Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 209
Disabilities Assistance, Aid to the Blind, and Rights of Persons with Visual, Hearing or Physical Disabilities


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Chapter Cross Reference
All license, permit and certificate applications shall contain the Social Security number of the applicant, 324.024
Assistance devices, lemon law, 407.950 to 407.970
Confidentiality of reports and records of commission for the deaf, violations, penalty, 161.409
Disciplinary proceedings against persons or entities licensed, certified or registered by the division of professional registration, time limitations to commence action, exceptions, 324.043
Driver's license, special notation, definitions for hearing impaired, 302.174
Eligibility, payments from Agent Orange Fund not income in determining, 208.012
Feigning blindness for profit, penalty, 570.053
Hearing-impaired auxiliary aids and services, 476.750 to 476.766
Information furnished to commission for the deaf, no liability for person or organization, exception, 161.409
Information to be furnished by financial institutions on applicants or recipients of public assistance, 660.325 to 660.355
Readers for the blind, 178.160 to 178.180
Supplemental payments not to be reduced when recipient is receiving SSI, 208.030
Utilities, bills to be in Braille or bold-faced type on request of customers, effective when, 393.300
Vending facilities, state property, blind persons to operate, 8.700 to 8.745
Workers' compensation for occupational deafness, 287.197
209.010. Division to aid blind persons.
209.015. Blindness education, screening and treatment program fund--uses of fund--rulemaking.
209.020. Division may receive and expend donations and bequests.
209.030. Blind pensions, eligibility requirements.
209.035. Proceeds from involuntary conversion, how treated--receipt defined.
209.040. Vision test required, standard of vision, exemption--amount of payments, effect of insufficient appropriations--medical assistance--increase in appropriations, limitations.
209.050. Persons refusing work ineligible for pensions--names may be stricken from roll.
209.060. Application for pension--payment begins, when--misrepresentation, penalty.
209.070. Division to prepare suitable blank application forms.
209.080. Division to make regulations relative to examination of applicants for pensions.
209.090. Division to prepare roll of pensioners--to distribute pensions.
209.100. Division to keep blind pension roll.
209.110. Person aggrieved may appeal.
209.130. Rate of tax to be levied.
209.140. Persons violating provisions of law guilty of misdemeanor.
209.150. Rights of persons with visual, hearing or physical disabilities--guide, hearing or service dogs, no extra charge for--liability for actual damages.
209.152. Trainers of guide, hearing or service dogs, no extra charge for--liability for damages.
209.160. Discrimination or interference with persons having visual, hearing or physical disabilities, a misdemeanor.
209.162. Discrimination or interference with persons having visual, hearing or physical disability, an unlawful employment practice--complaints, filed by aggrieved persons.
209.170. October fifteenth to be white cane safety day, governor to note.
209.180. State and its political subdivisions and tax money recipients to employ visually handicapped on same terms as other employees, exception.
209.190. Housing accommodations, defined--discrimination against persons with visual, hearing or physical disabilities, prohibited--dogs, guide, hearing or service to have full access--liability for actual damages.
209.192. Definitions--blind literacy study--division of special education to make annual report.
209.200. Definitions.
209.202. Crime of causing substantial injury to or the death of a service dog, penalty--failure to control an animal that causes substantial injury to or the death of a service dog, penalty--harassment of a service dog, penalty--damages.
209.204. Crime of impersonating a person with a disability for the purpose of receiving certain accommodations, penalty, civil liability.
209.240. Amount of pension--need, how determined.
209.251. Definitions.
209.253. Statewide dual-party relay system, establishment by PSC--advisory assistive technology council to administer--rulemaking authority.
209.255. Rate established to recover costs of programs--surcharge, limitations, collection--exemption from taxes.
209.257. Telephone company to deduct percentage to cover cost--percentage determined by PSC--money collected, deposit--use of deaf relay service fund.
209.258. Deaf relay service fund established, purpose--deposit--unexpended balance not to be transferred to general revenue--commission and advisory assistive technology council to request appropriations from fund for service delivery.
209.259. Review of surcharge and deduction percentage--recommendation procedures--surcharge adjusted when--excess funds, effective.
209.260. Telecommunications companies responsibility for quality of services, individuals with disabilities.
209.261. Definitions.
209.263. Person relaying conversation not to disclose contents, exception--order to disclose--privilege.
209.265. No disclosure of conversation without permission--penalty.
209.285. Definitions.
209.287. Board for certification of interpreters established--appointment, qualification, terms--expenses--meetings--chairman elected how--quorum--removal from office, procedure.
209.289. Coordinator to be hired, qualifications, salary and expenses.
209.292. Board's powers and duties--evaluation team to be appointed, qualifications, expenses--removal from team, procedure.
209.295. Rules and regulations, authority to promulgate, duties of commission.
209.297. Applications for certification, content, oath--fee not refundable--applicant to be given date for evaluation.
209.299. Evaluations to be held where and when--coordinator to notify applicants of score.
209.302. Eligibility for evaluation.
209.305. Evaluations, subjects to be covered--confidentiality of tests and records.
209.307. Conflict of interest for board or evaluation team, effect.
209.309. Provisional certificates issued when--limitation--requirements--extension granted when.
209.311. Fees, how established.
209.314. Grievances on evaluation, procedure.
209.317. Certificate may be suspended, denied or revoked--hearing procedure.
209.318. Fund for certification of interpreters established, purpose--lapse into general revenue when--first fiscal year, board's expenses, how paid.
209.319. State committee of interpreters to be established in division of professional registration, appointment, qualifications, terms, compensation--vacancies--quorum--meetings.
209.321. License required to practice interpreting--certain professions exempt--practice to be limited to training and education--not considered interpreting, when--out-of-state licensees, temporary interpreting permitted--provisional licensure, criteria.
209.322. Certificates recognized by the board.
209.323. License application forms, content, oath, fee not refundable, qualifications, licenses expire, when--reinstatement procedure--replacement of license lost or destroyed.
209.326. Temporary license issued to persons licensed in other states, procedure, fee limitation.
209.328. Ethical rules of conduct established by rules, duties of committee--other rules authorized.
209.331. Procedure to adopt rules.
209.332. State committee of interpreters fund established, purpose--transfer to general revenue, when--profession of interpreter not to be subject to taxation or licensing fees by municipalities.
209.334. Refusal to issue or renew license, grounds, complaint procedure--reinstatement procedure.
209.337. Violations, penalty--injunction granted when--venue.
209.339. Conversation between a hearing person and a deaf person, interpreter is deemed a conduit, confidentiality, exceptions.
209.600. Definitions.
209.605. Program created--ABLE board to administer, members, terms--powers--meetings--investment of funds.
209.610. Agreements, terms and conditions--contribution limits.
209.615. Deposit and investment of moneys.
209.620. Cancellation of participation agreement, penalty.
209.625. Assets exempt from taxation.
209.630. Assets used for ABLE program purposes only.
209.635. Rulemaking authority.
209.640. State treasurer's office, semiannual review.
209.645. ABLE account moneys not part of total state revenues.

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