Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 442
Titles and Conveyance of Real Estate


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Disposal of lands by United States, laws not to affect, Const. Art. III § 43
Homestead, conveyance requirements, 513.475
Initials, abbreviation or misspelling of name in conveyance, effect, 490.450
Recording of instruments and records generally, 59.330 to 59.660
Sale under junior judgment, effect, 513.255
Signs for sale or lease of real property displayed by owner, restriction by ordinance prohibited, 67.317
442.010. Definitions.
442.012. Solar energy is a property right--eminent domain not permitted--easement requirements.
442.014. Private landowner protection act--definitions--conservation easement permitted, when, validity--applicability.
442.015. Conveyance or encumbrance of manufactured homes, requirements--affidavit of affixation--deemed real estate, when--detachment or severance from real estate, effect of.
442.018. Publication of certain real estate transactions.
442.020. Conveyances of lands.
442.025. Conveyance to self and others to create joint estate.
442.030. Conveyance of property of spouse--covenants.
442.035. Conveyance of estates by the entireties by minors or disabled persons, conservator's powers and duties.
442.040. Person under eighteen years of age may join in conveyance with adult spouse.
442.060. Private or public corporations may convey real estate.
442.070. Person may convey, notwithstanding adverse possession.
442.080. Conveyances by persons under eighteen years of age binding, when.
442.090. Conveyances by minor veterans valid when necessary to obtain advantage of federal law.
442.095. Sections 442.090 to 442.120 applicable to whom.
442.100. Disability of minority removed to enable veterans to acquire or convey property.
442.110. Honorable discharge of veteran, evidence necessary.
442.120. Loans to underage servicemen authorized.
442.130. Execution of deeds and other conveyances.
442.140. Execution of deeds in foreign language--translation--recording.
442.150. Proof or acknowledgment, by whom taken.
442.155. Acknowledgment of instruments not affecting lands--certificate--curative provision.
442.160. Acknowledgments of instruments by persons in military service--form--instruments previously acknowledged validated, when.
442.180. Certificate to be endorsed on conveyance.
442.190. Certificate, how made.
442.200. Identity of persons making acknowledgments, how ascertained.
442.210. Certificate of acknowledgment--contents.
442.220. Conveyances of bounty lands, how acknowledged.
442.230. Such instrument valid.
442.240. Such instrument, filed for record, to impart notice.
442.250. Copies to be read in evidence.
442.260. Proof of execution of instruments.
442.270. When proof of subscribing witness shall be taken.
442.280. What subscribing witness shall prove before certificate shall be granted.
442.290. What facts certificate of proof shall set forth.
442.300. Proof, when grantor and witnesses are dead.
442.310. Certificate of proof, when granted.
442.320. Certificate to recite evidence required by section 442.310.
442.330. Subscribing witnesses, when and how summoned to prove execution of instrument.
442.340. Remedy against persons refusing to appear and answer.
442.350. Provisions relating to acknowledgment or proof not to extend to last wills and testaments.
442.360. Powers of attorney, how acknowledged and proved.
442.370. When deemed revoked.
442.380. Instruments to be recorded.
442.390. Notice imparted from time of filing for record.
442.400. Not valid until recorded.
442.403. Restrictive covenants relating to discrimination invalid--effect--no liability by existence of covenant in document filed by specific date.
442.410. Deeds to be recorded, where record lost--fees.
442.420. "Grant, bargain and sell", how construed.
442.430. Title acquired by grantor after conveyance inures to grantee.
442.440. Conveyances to counties for their use--effect.
442.450. Conveyance to more than one--effect.
442.460. The term "heirs" not necessary to convey a fee simple estate.
442.470. Entails not allowed--the remainder in fee simple--to whom it shall pass.
442.480. Remainder to take effect on death of person without heirs--how construed.
442.490. Remainder limited to heirs of a person having a life estate--how disposed of.
442.500. Lineal and collateral warranties abolished.
442.510. An estate limited in remainder to the son or daughter of any person to be begotten, how disposed of.
442.520. A future estate, on the death of any person without heirs, how defeated.
442.530. Value of life estates--how computed.
442.540. Rule of calculation.
442.550. Examples.
442.555. Rule against perpetuities, application of modified.
442.557. General power of appointment exercisable at death of donee, perpetuities period to run from death of donee.
442.558. Transfer fee covenants not to run with title to real property--lien void, when.
442.560. Aliens and corporations of foreign countries may acquire, hold and alienate real estate--exception.
442.566. Definitions.
442.571. Aliens or foreign business, limitations on owning agricultural land--violation--acquisitions submitted to department, when--rulemaking authority.
442.576. Duties of director of agriculture and attorney general--court to order divestiture--when to be accomplished--failure.
442.581. Lease deemed to be ownership, when.
442.586. Lands owned by resident aliens--cessation of residence--failure to divest, effect.
442.591. Exceptions.
442.592. Report required--content--failure to file, civil penalty, venue--foreign person, defined--rules, procedure.
442.600. Psychologically impacted real property, defined--disclosure to buyer not mandatory--no cause of action for failure to disclose.
442.606. Methamphetamine production, seller of property to disclose to buyer such production and certain criminal convictions.

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