Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 413
Weights and Measures


Rsmo Number Section Description
413.005. Definitions.
413.015. Division of weights and measures--established--director and staff, expenses, compensation--powers and duties of division.
413.035. Standards and systems of weights and measures authorized for use.
413.045. Calibration of weights and measures as prescribed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
413.055. Specifications, tolerance and other technical requirements adopted by division.
413.065. Director, duties--rules, procedure.
413.075. Powers of director.
413.085. City- and county-appointed weights and measures officials, powers and duties, exception--current power of director.
413.095. Liquid form commodities, how sold--if not in liquid form, how sold--sale of commodity, duty of seller as to quantity.
413.105. Misrepresentation of quantity or price prohibited.
413.115. Deceptive business practices, prohibited.
413.125. Bulk sales, delivery ticket required, when, content.
413.130. Investigations by director.
413.135. Prohibited actions.
413.139. Taximeter increments.
413.145. Packages for sale, certain information on package required.
413.155. Packages containing random weights to state price per single unit of weight.
413.165. Advertising packaged commodity stating retail price, quantity also required on package--dual declaration, requirement.
413.175. Scales for commercial use to comply with standards--scale sales, sellers, manufacturers to furnish certain labeling information that device is not legal for commercial use.
413.195. Impersonation of director or inspectors, prohibited.
413.205. Injunctions, temporary or permanent, when.
413.215. Weighing or measuring device in business place rebuttable, presumption of use for business.
413.225. Fees--rates--due at time of registration, inspection or calibration, failure to pay fee, effect, penalty.
413.226. Weight and measure devices law not applicable to certain devices--applicability to certain devices.
413.227. Violations, procedure, notices, contents--hearing, rights of violator--penalty--appeal--deposit of penalty.
413.229. Criminal penalties for violations.

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