Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 261
Department of Agriculture


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Boll weevil eradication, departments powers and duties, 263.500 to 263.537
Commercial fertilizers, regulation of sale, duties of experiment station, 266.291 to 266.355
Dairy product and egg sales and food lockers, duties of director, Chap. 196
Dead animals, director may enforce law, 269.023
Dog and cat care and shelter facilities, regulation, 273.325 to 273.359
Economic development export and infrastructure board, director to be ex officio member, 100.265
Economic diversification and afforestation act, 252.333
Grain warehouses and inspection of grain, Chap. 411
Missouri fuel ethanol producer incentive fund, powers and duties, 142.028
New state programs to sunset after six years, Missouri sunset act, 23.250 to 23.298
Penalties assessed by state agencies for delinquent reports or fees, limitations, 33.202
State fair, fees, duties and limitation, 262.260
Underground storage tank fees, department's duties, 319.129
Underground storage tanks, department of agriculture to inspect, 319.117
Water resources interagency task force, to be member, 640.430
261.010 Department authorized--director, how appointed, qualifications.
261.020. Duties and powers of director.
261.023. Powers, duties, functions transferred to department of agriculture and certain other designated agencies.
261.025. Director state agent to receive trust assets of Missouri rural rehabilitation corporation.
261.026. Director--trust assets--duties.
261.027. Agreements to be terminated--new agreements--agriculture development fund created--investment--purposes.
261.030. Investigation of farm marketing--establishing standards--inspections--distribute information.
261.035. Agriculture business development fund created--purpose--not to lapse.
261.040. Employees of director, appointment and transfer, bond.
261.050. Salaries and accounts.
261.060. Daily deposit of all moneys in state treasury.
261.090. Cooperation among departments.
261.095. Foreign market development--director's duties and powers.
261.100. Animal export inspection facilities, operation.
261.125. Financial investment records, sales projections, and business plan information deemed a closed record, when.
261.130. Certain agriculture information and data not subject to disclosure, when--disclosure permitted, when.
261.200. Fund created, use of moneys.
261.230. AgriMissouri marketing program and agricultural products by category, rules authorized, director's duty.
261.235. AgriMissouri fund, created, purposes, lapse of fund into general revenue prohibited--advisory commission, created, purposes, duties, membership--trademark fees.
261.239. Division to create website to foster marketing of Missouri agricultural products.
261.240. Rulemaking authority.
261.241. Sellers of honey, no manufacturing facilities required, when--exempt from health standards and regulations, when--label requirements.
261.256. Growers' districts authorized, procedure.
261.259. Board of commissioners.
261.265. License issuance, to whom--grower may produce, manufacture, and distribute, when--recordkeeping--inspections--rulemaking--civil penalty.
261.270. Citation of act.
261.275. Fund created, use of moneys--limitation on appropriation of fund moneys--research of estimated sales tax revenue generated.
261.280. Dairy producer margin insurance premium assistance program, purpose--eligibility, application, reimbursement--risk management training.
261.285. Missouri dairy scholars program--scholarship amount--eligible student defined.
261.290. Annual study of dairy industry.
261.295. Rulemaking language.

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