Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 416
Monopolies, Discriminations and Conspiracies


Rsmo Number Section Description
416.011. Title of act.
416.021. Definitions.
416.031. Restraint of trade prohibited.
416.041. Exempt organizations and activities.
416.051. Penalties--attorney general to prosecute--civil penalty for contempt.
416.061. Attorney general to prevent and restrain violations--consent judgments authorized.
416.071. Injunctive relief by circuit courts authorized.
416.081. Antitrust revolving fund--how used--source of funds.
416.091. Documentary material, requirement to produce, demand for, how made, how served--returns, how verified--failure to comply, effect of.
416.111. Refusal to testify prohibited--criminal immunity granted.
416.121. Who may sue--prevailing plaintiff to be awarded attorney's fees and costs.
416.131. Venue of actions--actions to be brought within four years--involvement in interstate or foreign commerce, no defense.
416.141. How construed as to comparable federal acts.
416.151. State's remedies to be cumulative--only one monetary recovery on any one act.
416.161. Severability clause.
416.410. Definitions.
416.415. Selling or advertising milk at less than cost prohibited--evidence.
416.420. Discrimination in price between localities--evidence.
416.425. Sales by retailers at less than cost--evidence.
416.430. Sale by bulk milk handler at less than cost--evidence.
416.435. Sales of milk in combination with other products at less than cost--evidence.
416.440. Rebates, discounts, allowances or gifts by processor or distributor--exceptions--evidence.
416.445. Sales and advertisements exempt from law, when.
416.450. Complaints, investigation by director--actions to restrain violations.
416.455. Person injured by violation may intervene in or bring injunction action.
416.460. Rules, authority, promulgation, procedure.
416.465. Director may subpoena and swear witnesses--enforcement of subpoena.
416.470. Director may employ auditing firm.
416.475. Bond of complainant, liability.
416.480. Remedies exclusive.
416.485. Actions barred, when.
416.490. License required for manufacturer, processor or distributor, exception, expires when, fee--revocation, procedure--rules.
416.495. Milk control fund, source and purpose.
416.500. Nonresident manufacturers, processors and distributors to pay license fee.
416.505. Operation without license enjoined--"stop-sale" orders, issuance--appeal.
416.510. Nonresident subject to Missouri judicial process, when.
416.515. Process, form.
416.520. Service of process, how made.
416.525. Notice of service of process, form.
416.530. Personal service authorized, how served.
416.535. Proof of service by mailing.
416.540. Provisions for service on nonresidents in addition to other methods.
416.545. Venue of actions.
416.550. Continuance of action as to nonresident.
416.555. Secretary of state to keep record of process.
416.560. Secretary of state's fee as costs.
416.600. Citation of law.
416.605. Definitions.
416.610. Transfer prices, public disclosure required.
416.615. Sale below cost or at lower price, prohibited when.
416.620. Allowable practices.
416.625. Civil penalty, amount--attorney general, duties--funds paid to general revenue fund.
416.630. Courts, jurisdiction--civil actions, duties of attorney general and prosecuting attorneys--consent judgments allowed, when--final judgment, effect.
416.635. Civil action by injured party authorized.
416.650. Definitions
416.652. Demand letters, no bad faith assertions of patent infringement--factors court may consider.
416.654. Cause of action available to targets of bad faith assertions.
416.656. Attorney general's authority--awards credited to antitrust revolving fund, when.
416.658. Other remedies not limited--inapplicability of act, when.

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