Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 429
Statutory Liens Against Real Estate


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Equitable liens, notice, 527.260
Federal tax liens, registration and notice, 14.010 to 14.050
Judgment or decree of appellate, federal or other court of record, lien on realty in county, when, 511.440
Nonconsensual common law liens, 428.105 to 428.135
Payment contingent upon receipt of payment from third party not a defense to enforcement of mechanic's lien, 431.183
Public defender system, liens for value of services, when, 600.090
Transportation subscriptions and transportation certificates of railroad to be first lien, 388.140
429.005. Certain agreements to waive rights under this chapter are unenforceable--exception.
429.010. Mechanics' and materialmen's lien, who may assert--extent of lien.
429.012. Original contractor to have lien, when--requirements, failure to provide notice, penalty, exception--agents, insurance companies or escrow, accepting fraudulent lien waiver or false affidavit for gain, penalty.
429.013. Definitions--subcontractor to have lien, when--consent of owner, form--requirements--penalties for violation.
429.014. Lien fraud, penalties--claim against original contract, when.
429.015. Lien authorized for architectural, professional engineering, land survey, or landscape architecture--extent of lien--priority--defenses.
429.016. Residential real property--recording required, procedure--failure to record, effect of--form of notice--separate notice required, when--release of lien, procedure--waiver, when.
429.020. Lien for street, sidewalk, sewer or pipeline adjacent to land.
429.030. Amount of property subject to lien.
429.032. Partial release when lien is on multiple lots or tracts--mechanic's lien claimant to file record in circuit court, content--form for partial release.
429.040. Buildings on same or adjacent lots.
429.050. Priority of lien--improvements removed when--exception.
429.060. Lien shall have precedence over subsequent encumbrances.
429.070. Lien in case of licensed or leased property.
429.080. Lien filed with circuit clerk, when.
429.090. Abstract of lien by clerk.
429.100. Notification by subcontractors and others.
429.110. When owner nonresident--notice, how given.
429.120. Satisfaction to be filed, when.
429.130. Penalty for refusing to satisfy.
429.140. Duty of contractor when others file lien.
429.150. Who construed as owner or proprietor.
429.160. Assignment of mechanics' liens--rights of assignee.
429.170. Actions commenced in six months.
429.180. Pleadings as in other civil cases.
429.190. Who may be made parties.
429.200. Personal representative made party, when.
429.210. The judgment.
429.220. Judgment by default.
429.230. Judgment on constructive notice.
429.240. Judgment on personal service.
429.250. The execution.
429.260. Proceeds divided pro rata, when.
429.270. Enforcement and adjudication of rights of several lienors in equitable action--procedure.
429.280. Parties to equitable action.
429.290. Equitable action exclusive of other remedies.
429.300. Other actions stayed when equitable action brought.
429.310. Time suits deemed commenced.
429.320. Appointment of referee by court, when--jury trials.
429.330. No equitable action in case of one lien.
429.340. Enforcement of decree ordering sale of property.
429.350. Enforcement of mechanics' liens by associate circuit judge.
429.360. Suits for foreclosure, process, procedure--same as other civil suits.
429.440. Lien on railroad property for work, labor, materials.
429.450. Such lien to have precedence over other encumbrances.
429.460. Account and claim of lien filed with circuit clerk, when--copy served.
429.470. Lien abstracts, contents--duties of clerk.
429.480. Secretary of state to file lien in his office.
429.490. Satisfaction filed, when.
429.500. Refusal of parties to satisfy--penalty.
429.510. Limitations of subcontractor's lien by his contract.
429.520. Actions to enforce lien, how conducted--nature of judgment.
429.530. Who shall be parties to suit.
429.540. Proceeds, when distributed pro rata.
429.550. Railroad liable to subcontractors, laborers, when.
429.600. Law, how cited.
429.603. Definitions.
429.605. Broker's lien for compensation for services, requirements.
429.607. Lien notice, content.
429.609. Broker's lien attaches to commercial real estate when, notice to be filed in office of recorder, when--installment payments of compensation, notice recorded when--lease, claim for lien filed when.
429.611. Lien claim release or satisfaction to be filed when.
429.614. Broker to mail copy of notice of lien to owner by certified mail.
429.616. Enforcing lien, broker may bring suit, filed where, time limitation on filing--failure to file on time extinguishes lien--claim for same extinguished lien not permitted.
429.618. Petition, content, parties' foreclosure action, procedure--liens having priority over broker's lien.
429.620. Broker failing to file suit or answer in pending suit within thirty days after service on owner, lien is extinguished, service of demand, procedure.
429.623. Satisfaction or release of lien by broker on written demand of owner within thirty days of demand.
429.625. Cost of proceeding to be paid by nonprevailing party--more than one nonprevailing party, apportionment by court.
429.627. Lien preventing closing, escrow account to be established with clerk of circuit court--funds in account held until parties' rights determined--release of broker's lien when.
429.629. Appraisers and title examination service on commercial real estate to provide lien for services completed.
429.630. Brokers, appraisers and title examination service at time of closing to give written notice of right to lien on premises--failure to furnish notice, effect.

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