Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 265
Regulation and Marketing of Agricultural Products


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Dairy products, generally, Chap. 196
265.010 Definitions.
265.020. Director to promulgate standards--rulemaking, procedure.
265.030. Director to specify dates when standards become effective.
265.040. Authorized to cooperate with United States or any department.
265.050. Appointment of agents--bond--action on bond.
265.060. Appointment of inspectors--fees--suspension or revocation of license.
265.070. Appeal of inspector's decision--reasonable fee.
265.080. Certificate to be prima facie evidence.
265.110. Misrepresentation of grade, classification, quality or condition--penalty.
265.120. Rules for grading apples.
265.130. Apples--how marked--exemptions--penalty for violation.
265.140. Director to enforce--powers.
265.150. Merchandising fee imposed--exemptions.
265.160. Fees, when due--installment payments--records and reports of growers--penalty.
265.170. Unpaid fees to bear interest--manner of collection.
265.180. Creation of apple merchandising fund, not transferable.
265.190. Expenditure of moneys.
265.200. Powers and duties of Missouri state horticultural society.
265.210. Duty of state and county officers.
265.220. Prosecutions, procedure.
265.280. Definitions.
265.283. Sale of fresh meat from a foreign nation, when.
265.286. Label to include country of origin.
265.289. Department to enforce provisions--violations, procedure, penalty.
265.300. Definitions.
265.310. All commercial slaughter plants and meat processors regulated.
265.320. Certain operations exempted.
265.330. Meats section created--head of section, appointment, qualifications, duties.
265.340. Inspection supervisors, appointment, number, qualifications, compensation.
265.350. Inspectors, how assigned, duties.
265.360. Inspections, when conducted.
265.370. Unwholesome meat or meat products condemned--appeal, written notice, reinspection--director's determination subject to administrative review.
265.380. Unwholesome or adulterated meat to be marked, how.
265.390. Containers to bear inspection mark and plant number--containers to state ingredients, net weight or measure.
265.400. Labels must be approved--appeal from director's determination.
265.410. License required, application, fee.
265.420. Records required, inspection permitted, records to be retained.
265.430. Federal or other approved inspection basis for exemption.
265.440. Inspector may serve two or more plants.
265.442. Transportation or sale of adulterated, misbranded or certain unmarked meats prohibited.
265.444. Stop-sale order, when--seizure of product when, appeal.
265.450. Violation basis for suspension or refusal to license.
265.460. Operation without license or selling adulterated or misbranded meat, penalty.
265.470. Director and applicant placed under state department of elementary and secondary education relative to licenses.
265.471. Rules, Federal Meat Inspection Act.
265.490. Definitions.
265.492. Meat advertising to be truthful, accurate.
265.494. Prohibited practices, required disclosures.
265.496. Penalty.
265.497. Inspections, department of agriculture.
265.499. Remedies not to be exclusive, certain grocery retailers to be exempt.
265.500. Grain samples--sample sealed, when--state inspection, when--federal inspection, when--cost, how paid.
265.505. Duties and powers of director of the department of agriculture.
265.510. Violation, penalty for.
265.515. Rules of director, ratification of.
265.525. Citation of law--definitions--council created, members, terms, meetings, powers and duties--department authority--fees, rulemaking authority--violations, penalty--fund created, use of moneys.

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