chairman--meetings, when--members serve without remuneration--expenses--federal law.
194.410. Human burial sites--knowingly disturb, penalty--appropriation for sale, penalty.
194.425. Abandonment of a corpse without notifying authorities, penalty.
194.500. Definitions.
194.503. Right-of-way--use of lead vehicles--emergency vehicles with right-of-way, when.
194.506. Following distance--flashing emergency lights used, when--toll-free passage, when.
194.509. Regulations for nonparticipating vehicle operators--violations, penalty.
194.512. Use of amber lights for motorcycles--ordinances permitted.

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