Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 446
Establishment and Evidence of Boundaries and Titles to Land


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Corners lost, reestablished, rules, 60.315
Deeds recorded thirty years prior to 1874 to be received as evidence, when, 490.380, 490.390
Forcible entry and unlawful detainer, extent of claim where possession held under color of title, 534.230, 534.240
Instruments acknowledged and recorded under former law, or copies admissible in evidence, when, effect, 490.280 to 490.330
Land titles, actions involving generally, 527.150 to 527.250
Patents by president or governor, duly recorded prima facie evidence, 59.380, 59.390
Purchaser at tax sale may maintain action to quiet title, procedure, 140.330
Recitals in deeds as to heirship, when admissible in evidence in action affecting title, 490.370
Record of instruments affecting real estate, not properly certified, received in evidence, when, 490.340, 490.350
School lands, defective sales of validated, when, 177.071
Suits against purchaser of tax lands to be brought within three years, 140.590
Suits to set aside tax deeds, how instituted and defended, 140.600 to 140.630
Swamplands, patent issued and recorded, prima facie evidence, 241.120
446.010. Decayed corners--surveyed when.
446.020. Surveyor's notes--contents.
446.030. Surveyor--duties--fees.
446.040. Destroyed corners, how established.
446.050. Attendance of surveyor and witnesses--judge's duty.
446.060. Examination of witnesses.
446.070. Adjournment.
446.080. Examination reduced to writing.
446.090. Notice to take depositions, how given.
446.100. Evidence of notice.
446.110. Surveyors to re-mark decayed corners, when.
446.120. Plat and certificate of survey.
446.130. Plat and certificate recorded.
446.140. Duty of recorder.
446.150. Plats, certificates and depositions in evidence.
446.160. Examination of witness through interpreter.
446.170. Costs, how paid.
446.175. Land patent not issued by state, owner may acquire, requirements.
446.180. Erroneous descriptions in patents--correction.
446.190. Lost or destroyed records--replacement--evidentiary effect.
446.200. Certificate of judges entered of record--received in evidence.
446.210. Abstract of title to lands received in evidence, when.
446.220. Fees allowed to owners of abstracts.
446.230. Certain titles confirmed.
446.240. Duty of register of lands, evidence.
446.250. New Madrid certificates and patents prima facie evidence.
446.260. Rebutted, how.
446.270. New Madrid certificates.
446.280. Confirmations of land titles--copies.
446.290. French and Spanish grants.
446.300. Copies from Livre Terrein.
446.310. French and Spanish archives, evidence.
446.320. French and Spanish archives, copies of.
446.330. Copies of record of original archives.
446.340. Archives of recorder's office of St. Louis, evidence.
446.350. Copies of plats, surveys--United States surveyor's office.

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