Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 290
Wages, Hours and Dismissal Rights


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Cafeteria plan deductions, no effect on computation of workers' compensation claim, 287.252
Election, employees allowed three hours to vote, 115.639
Uniform arbitration act, 435.350 to 435.470
Wages of employees as preferred claims against insolvent estates, 513.055 to 513.065
290.010. What constitutes a day's labor.
290.020. Limitation of working hours in certain industries, exception by consent of worker.
290.030. Penalty.
290.080. Employees paid semimonthly, exception--statement of deductions--violation, misdemeanor.
290.090. Factory employees paid semimonthly--amount withheld--penalty.
290.095. Wage subsidies, bid supplements, and rebates for employment prohibited, when--violation, penalty.
290.100. Thirty days' notice of reduction of wages, how.
290.110. Payment due discharged employee--exceptions--penalty for delay.
290.120. Employee not entitled to benefits, when.
290.130. Action by employees for breach of employment contract.
290.140. Letter of dismissal, when--failure to issue, damages--punitive damages, limitations.
290.145. Discrimination, refusal to hire or discharge employee for alcohol or tobacco use not during working hours, prohibited, exception--not cause for legal actions.
290.152. Employer response to request for information about current or former employee, contents, requirements, civil immunity, when.
290.210. Definitions.
290.220. Policy declared.
290.230. Prevailing wage rates required on construction of public works.
290.240. Department of labor and industrial relations to enforce--make regulations.
290.250. Prevailing wage, incorporation into contracts--failure to pay, penalty--complaints of violation, public body or prime contractor to withhold payment--determination of a violation, investigation required--employer's right to dispute--enforcement proceeding permitted, when.
290.260. Determination of hourly rate for heavy and highway construction work, when made, where filed, objections, hearing, determination.
290.262. Determination of hourly rate by location and occupation title, when made, where filed--objections, hearings--final determination--notice to department by public body, when.
290.263. Hourly wage must equal or exceed federal minimum wage.
290.265. Wage rates posted, where.
290.270. Declaration as to prevailing wages final--maximum wages and hours not limited.
290.280. Administration of oaths--subpoenas--enforcement of subpoenas.
290.290. Contractor's payroll records, contents--affidavit of compliance required--signs on motor vehicles and equipment, requirements--temporary stationary sign, when--exception.
290.300. Actions for prevailing wages by workman authorized.
290.305. Rebates by workmen prohibited, exception.
290.315. Deductions from wages, agreement to be written, approval of public body required.
290.320. Advertising for bids before prevailing wage is determined prohibited.
290.325. Awarding contract or payment without prevailing wage determination prohibited.
290.330. Convicted violators of sections 290.210 to 290.340 listed, effect of.
290.335. Notice of violation, failure to comply, attorney general shall sue, injunctive relief authorized.
290.340. Penalty for violation.
290.350. Request for arbitration, when, how made--board to be appointed.
290.360. Board members--selected, how--officers.
290.370. Hearing and recommendations of board.
290.380. Expenses of board members to be paid.
290.400. Definitions.
290.410. Employer not to pay female lower wage.
290.420. Female may register complaint.
290.430. Labor and industrial relations commission to mediate wage disputes.
290.440. Female may recover wages, when--burden of proof.
290.450. Actions to be instituted in circuit court--limitations.
290.460. Powers and duties of commission.
290.500. Definitions.
290.502. Minimum wage rate--increase or decrease, when.
290.505. Overtime compensation, applicable number of hours, exceptions.
290.507. Agriculture, law not applicable.
290.510. Director may investigate to prove compliance.
290.512. Gratuities, goods or services as part of wages, effect on minimum wage requirements.
290.515. Physical or mental deficiency of employee, wage rate, determined by director, how.
290.517. Learners and apprentices, wage rate, determined by director, how.
290.520. Employer to keep records--director may inspect, records to be confidential.
290.522. Summary of law and wage rate, employer to post, how.
290.523. Rulemaking authority.
290.525. Violations--penalty.
290.527. Action for underpayment of wages, employee may bring--limitation.
290.528. Law not to supersede more favorable existing law.
290.530. Law not to interfere with collective bargaining rights.
290.550. Definitions.
290.555. Law to apply to certain projects.
290.560. Certain laborers to be used on public works projects, when--contract provisions--exceptions.
290.565. Law not to apply to certain personnel.
290.570. Federal projects, statutes not enforced, when.
290.575. Penalties for failure to use certain laborers, when.
290.580. Department to enforce law--injunctive relief, when.

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