Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 441
Landlord and Tenant


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Chapter Cross Reference
Actions by landlord to recover premises and unpaid rent, Chap. 535
Foreclosure of mortgage under power of sale not to affect tenant's rights in growing crops, 443.290
Military service, termination of lease, 41.944
Mobile homes abandoned on rented real property, rights of property owner and lienholder to get possession and title, 700.525 to 700.541
Nature of tenancy of occupants of property conveyed to Urban Redevelopment Corporation, 353.140
Rent default action to recover possession, procedure, summons, how served, 535.030
Sewer and water service, cities, termination of, billing to be sent to owners and occupants of premises, 250.140
Signs for sale or lease of real property displayed by owner, restriction by ordinance prohibited, 67.317
Tenant to be furnished information as to owner or managing agent's address for service of process and to receive notice, failure to comply, effect, 535.185
Title of property transferred, notice to tenant, procedure, 535.081
Unlawful detainer actions, Chap. 534
441.005. Definitions.
441.010. Covenant or contract of tenant to repair--effect of.
441.020. Illegal use of premises renders lease void.
441.030. Tenant not to assign without consent--nor violate conditions--nor commit waste.
441.040. Landlord may take possession, when--landlord liable, when, burden of proof.
441.043. Counties and cities not to adopt ordinances regulating rents of private or commercial property, exceptions.
441.050. Tenancy from year to year, how terminated.
441.060. Tenancy at will, sufferance, month to month, how terminated--judgment of eviction, how effectuated, landlord's liability.
441.065. Abandonment of rental premises, when, procedure.
441.070. No notice necessary, when.
441.080. Liability of tenants after termination of term.
441.090. Recovery action--tenant served with summons--notice--penalty.
441.100. Tenant giving notice to quit, and failing to do so, liable.
441.110. Such rent, how recovered.
441.120. Oral evidence not to show renewal of lease or change--notice to quit.
441.130. Alienee or assignee may recover rent.
441.140. Grants of rents good without attornment of tenants.
441.150. Attornment to stranger void--exceptions.
441.160. Executor or administrator of tenant for life may recover rents.
441.170. Remedy of executor or administrator.
441.180. Rents dependent on life of another, how recovered when unpaid.
441.190. Rent due on lease for life, how recovered.
441.200. Landlord may recover for use and occupation.
441.210. If parol demise appear on trial, shall be evidence of what.
441.220. Rent may be recovered of whom, and how.
441.230. If tenant sublet, landlord may join sublessees in same actions.
441.233. Landlord's unlawful removal or exclusion of tenant, liability--interruption of services, landlord's liability.
441.234. Tenant may deduct cost of repair of rental premises from rent, when--limitations.
441.236. Disclosures required for transfer of property where methamphetamine production occurred.
441.240. Attachment for rent.
441.250. Proceedings to be same as in suits by attachment.
441.260. Who may recover rent.
441.270. What property exempt from attachment for rent.
441.280. Landlord's lien on crops for rent.
441.290. Landlord's lien for money or supplies furnished tenant.
441.300. Lien, how enforced.
Cross Reference

St. Louis City landowners required to have agent for service on housing code violations, penalty, 82.817 ***

441.500. Definitions.
441.510. Civil action, how maintained--procedure.
441.520. Parties to action--designation of registered agent required, when.
441.530. Application, contents.
441.540. No jury trial.
441.550. Notice of application filed with recorder of deeds.
441.560. Denial of entry a defense.
441.570. Action of court upon finding a nuisance exists.
441.580. Payment of rent, effect of.
441.590. Court orders, provisions.
441.600. Receiver discharged, when.
441.610. Waiver of provisions of sections 441.500 to 441.640 void.
441.630. Duties of occupant.
441.641. Court appoints receiver to abate nuisance--holder of title does not act to regain possession, transfer of title, when.
441.643. Frivolous suit, attorney's fees.
441.645. Act of God, tenant not liable for rent.
441.650. Master-metered multitenant dwelling, defined--heat-related utility service, delinquency, maintenance of service, how--receivership, when, procedure.
441.710. Certain parties have standing to initiate expedited eviction proceedings.
441.720. Expedited eviction actions, where filed, when continued or stayed.
441.730. Failure to prosecute claim, court may substitute other interested party.
441.740. Immediate eviction ordered, when--immediate removal ordered, when.
441.750. Immediate eviction, not granted when--tenant's burden of proof.
441.760. Immediate removal of parties other than tenant, when--immediate removal of tenant or lessee, when.
441.770. Court-ordered eviction, when--court-ordered removal of third party from leased premises, when--expedited eviction order--stay of execution of eviction order, when.
441.780. Notice not required in certain eviction actions, when.
441.790. Certain evidence admissible in certain eviction-related actions.
441.800. Criminal prosecution unnecessary for certain eviction proceedings to begin--drug-related criminal conviction, effect on certain eviction proceedings.
441.810. Discovery in certain eviction proceedings.
441.820. Protection orders for witnesses in certain eviction proceedings.
441.830. Court authorized to grant preliminary relief to parties in certain eviction proceedings.
441.840. Rent to continue accruing during certain eviction proceedings.
441.850. Certain parties entitled to attorney's fees in certain eviction proceedings, when.
441.860. Remedies cumulative.
441.870. Immunity from civil liability in certain eviction proceedings, granted when.
441.880. Stay of execution of eviction order, when--notification of interested parties--probationary tenancy, failure to comply results in removal of stay of execution--prior conduct actionable--compliance with probationary tenancy can result in dismissal of cause of action.

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