Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 198
Nursing Homes & Facilities


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Chapter Cross Reference
Advocacy and assistance office--established in lieutenant governor's office, 660.620 to 660.625
AIDS patients, nursing homes limited to AIDS treatment, certificate of need not required, 197.316
All license, permit and certificate applications shall contain the Social Security number of the applicant, 324.024
Certificate of need not required for certain facilities controlled by religious organization, 197.312
Certificate of need, St. Louis residential care facilities and assisted living facilities, no certificate of need required, 197.312
Comprehensive emergency medical services systems act, 190.001 to 190.245
Family care safety registry and access line, 210.900 to 210.936
Financial exploitation of the elderly, crime of, 570.145
Health care assistance payments fraud and abuse, 191.900 to 191.914
Identification badges, health care facilities personnel required to wear, when, 197.705
License for administrator of assisted living facilities required, limitations, 344.020
Long-term care facility residents, office of state ombudsman, protection and care of residents, powers and duties, 192.2300 to 192.2315
Long-term care insurance premium tax credit, 135.096
Nursing home employees, criminal history background checks required, persons with criminal history not to be hired, when, 192.2495
Nursing home Medicaid per diem rate, recalculation, amount, 208.225
Sexual contact or intercourse with a skilled nursing or Alzheimer's resident, crime of, penalties, consent not a defense, 566.116
Skilled nursing care facilities, a license for assisted living facilities insufficient, 344.020
Tuberculosis testing rules for nursing homes, 199.350
Cross Reference

Nursing home health care workers and volunteers, 199.350 *** Nursing homes preadmission testing for tuberculosis for residents, 199.350 ***

198.003. Citation of law.
198.005. Assisted living facilities, statutory references to residential care facilities to be changed by revisor of statutes.
198.006. Definitions.
198.009. Department of social services to administer--promulgation of rules, procedure--cooperation of other agencies.
198.012. Provisions of sections 198.003 to 198.136 not to apply, when--exempt entities may be licensed.
198.015. License, when required--duration--content--effect of change of ownership--temporary permits--penalty for violation.
198.016. Information on home- and community-based services to be provided prior to admission.
198.018. Applications for license, how made--fees--affidavit--documents required to be filed--nursing facility quality of care fund created--facilities may not be licensed by political subdivisions, but they may inspect.
198.022. Duty of department on receipt of application--duty upon denial--department may copy records at its expense--removal of records prohibited--inspection, when--court order to inspect--out-of-state applicants, compliance history may be requested.
198.026. Noncompliance, how determined--procedure to correct--notice--reinspection--probationary license.
198.027. On-site revisit not required, when.
198.029. Noncompliance--notice to operator and public, when--notice of noncompliance posted.
198.030. Posting of inspection reports at the facility.
198.032. Records, what confidential, what subject to disclosure--procedure--central registry to receive complaints of abuse and neglect, procedure--hotline caller log to be maintained.
198.036. Revocation of license--grounds--notice required.
198.039. License refused or revoked--review by administrative hearing commission--judicial review.
198.042. Medical supervision for residents relying on spiritual healing not required.
198.045. Participation in Medicare or Medicaid optional--survey for certification at same time as license inspection.
198.048. Different classifications of facility may exist on same premises, when.
198.052. Records of facilities--when examined or audited--retention, how long--to accompany resident on transfer, when.
198.054. Influenza vaccination for employees, facilities to assist in obtaining.
198.055. Inspection by department valid for certain mental health patients, when.
198.058. Certain facilities exempt from construction standards, when.
198.061. Penalty for providing services without license--penalty for interfering with enforcement of law.
198.064. Duplicate payments--how determined--procedures for repayment.
198.066. Sanctions for violations authorized.
198.067. Noncompliance with law--injunction, when--civil penalties, how calculated, where deposited.
198.069. Resident returned to facility from a medical facility, physician orders, duty of facility.
198.070. Abuse or neglect of residents--reports, when, by whom--contents of report--failure to report, penalty--investigation, referral of complaint, removal of resident--confidentiality of report--immunity, exception--prohibition against retaliation--penalty--employee list--self-reporting of incidents, investigations, when.
198.071. Death of a resident, persons to contact prior to transfer of deceased.
198.073. Persons eligible for care in residential care facility or assisted living facility--assisted living facility licenses granted, requirements--facility admission, requirements, disclosures--rulemaking authority.
198.074. Sprinkler system requirements--fire alarm system requirements.
198.075. Fire safety standards loan fund created, use of moneys.
198.076. Department of social services to establish standards and regulations for residential care facilities and assisted living facilities.
198.077. Department to maintain facility compliance records.
198.079. Department to establish standards and regulations for intermediate care and skilled nursing facilities.
198.080. Assessment procedures developed--rulemaking authority.
198.082. Nursing assistant training programs--training incomplete, special requirements and supervision for assistant beginning duties.
198.085. Categories of standards for each type of licensed facility.
198.087. Uniformity of application of regulation standards, department's duties.
198.088. Facilities to establish policies and procedures, scope, content--rights of residents--complaint--procedure.
198.090. Personal possessions may be held in trust, requirements, disposal of--written statements required when, penalty--prohibitions, penalties--misappropriation, report, investigation--employee disqualification list.
198.093. Violations of resident's rights--complaints--legal action--damages.
198.096. Bond required for facility holding resident's property in trust--exception, cash deposit held in insured escrow.
198.097. Misappropriation of funds of elderly or disabled nursing home residents, penalty.
198.099. Petition for appointment of receiver--when.
198.103. Department may appoint monitor.
198.105. Petition for appointment of receiver, contents--hearing--appointment of receiver.
198.108. Ex parte appointment of receiver in emergency, when--notice--hearing.
198.112. Powers of receiver.
198.115. Executory contracts, receiver not required to honor--when--hearing.
198.118. Compensation of receiver.
198.121. Bond of receiver.
198.124. License may be issued to facility operated by receiver--duration.
198.128. Termination of receivership, when.
198.132. Accounting by receiver, when--contents--liability for deficiency--priority of deficiency judgment.
198.136. Operator or affiliate not liable for acts of receiver--liability of operator or affiliate otherwise not relieved.
198.139. Medicaid moneys not to be used for other purposes.
198.142. Health care provider and vendor not to misrepresent or conceal facts or convert benefits for payments.
198.145. Kickbacks, bribes and rebates prohibited, when.
198.148. Offering or making kickbacks, bribes or rebates prohibited, when.
198.151. Usual trade discounts and employment benefits not kickbacks, bribes or rebates.
198.155. False statements by health care provider prohibited, when.
198.158. Penalties for violation of sections 198.139 to 198.155.
198.161. Fraud investigation division created--director--compensation--assistance by local prosecutors.
198.165. Medicaid payments stopped by division, when--hearing.
198.168. Fraud investigation director may petition for appointment of receiver, when--court hearing.
198.171. Civil restitution of Medicaid funds, when.
198.174. Fraud investigation director may hold hearings, take oaths--procedure on failure to testify--confidentiality of recorders--penalties.
198.177. Compelling of testimony--grant of immunity, when.
198.180. Audit and inspection of records, when--warrant.
198.183. State agencies and law enforcement officers to cooperate with fraud investigation division.
198.186. Local crime investigation powers not diminished.
198.187. Criminal background checks for residents permitted.
198.189. Medicaid payment system for assisted living facilities to be implemented--options.
198.200. District created, how--territory included--name--nursing home defined.
198.210. Petition of voters for district, where filed, contents.
198.220. Notice of hearing on petition--costs of notice.
198.230. Procedure where several petitions filed--amendment.
198.240. If petition sufficient county commission to order election.
198.250. Notice of election, contents.
198.260. Form of ballot.
198.263. Increase in tax levy, procedure--ballot of submission, form.
198.270. Results of election to be filed.
198.280. Election districts--election of directors--terms--qualifications--declaration of candidacy--appointed if no candidate--no election required when.
198.290. Powers of board of directors--first meeting--officers--bylaws--time for meetings.
198.300. Powers of nursing home district.
198.301. Whistleblower protection for employees--availability of information on rights of persons retaliated against.
198.305. Unsuitable site, may be changed, when.
198.310. Indebtedness for nursing home--election--ballot--limits--tax to pay.
198.312. Revenue bonds authorized, when.
198.314. Revenue bonds not an indebtedness of the issuing authority.
198.316. Revenue bonds, form of, interest rate--to be negotiable instruments.
198.318. Board of directors to prescribe form, make necessary covenants, restrictions--bondholders, remedies of--revenue bonds, not to be exclusive method of financing.
198.320. Annexation of territory to district--election.
198.330. Records of district--officers and employees to give bond.
198.340. Board as trustee may accept and hold property donated--duties.
198.345. Apartments for seniors, districts may establish (counties of third and fourth classification).
198.350. Citation of law.
198.360. Dissolution of district.
198.401. Nursing facility reimbursement allowance, definitions.
198.403. Formula set forth in rules.
198.406. Records required, transmittal to department--elements of report, determinations.
198.409. Determination of amount due--notification, payments--offset allowed.
198.412. Finality of determination, protest--hearing, reconsideration, appeal.
198.416. Forms and content set forth in rule.
198.418. Remittance of amount--nursing facility reimbursement allowance fund, purpose, restrictions--nursing facility quality of care fund, purpose, restrictions.
198.421. Allowance period, notification by department, delinquent allowance--lien, enforcement, sanctions--effect upon license.
198.424. No effect upon tax-exempt status.
198.427. Medicaid provider agreements, payments, rate, computation.
198.428. Medicaid eligibility presumed pending approval or denial of application, when.
198.431. Contingent application of requirements--disbursement of fund, when.
198.433. Imposition of allowance, when.
198.436. Rules, regulations, promulgation, procedure.
198.439. Expiration date.
198.500. Citation of law.
198.505. Definitions.
198.510. Disclosure required, by whom--licensing department, duties--department of health and senior services, duties.
198.515. Alzheimer's facilities, informational documents required--department, duties--licensing department, verification.
198.525. Inspection of certain long-term care facilities, when--restrictions on surveyors, required disclosures--immediate family member defined--conflict of interest, when.
198.526. Biannual inspections--reevaluation of inspection process--reduction in inspection schedule, when--disclosure of inspection schedule limited, penalty for violation.
198.527. Inspectors and surveyors of long-term care facilities--uniformity of application of regulation standards.
198.528. Long-term care facility information to be provided on department internet website.
198.530. Managed care services provided in long-term care facilities, when, conditions--reimbursement rate--services included.
198.532. Investigation of complaints--results provided, when.
198.533. Conflict of interest, state investigators.
198.534. Rulemaking authority.
198.545. Definitions--contracting with third parties--department to establish IDR process, procedures--rulemaking authority.

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