Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 432
Contracts Required to Be in Writing


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Conveyances by minor binding, when, 442.080
Ratification of contracts of minors, how and when made, 431.060
432.010 Statute of frauds--contracts to be in writing.
432.030. Assignment of wages.
432.040. Representations of credit to be in writing.
432.045. Credit agreements, defined--action by debtor on certain credit agreements prohibited unless in writing--contents of written statement requirement--oral modification permitted, when.
432.047. Credit agreements, actions not to be maintained, when--credit agreement defined.
432.050. Leases, not in writing, operate as estates at will.
432.060. Leases to be assigned in writing.
432.070. Contracts, execution of by counties, towns--form of contract.
432.080. Duplicate copies to be made and preserved.
432.200. Title.
432.205. Definitions.
432.210. Scope.
432.215. Prospective application.
432.220. Use of electronic records and electronic signatures--variation by agreement.
432.225. Construction and application.
432.230. Legal recognition of electronic records, electronic signatures, and electronic contracts.
432.235. Provision of information in writing--presentation of records.
432.240. Attribution and effect of electronic record and electronic signature.
432.245. Effect of change or error.
432.250. Notarization and acknowledgment.
432.255. Retention of electronic records--originals.
432.260. Admissibility of evidence.
432.265. Automated transaction.
432.270. Time and place of sending and receipt.
432.275. Transferable records.
432.295. Severability clause.

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