Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 436
Special Purpose Contracts


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Farm implement dealers' agreement with manufacturer, regulation, 407.838 to 407.848
Next of kin defined, right of sepulcher, 194.119
436.100. Definitions.
436.103. Action for damages or injunction, jurisdiction.
436.105. Franchisor to have registered agent on file in office of secretary of state.
CONTRACTS FOR PAYMENT OF ROYALTIES (Music Played in Businesses and Offices)
436.150. Definitions.
436.153. Proprietor entering into contract to be furnished certain information in writing--time limitation.
436.155. Performing rights society duties--list of music to be on file with attorney general.
436.157. Contract for payment of royalties must be in writing, content.
436.159. Prohibited acts by performing rights society, exception--violations--penalties.
436.161. Proprietor may bring action for violations to recover damages--recovery to include costs.
436.163. Laws applicable only to performing rights societies.
436.215. Citation of law.
436.218. Definitions.
436.221. Director's authority.
436.224. Certificate of registration required--temporary license, criteria.
436.227. Application procedure, contents.
436.230. Certificate of registration issued, when--refusal to issue, when.
436.233. Sanctioning of certificate of registration, when--complaint procedure.
436.236. Temporary certificate of registration permitted, when.
436.239. Application fee--athlete agent fund created--rulemaking authority.
436.242. Contract requirements and content.
436.245. Notice of contract, when.
436.248. Cancellation of contract, when.
436.251. Records to be retained.
436.254. Prohibited acts.
436.257. Violation, penalty.
436.260. Educational institution cause of action, when, damages, accrual of right of action.
436.263. Violation, penalty.
436.266. Uniformity considered in applying law.
436.272. Moneys collected for certain violations to be transferred to general revenue.
436.300. Private construction work contract payment requirements.
436.303. Contract provisions--retainage.
436.306. Security tendered, when.
436.309. Subcontractor may tender substitute security, when.
436.312. Substitute security requirements.
436.315. Withholding of retainage prohibited, when.
436.318. Release of retainage, payment made.
436.321. Adjustment in retainage, when.
436.324. Release of retainage, when.
436.327. Substantial completion defined.
436.330. Subcontractor obligations.
436.333. Unenforceability of contracts entered into after August 28, 2002.
436.336. Applicability.
436.350. Definitions.
436.353. Notice of offer to cure defects by contractor, contents--effect on court actions.
436.356. Court actions arising from construction defects, notice of alleged defect to be given, response of contractor--dispute of claim, procedure--mediation, where to occur.
436.359. Rejection of settlement offer by association governing board, effect of--meeting requirements.
436.362. Mediation requirements.
436.365. Law not to restrict or inhibit other remedies or ability to contract.
436.400. Citation of law--applicability.
436.405. Definitions.
436.410. Applicability exceptions.
436.412. Violations, disciplinary actions authorized--governing law for contracts.
436.415. Provision of certain services required by provider--seller's duties.
436.420. Written contract required, contents--notification to board of provider authorization--seller to provide copy of contract to board upon request.
436.425. Contract form, requirements--voidability of contract--waiver of contract benefits for public assistance recipients.
436.430. Trust-funded preneed contract requirements.
436.435. Compliance of contracts entered into prior to effective date--investment of trust property and assets--loans against assets prohibited.
436.440. Provisions applicable to all preneed trusts.
436.445. Trustee not to make decisions, when.
436.450. Insurance-funded preneed contract requirements.
436.455. Joint account-funded preneed contract requirements.
436.456. Cancellation of contract, when, procedure.
436.457. Seller's right to cancel, when, procedure.
436.458. Alternative provider permitted, when.
436.460. Seller report to board required, contents--fee--filing of reports.
436.465. Record-keeping requirements of seller.
436.470. Complaint procedure--violation, attorney general may file court action.
436.480. Death or incapacity of purchaser, transfer of rights and remedies, to whom.
436.485. Violations, penalties.
436.490. Sale of business assets of provider--report to board required, contents.
436.500. Sale of business assets by seller, report to board required, contents.
436.505. Credit life insurance may be offered to purchaser.
436.510. Seller's failure to make timely payment, effect of--rights of purchaser.
436.520. Rulemaking authority.
436.525. Board to maintain certain personal information about purchaser--confidentiality of information.

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