Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 211
Juvenile Courts


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Chapter Cross Reference
Abuse, child protection orders, 455.500 to 455.538
Adoptions, record disclosures to adopted child, procedure, duties, 453.121
Child less than seventeen years taken into custody, record of law enforcement agency required, 210.004
Child victim witness protection law, 491.675 to 491.710
Educational programs for juveniles placed or detained in county facilities, first class counties, charter form, 178.295 to 178.298
Family courts, Chap. 487
Grandparents' visitation rights, 452.400, 452.402
Information system coordination for tracking of individual children, 210.865
Interstate compact on juveniles, 210.570 to 210.590
Juvenile boot camps, 210.568
Minor misrepresenting age to obtain liquor, penalty, 311.320
Missing children, highway patrol, duties, 43.400
Protective orders, child abuse, 455.500 to 455.538
Stepparent required to support stepchild, right to recover, 453.400
Street gangs, criminal activities, ages fourteen to seventeen cases to be transferred to circuit court, 578.423
Supreme court rules amended by legislation regarding juvenile courts, See SUPREME COURT RULES, LEGISLATIVE AMENDMENTS, preceding Missouri Constitution
Surrogate parents appointed for certain handicapped children by state board of education, 162.997
Truant or parental schools, school districts over 10,000 authorized to establish, 167.091
Witness credibility, affect of juvenile court adjudications, 491.078
Witnesses, child victim protection law, 491.675 to 491.710
Youth services, Chap. 219
Youth opportunities and violence prevention act tax credits, 135.460
211.011 Purpose of law--how construed.
211.021. Definitions.
211.023. Juvenile court commissioner, appointment, where, term, compensation.
211.025. Judge may direct any case be heard by commissioner (counties of the first class and St. Louis City).
211.027. Findings of commissioner, how submitted--notice of right to file motion for rehearing, how given.
211.029. Rehearing, motion filed when--judge may sustain or deny--commissioner's finding final, when.
211.031. Juvenile court to have exclusive jurisdiction, when--exceptions--home schooling, attendance violations, how treated.
211.032. Child abuse and neglect hearings, when held, procedure--supreme court rules to be promulgated--transfer of school records, when.
211.033. Detention for violation of traffic ordinances--no civil or criminal liability created--contingent effective date.
211.034. Extension of juvenile court jurisdiction permitted, when--procedure--immunity from liability for certain persons, when--expiration date.
211.036. Custody of released youth may be returned to children's division, when--factors considered by court--termination of care and supervision before 21, when--appointment of GAL, when--hearings, when held.
211.037. Nonoffending parent, child returned to custody of, when.
211.038. Children not to be reunited with parents or placed in a home, when--discretion to return, when.
211.041. Continuing jurisdiction over child, exception, seventeen-year-old violating state or municipal laws.
211.051. Jurisdiction as to custody of child not exclusive.
211.059. Rights of child when taken into custody (Miranda warning)--rights of child in custody in abuse and neglect cases.
211.061. Arrested child taken before juvenile court--transfer of prosecution to juvenile court--limitations on detention of juvenile--detention hearing, notice.
211.063. Secure detention, limitations--probable cause hearing required, when--definitions--application of law.
211.068. Copy of motion for certification as adult to be provided to prosecuting attorney--access to records--testimony of prosecutor.
211.069. Citation of law.
211.071. Certification of juvenile for trial as adult--procedure--mandatory hearing, certain offenses--misrepresentation of age, effect.
211.073. Transfer to court of general jurisdiction, dual jurisdiction of both criminal and juvenile codes--suspended execution of adult sentence, revocation of juvenile disposition--petition for transfer of custody, hearing--offender age seventeen, hearing--offender age twenty-one, hearing--credit for time served.
211.081. Preliminary inquiry as to institution of proceedings--approval of division necessary for placement outside state--institutional placements, findings required, duties of division, limitations on judge, financial limitations.
211.083. Informal adjustments--court may allow restitution or community service--supervisors of community service immune from suit--child not an employee, when.
211.085. Court may order work in restitution for child--child not an employee.
211.091. Petition in juvenile court--contents--dismissal, juvenile officer to assess impact on best interest of child.
211.093. Orders or judgment of juvenile court to have precedence over certain other court orders or judgments.
211.101. Issuance of summons--notice--temporary custody of child--subpoenas.
211.111. Summons, how served.
211.121. Failure to respond to summons, contempt--warrant for custodian of child.
211.131. Taking child into custody, effect--notice to parents--jurisdiction attaches, when.
211.132. Parent, guardian may be made party to proceeding.
211.134. Court may require participation by parent or guardian, purpose--court may order support, when.
211.141. Child returned to parent, when, conditions--detention on order of court--detention without order, when--assessment of child required, when--random sampling of assessments.
211.151. Places of detention--photographing and fingerprinting, restrictions.
211.156. Care and detention of certain children by county, contribution by state, when.
211.161. Court may require physical or mental examination--costs paid by county.
211.171. Hearing procedure--notification of current foster parents, preadoptive parents and relatives, when--public may be excluded, when--victim impact statement permitted, when.
211.177. Grandparent's right to intervene in action, restrictions, termination.
211.180. Family preservation screenings, conducted when, results.
211.181. Order for disposition or treatment of child--suspension of order and probation granted, when--community organizations, immunity from liability, when--length of commitment may be set forth--assessments, deposits, use.
211.183. Order to include determination of efforts of division--definition of reasonable efforts by division--modification of the permanency plan, when--reasonable efforts not required, when--permanency hearing, when.
211.185. Court may order parents and child to make restitution, when, amount--restitution hearing required, when, procedure--community service--execution of judgment.
211.188. Court may order work for restitution--not an employee.
211.201. Commitment of children to department of mental health, duration--jurisdiction by court and department--extension of commitment, procedure.
211.202. Mentally disordered children, evaluation--disposition--review by court.
211.203. Developmentally disabled children, evaluation--disposition--review by court.
211.206. Duties of department of mental health--discharge by department--notice--jurisdiction of court.
211.207. Youth services division may request evaluation--procedure after evaluation--transfer of custody.
211.211. Right to counsel--appointed, when--waiver.
211.221. Religion considered in placing child.
211.231. Indeterminate commitments, exception--exchange of information by court and institution or agency.
211.241. Court orders to parents for support of children, procedure--county to support, when.
211.251. Modification of court orders.
211.261. Appeals.
211.271. Court orders not to affect civil rights--not evidence, exception.
211.281. Costs how adjudged, collected.
211.291. Juvenile courtroom in counties of first and second class--any judge of circuit may hold court, when.
211.301. Juvenile court held in chambers or other room in counties of third and fourth class--transfer of judges.
211.311. Clerk of circuit court to act for juvenile court.
211.319. Juvenile court records and proceedings, abuse and neglect cases, procedure.
211.321. Juvenile court records, confidentiality, exceptions--records of peace officers, exceptions, release of certain information to victim.
211.322. Reports on delinquency and prevention by court on request by division of youth services.
211.326. State courts administrator--valuation of services, development of standards, processes, guidelines relating to juvenile court--consideration of racial disparity.
211.327. Data to be provided to state courts administrator--orientation training, continuing education.
211.331. Detention facilities, superintendent, appointment, compensation--acquisition of land (counties of first and second classification).
211.332. Detention facilities not required to be provided by certain second class counties--law applicable for facilities which are maintained in those counties.
211.341. Detention facilities, how provided--government (third and fourth class counties).
211.343. Detention facilities, standards and rules for operation.
211.351. Juvenile officers, appointment--costs paid, how--grievance review committee of circuit, appointment, members.
211.355. Missouri state juvenile justice advisory board, members, report.
211.361. Qualifications of juvenile officer, how determined--effect on persons now in office.
211.381. Compensation of juvenile court personnel--expenses--salary adjustments.
211.382. Professionals retained by juvenile court, when.
211.393. Definitions--compensation of juvenile officers, apportionment--state to reimburse salaries, when--multicounty circuit provisions--local juvenile court budget, amount maintained, when--exclusion from benefits, when.
211.394. Juvenile court personnel compensation not limited by state contribution--increases, procedure--certain constitutional provision not applicable (Hancock Amendment).
211.401. Duties of juvenile officers--may make arrests--cooperation.
211.411. Law enforcement officials to assist and cooperate with juvenile officers.
211.421. Endangering the welfare of a child or interfering with orders of court.
211.425. Registration of juvenile sex offenders, when--agencies required to register juveniles, when--registration form, contents--registry maintained--confidentiality of registry--penalty for failure to register--termination of requirement, when.
211.431. Violation of law, class A misdemeanor.
211.442. Definitions.
211.443. Construction of sections 211.442 to 211.487.
211.444. Termination of parental rights upon consent of parent, when--execution of written consent--acknowledgment.
211.447. Petition to terminate parental rights filed, when--juvenile court may terminate parental rights, when--investigation to be made--grounds for termination.
211.452. Petition for termination, when filed--contents--joinder of cases of more than one child.
211.453. Service of summons, how made--when required--waiver of summons.
211.455. Procedure after filing of petition--determination of service--extension of time for service, when--investigation.
211.459. Dispositional hearing, when held--procedure--immunity for certain persons--privileged communication not to constitute grounds for excluding evidence.
211.462. Appointment of guardian ad litem, when--rights of parent or guardian--county to pay court costs, exceptions.
211.464. Foster parent and others may present evidence, when--notice and opportunity to testify.
211.477. Order of termination, when issued--transfer of legal custody, to whom--alternatives to termination--power of court--granting or denial of petition deemed final judgment.
211.487. Application of sections 211.442 to 211.487--what law to govern.
211.490. Child placed in residential group facility, eligibility for medical assistance benefits, continuance.
211.500. Establishment of regional juvenile detention districts, when.

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