Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 384
Surplus Lines Insurance


Rsmo Number Section Description
384.011 Title of law.
384.015. Definitions.
384.017. Nonadmitted insurers, purchases from allowed, when.
384.018. Nonadmitted insurer deemed domestic surplus lines insurer, when--domestic insurer deemed eligible surplus lines insurer, when--policies subject to taxation, when--exemption from certain statutory requirements, when--rulemaking authority.
384.021. Nonadmitted insurers, limitation on furnishing coverage--exempt commercial purchaser, licensee exemptions.
384.023. Unlisted nonadmitted insurers may be used for coverage, when--requirements.
384.025. Ineligibility of nonadmitted insurer, grounds, when--notice to licensees.
384.034. Advisory organization may be formed, purposes--information to be filed--examination when, costs--hearing on report, when--violations, penalty.
384.036. Policy or certificate to be delivered to insured or broker--policies to indicate current status and any changes--violation, penalties.
384.038. Enforceability of contract.
384.041. Premium payment to licensee deemed payment to insurer.
384.043. Licensing requirements for insurance producers, fee--examination, exception--renewal, when, violation, effect--national database, participation in.
384.045. Licensees may originate or accept insurance from other licensees or brokers, compensation.
384.048. Records required to be kept by licensees--to be open to director--retention period.
384.051. Insured to file report on surplus lines insurance not obtained through a broker--contents, when due--tax imposed, procedure to collect tax.
384.054. Delinquent tax, penalty, interest.
384.057. Licensee to file annual statement, contents--report to director, contents.
384.059. Premium tax applicable to surplus lines, rate, payment--broker may charge tax to insured.
384.061. Premium tax to be levied only on entire gross premium for nonadmitted or surplus lines insurance policies.
384.062. Premium taxes collected by licensee but unpaid to department, actions authorized--taxes payable to department.
384.065. Revocation, suspension or refusal to renew license of licensee, grounds--notice--hearing.
384.068. Cause of action on contracts of insurance may be brought against insurer--policy to contain appropriate language--insurer deemed to have subjected himself to this section--service of process.
384.071. Violations, penalties.

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