Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 426
Assignment for Benefit of Creditors


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Bank not to make general assignment, 361.330
Escheat of unclaimed dividends, Chap. 470
Hospitals, public clinics, health insurance direct payment with or without assignment, when, 376.778
State's lien, priority of, liability of assignee who fails to pay debts due state before others, 430.330, 430.340
Wage claims preferred, 513.055
426.010 Voluntary assignment--execution of.
426.020. Assignee to file inventory, when and where.
426.030. Inventory to be sworn to.
426.040. Appraisers, appointment of.
426.050. Oath, filing and compensation of appraisers.
426.060. Additional property, duty of assignee.
426.070. Assignor's list of property--filing of bond of assignee--additional bond.
426.080. Bond, condition of.
426.090. Bond, where filed and recorded--approval.
426.100. Bonds taken in absence of judge, approval or rejection.
426.110. If rejected, court to order new bond--failure to give revokes authority.
426.120. Rejected bond valid until new one given--new bond relates back.
426.130. Suit on bond, by whom and when brought--damages.
426.140. Assignee to exhibit accounts, when and how--failure--citation--dismissal.
426.150. Notice of allowance of assignee's accounts by court, how given.
426.160. Expense of advertising.
426.170. Demands against estates, how and when allowed.
426.180. Notice, how given--creditor failing to present at proper time, precluded--exceptions.
426.190. Assignee may administer oaths and examine witnesses.
426.200. Evidence to establish demand.
426.210. Decisions of assignee final, unless appeal asked for--appeal to circuit court.
426.220. Appeals, how taken--affidavit and bond for.
426.230. Proceedings in circuit court upon appeal.
426.240. Judgment certified to assignee and claim allowed, when.
426.250. Demand of assignee against assignor, how allowed.
426.260. Assignee failing to file true inventory and give bond, court to issue citation.
426.270. On return of citation, court may order inventory and bond filed or dismiss assignee.
426.280. Insolvency or removal from state of surety, proceedings.
426.290. Assignee, vacancy--appointment.
426.300. Dismissal of assignee--books to be delivered to successor.
426.310. Sale of property assigned, how made.
426.320. Payments to creditors, when and in what amounts--penalty for failure.
426.330. Assignee shall exhibit condition of assets, when.
426.340. Failure to exhibit condition of assets--citation of assignee.
426.350. Assignee may apply for discharge, when and how.
426.360. Application referred to commissioner, when--proceedings.
426.370. If objections made, court to determine same, when and how.
426.380. Appeals, how taken.
426.390. Proceedings when temporary assignee fails to act, how conducted.
426.400. Court may order assignee to compromise debts, when and how.
426.410. Defining the power and authority of assignees.

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