Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 421


Rsmo Number Section Description
421.005 Definitions.
421.007. Bedding labels, content--removal of label prohibited--false or misleading labeling prohibited.
421.011. Form and size of bedding labels, approved by director--labeling requirements.
421.014. Filling materials, contents, uses and percentages to be included in the label--computation of percentage.
421.017. Label statements and headings.
421.022. Bedding material grades, specifications and tolerances established by department of health and senior services--rulemaking authority.
421.025. Resale of bedding, previously used material label required.
421.031. Random testing and inspection permitted, when--penalties for violations--temporary restraining order issued, when--penalty for mislabeling.
421.034. Rulemaking authority.
421.038. Use of secondhand materials, restrictions--label contents.

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