Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 411
Missouri Grain Warehouse Law


Rsmo Number Section Description
411.010 Short title.
411.012. Purpose.
411.015. Scope of law.
411.020. Application of law--construction of laws governing warehouse receipts.
411.026. Definitions.
411.028. Grain delivered to warehouse for cleaning, processing and returned for seed, not grain as defined for grain warehouse law.
411.030. Department of agriculture to grade and weigh grains--operate laboratories and stations--supervise warehouses--federally owned grain, duties.
411.050. Bond of director.
411.061. Director not to deal in grain, exception.
411.070. Director--powers and duties--rules, procedure.
411.100. Inspectors--qualifications.
411.110. Weighmasters--powers and duties.
411.135. Warehouseman to act as registrar of receipts--records to be kept.
411.140. Personnel of branch offices--appointment--qualifications--duties.
411.145. Department may conduct grain inspection business outside state, when.
411.150. Fees, how fixed.
411.151. Grain inspection fee fund established--deposits and disbursements--not to lapse--transfers from general revenue--investment of fund.
411.160. Grain inspected and weighed by authorized inspectors--penalty.
411.170. Certificates shall be evidence--right of revocation.
411.180. Right of examination, audit and inspection--confidential information, penalty for disclosure--subpoena powers of director--director to investigate complaints, when.
411.200. Reinspection.
411.255. Operations for which a license is required--administrative penalty for operating without license.
411.260. Application for public warehouse license, contents--rules--financial statements--false financial statement, penalty.
411.263. Fee for license.
411.266. Renewal of license--application, contents of--penalty for late renewal.
411.268. Schedule of charges to be filed, posted by warehouseman.
411.271. Examination of warehouse--paid for by whom--discrepancy, effect of.
411.275. Warehouseman's bond, requirements--defenses denied surety--cancellation, notice, effect--demand for payment by director, duties of director--refusal of surety to pay, penalty--distribution of bond proceeds--duties of depositors or receipt holders--injunction, hearing, notice--final inspection of warehouse--verbal or written bond binders effective, contents.
411.276. Liability of surety not cumulative.
411.277. Certificates of deposit and letters of credit, provisions applicable to--letters of credit, submitted in lieu of bond, when, refusal of director to accept, grounds, demand by director, procedure, failure by bank to pay, when, penalty, funds returned to bank, when--rules and regulations.
411.278. Amount of bond, how computed.
411.280. Warehouseman's net worth, requirements--deficiency, how corrected.
411.281. Additional bond required, when--amount, how determined.
411.283. Requirements for license--minimum storage capacity--scales required--denial of license, notice, hearing--contents of license--posting of license, duplicate license issued when--notice of suspension, cancellation, revocation or refusal to issue--removal of license, effect of.
411.285. Procedure after license is revoked--injunction to sell or remove grain, hearing, notice.
411.287. Director may monitor operations, when--fee for monitoring--director may order shipments of grain stopped, failure to obey order, penalty.
411.290. Insurance required, exceptions--rules and regulations.
411.295. Director may hold hearings, administer oaths, subpoena witnesses and evidence, and punish for contempt.
411.301. Director may enjoin violations.
411.311. Operation without license prohibited, penalty.
411.321. Terminal warehouseman to receive, inspect, weigh and grade grain.
411.323. Nonterminal warehouseman to receive, inspect, weigh and grade grain--exceptions--may issue receipts for own grain, how.
411.325. Delivery of grain to warehouse--procedure--contract--grain deemed for storage, when--deferred pricing and deferred payment and minimum price agreements--transactions not covered by bond--all grain deemed storage covered by bond.
411.327. Grain bank grain, how treated.
411.331. Grain may be withheld from going into terminal warehouse--when--how--penalties.
411.341. Grain may be stored in special bin--receipt to indicate.
411.360. Cleaning, preservation by warehouseman of grain specially stored--requirements--change of condition of grain, notice--delivery to other than owner or receipt holder unauthorized.
411.371. Warehouse receipts, approval by director required--counterfeiting, penalty for--unused receipts returned to director, when--unlawful issuance of receipts, penalty.
411.381. Receipts, contents--prima facie evidence of holder's claim to grain.
411.383. Warehouse receipt register, how maintained.
411.391. Warehouseman may sell or pledge receipts issued for grain owned by him.
411.401. Grain accepted for storage in other public warehouse--form of trust receipts.
411.405. Grain shipped to terminal warehouse at request of owner--how--grain shipped to other licensed warehouses for storage to cover nonreceipted storage obligations, how.
411.410. Receipts to be numbered--duplicates.
411.420. Lost receipts--procedure.
411.451. Fraudulent receipts prohibited--division or consolidation of receipts--delivery of grain.
411.491. Warehouseman must deliver grain, when.
411.511. Warehouseman should deliver grain, to whom.
411.515. Inventory required to be maintained--documents required to establish inventory.
411.517. Records required to be kept.
411.518. Scale tickets--required, contents, constitute nonnegotiable receipts, evidence of holder's claim to grain--custom weighing defined.
411.519. Insufficient inventory, procedure to correct--insolvency, director may modify, suspend or revoke license or request order to be named trustee, procedure, order--warehouseman may appeal, how.
411.520. Misfeasance or malfeasance--accepting money--improper influence--penalty.
411.523. Warehouseman liable for conversion, when.
411.531. Failure to take up and cancel receipt--warehouseman liable--when.
411.541. Failure to mark receipt upon delivery of part of grain--warehouseman liable--when.
411.551. Alteration of receipt--effect of.
411.561. Receipt marked "duplicate"--meaning of.
411.571. Transferor of receipt to endorse.
411.581. Warranties on negotiation or transfer of receipt.
411.591. Endorser not a guarantor for other parties.
411.601. Certain devices prohibited where official state weights are given.
411.611. Issuance of receipt without receiving grain--penalty.
411.621. False statement--penalty.
411.631. Issuance of receipt without indicating warehouseman's ownership--penalty.
411.641. Improper delivery--penalty.
411.651. Fraudulent deposit of grain and negotiation of receipt--penalty.
411.661. Penalty for violation of law--operating without a license, effect of payment of penalty fee.
411.671. Discontinuing business as public warehouse--procedure--license invalid on cessation or on change in ownership--notice--audit and examination.
411.681. Law not applicable to weighing or weighing supervision, in federally licensed warehouse, by exchange or board of trade.
411.691. Fee for public warehouse license, how computed.
411.701. Director may contract with federal agencies.
411.750. Safe working conditions to be maintained.
411.755. Failure to pay fees, effect of.
411.760. Remedies provided are in addition to and not exclusive.
411.770. Stealing grain, penalty.
411.775. Attorney general and prosecutors may prosecute upon complaint.
411.778. Sign to be posted on warehouse or scale designating licensed or not licensed as warehouse--requirements--violation, penalties.
411.800. Definitions--statutory lien on grain and grain-related assets for benefit of depositors.

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