Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 415
Warehouse and Self-Service Storage Facilities


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Missouri grain warehouse law, Chap. 411
Storage charges, property held, sold when, 447.070 to 447.100
415.010. Public warehouses, what constitutes--facilities not included as.
415.020. License for public warehouse.
415.030. Public warehousemen to give bond.
415.040. Transacting business without license--bond--penalty.
415.050. Compliance with sections 415.010 to 415.050 mandatory, when.
415.400. Title of act.
415.405. Definitions.
415.410. Leased space not to be used as residence--operator may enter space, when--occupant to furnish operator certain information--limitation on value of property in agreement, maximum liability amount.
415.415. Lien on stored property, when, notice regarding, priority of, how enforced and satisfied--sale of property, procedure, duties of operator, distribution of proceeds--redemption by occupant, when.
415.417. Late fee assessed, when, amount--recovery of expenses, when.
415.420. Purchaser in good faith, not subject to certain liens--operator, limited liability, right to deny occupant access, when--notices, how and where sent.
415.425. Care and control of stored property vested in occupant, exception.

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