Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 286
Department of Labor and Industrial Relations


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Human affairs protection and improvement programs assigned to department of labor and industrial relations, Const. Art. IV, Sec. 49
Labor and industrial relations, department of, duties in labor disputes affecting public utilities, Chap. 295
Legal advisors to commission to serve as special consultants to the board of trustees for the Missouri state employees' retirement system, 104.332
New state programs to sunset after six years, Missouri sunset act, 23.250 to 23.298
Penalties assessed by state agencies for delinquent reports or fees, limitations, 33.202
Prevailing wages on public works law, enforcement, 290.210 to 290.340
Women's council, designated officials to be furnished report, content, due when, 186.019
286.001 Definitions.
286.005. Creation of department of labor and industrial relations, general powers and duties--commission created, compensation--director's appointment.
286.010. Creation of department of labor and industrial relations--industrial relations commission of Missouri--members, appointment, qualifications--chairman.
286.020. Term of office--vacancies--confirmation before the senate--failure to receive confirmation, effect--removal of member.
286.040. Commission to appoint a secretary--qualifications--duties--salary.
286.050. Oath of office.
286.060. Labor and industrial relations commission, powers and duties--rules.
286.070. Cost of administering each law, how paid.
286.080. Record of every hearing to be kept.
286.090. Written statement of findings in appealed cases.
286.100. Central offices in Jefferson City.
286.110. Divisions of department created.
286.120. Division of workers' compensation supervised by director, term of office, powers, bond.
286.121. Director of department to compile certain statistics--industrial commission administering agency for occupational safety and health act.
286.130. Division of employment security supervised by director--powers and duties.
286.147. Director, appointment, powers, duties--investigation of fatal accidents--reports.
286.300. Administrative fund created--purpose--disbursement--fund shall not lapse to general revenue, when.

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