Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 445


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Assessor in St. Louis City to plat all tracts and mark with owner's name, 137.220
Cemeteries, plats of to be recorded, when, 214.040
Certified copies of plats from the United States surveyor's office admissible as evidence, 446.350
City streets, additions, vacation of, procedure, 71.230 to 71.280
Drainage districts, plats of to be filed, when, 242.040
Establishing boundaries, duties of county surveyor and recorder, 446.120 to 446.140
Levee districts, plats of to be filed, when, 245.025
Plats of townships, county commission to keep for use in assessment, 137.195 to 137.205
Subdivisions in certain counties of the first classification, plats of to be approved by planning commission, 64.060, 64.070
Subdivisions of less than one-sixteenth section to be surveyed and platted for tax purposes, 137.185
445.010 Plats of cities, towns, villages--shall show what.
445.020. Plat, how drawn--shall show what.
445.030. Plat to be acknowledged and recorded--acceptance by city.
445.040. Duty of recorder when plat delivered--certified copies to be evidence.
445.050. When new county established or county lines changed, plat to be recorded, where.
445.060. Legalizing any plat of city or town, or addition or subdivision, after having been recorded for ten years--to be received in all courts of state.
445.070. Penalty for selling lots before plat recorded--plat shall vest fee, when.
445.080. Penalty for recording an imperfect plat.
445.090. Persons incurring penalty may be proceeded against, how.
445.100. Plans, plats or replats--unlawful to receive or record such plan unless approved (cities of 400,000).
445.110. Unlawful to sell, trade or otherwise convey unless plan, plat or replat shall have been recorded (cities of 400,000).
445.120. Penalty for violation of certain provisions.

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