Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 276
Stockyards, Grain and Produce Exchanges


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Chapter Cross Reference
Property received by commission merchant may be retained until charges paid, proceedings, 447.070 to 447.110
276.010. Stockyard deemed public market and subject to law.
276.020. Associations to operate public market--rights of members.
276.030. Unlawful to refuse membership to any applicant--subject to criminal and civil laws.
276.040. Unlawful to discriminate.
276.050. Agreement limiting distribution of profits by members prohibited.
276.060. Attorney general to bring suit in cases of violation.
276.070. Violation may be enjoined.
276.080. When deemed guilty of a misdemeanor--subject to fine.
276.090. Grain exchange deemed public market and subject to law.
276.100. Organization may make and enforce bylaws and rules.
276.110. Unlawful to limit right to distribute profits--prima facie evidence of discrimination.
276.120. Unlawful to refuse membership or delay granting same--circuit court may compel issuance of membership, when.
276.130. Attorney general to bring suit--court may issue injunction.
276.140. Violation is cause for enjoining operation.
276.150. Violation a misdemeanor.
276.160. Poultry and egg exchanges deemed public markets and subject to law.
276.170. Organizations may make and enforce bylaws and rules.
276.180. Unlawful to limit the right to distribute profits--prima facie evidence of discrimination.
276.190. Unlawful to refuse membership or delay granting same--circuit court may compel issuance of membership--when.
276.200. Unlawful to discriminate.
276.210. Attorney general to bring suit--court may issue injunction.
276.220. Violation may be enjoined.
276.230. Violation a misdemeanor.
276.401. Title, and scope of the law--definitions.
276.403. Purpose and construction of law.
276.406. Director's powers and duties--rules and regulations, authority, procedure--subpoenas--administrative hearings on liability of sureties, review.
276.411. License required--administrative hearing for violation, penalty--license application forms, renewal applications--penalty for late renewal.
276.421. Financial statement to accompany application, how prepared--false statement, penalty--minimum net worth and assets required.
276.423. Examination by department, when, fee--discrepancy reports, contents--director may modify, suspend or revoke license, when--subpoenas.
276.426. Surety bond required--conditions--lack of, considered violation--cancellation procedure, effect--items covered by bond, not covered--distribution of bond proceeds by director, procedure, appeal--surety, failure to pay, penalty--binders effective, conditions, cancellation.
276.431. Provisions and rules relating to bonds to apply to certificates of deposit--irrevocable letters of credit may be accepted, conditions, demand by director, procedure--failure by bank to pay, when, penalty--funds returned to bank, when.
276.436. Amount of bond--director to establish by rule--formula--minimum and maximum--additional bond because of low net worth or other circumstances--failure to maintain, effect.
276.441. Dealer may request use of minimum bond, procedure.
276.451. Examination of application, duties of director--issuance and renewal of licenses--nontransferable--separate license for each location--suspension or revocation, grounds, duties of director, appeal, bond.
276.456. License to be displayed--certificate of license to be in each grain transporting vehicle.
276.461. Dealer to pay for grain, when--failure to make payment on demand, director's duties, grounds for modification, suspension or revocation of license--demands, how made.
276.471. Records to be maintained by dealer--retention for inspection.
276.476. Auditors may be appointed--highway patrol to cooperate.
276.481. Inspection of premises and records--dealers may be required to report--transporters to have proper records--director to investigate.
276.486. Injunctive relief may be sought--who to prosecute--director may conduct investigations and hearings--attendance of witnesses.
276.491. Modification, suspension or revocation of license--licensee to be notified of complaints--emergency temporary suspensions, length--hearing required--appeal procedure--time for filing claims, effect of failure to act within time.
276.496. Dealer to terminate all agreements upon expiration or revocation of license--notices--director to prescribe procedure--business may operate during periods of suspension--dealer to pay costs.
276.501. Insolvency, director may request ex parte order to be named trustee and be given immediate possession--procedure--order, contents--dealer may file response, when--hearing, when--notice, duties of director--director not to operate business, liability limited--recovery of expenses.
276.506. Fees.
276.511. Classification of dealers.
276.516. Dealers to issue scale tickets--contents--how filed--evidence of holder's claim for payment.
276.521. Grain purchase contracts--form to be prescribed by director.
276.531. Nonresident licensee to designate resident agent--agent to forward notices.
276.536. Penalties--attorney general and prosecutors may prosecute upon complaint.
276.541. Director not to be interested in grain buying.
276.546. State not guarantor.
276.551. Information confidential, exceptions.
276.556. Hearings, director to promulgate rules.
276.561. Formal notices may be eliminated, when--parties may resolve differences.
276.566. Director may contract with other states regarding uniform procedures.
276.571. Licenses may be revoked or suspended because of actions in other states, when, procedure.
276.576. Satisfaction of bonding requirements.
276.581. Bonds may be copayable to another state.
276.582. Signs to be posted stating licensing status of grain dealer, requirements, violation, penalties--attorney general may investigate violations, also for grain warehouses, when.
276.600. Short title.
276.606. Definitions.
276.611. Dealers to register with director.
276.615. Records to state veterinarian, when.
276.617. Livestock dealer law enforcement and administration fund, created--use, investment of funds--fund not to lapse.
276.621. Violations of chapter.
276.626. Powers and duties of director--rules and regulations.
276.631. Director may investigate, purpose--hearing, procedures, subpoena power, appeal--penalty, limitation.
276.641. Records, dealer to keep.
276.646. Director granted subpoena power--venue, where.
276.661. Director may petition for injunctive relief, how.

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