Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 448
Condominium Property


Rsmo Number Section Description
448.005. Title of law.
448.010. Definitions.
448.020. Property submitted to condominium law by declaration.
448.030. Declaration, contents--amendments.
448.040. Declaration and plat to be recorded--plat, contents--amendment may be recorded, when.
448.050. Units can be conveyed--common elements, owned, how--units not to be separated or subdivided.
448.060. Instrument affecting unit affects ownership of common elements.
448.070. Common elements to remain undivided--exceptions.
448.080. Common element costs to be paid by unit owners--unpaid amount to constitute lien--foreclosure.
448.090. Liens, against what--consent, how given.
448.100. Taxes, assessed and levied against units.
448.110. Interest acquired by tax deed, subject to what.
448.120. Insurance, how obtained--named insured--who adjusts--loss payable clause, form of--premiums, how paid.
448.130. Insurance proceeds used for reconstruction--reconstruction defined.
448.140. Insurance proceeds insufficient to reconstruct, effect.
448.150. Sale of property, authorized, how--dissenting owner entitled to interest, value of interest defined.
448.160. Property removed from condominium law, how, effects.
448.170. Bylaws, amendments.
448.180. Bylaws, contents.
448.190. Managers may act for owners--actions--service of process--managers proper parties, when, duties.
448.195. Condemnation proceedings, board of managers to represent all unit owners.
448.200. Managers to keep records, open to owners.
448.210. Rule against perpetuities--restraints on alienation.
448.1-101. Short title.
448.1-102. Applicability.
448.1-103. Definitions.
448.1-104. Variation by agreement.
448.1-105. Separate titles and taxation.
448.1-106. Applicability of local ordinances, regulations, and building codes.
448.1-107. Eminent domain.
448.1-108. Supplemental general principles of law applicable.
448.1-109. Construction against implicit repeal.
448.1-110. Uniformity of application and construction.
448.1-111. Severability.
448.1-112. Unconscionable agreement or term of contract.
448.1-113. Obligation of good faith.
448.1-114. Remedies to be liberally administered.
448.2-101. Creation of condominium.
448.2-102. Unit boundaries.
448.2-103. Construction and validity of declaration and bylaws.
448.2-104. Description of units.
448.2-105. Contents of declaration.
448.2-106. Leasehold condominiums.
448.2-107. Allocation of common element interests, votes, and common expense liabilities.
448.2-108. Limited common elements.
448.2-109. Plats and plans.
448.2-110. Exercise of development rights.
448.2-111. Alterations of units.
448.2-112. Relocation of boundaries between adjoining units.
448.2-113. Subdivision of units.
448.2-114. Monuments as boundaries.
448.2-115. Use for sale purposes.
448.2-116. Easement rights.
448.2-117. Amendment of declaration.
448.2-118. Termination of a condominium.
448.2-119. Rights of secured lenders.
448.2-120. Master associations.
448.2-121. Merger or consolidation of condominiums.
448.3-101. Organization of unit owners' association.
448.3-102. Powers of unit owners' association.
448.3-103. Executive board members and officers.
448.3-104. Transfer of special declarant rights.
448.3-105. Termination of contracts and leases of declarant.
448.3-106. Bylaws.
448.3-107. Upkeep of condominium.
448.3-108. Meetings.
448.3-109. Quorums.
448.3-110. Voting--proxies.
448.3-111. Tort and contract liability.
448.3-112. Conveyance or encumbrance of common elements.
448.3-113. Insurance.
448.3-114. Surplus funds.
448.3-115. Assessments for common expenses.
448.3-116. Lien for assessments.
448.3-117. Other liens affecting the condominium.
448.3-118. Association records.
448.3-119. Association as trustee.
448.4-101. Applicability--waiver.
448.4-102. Liability for public offering statement requirements.
448.4-103. Original sale certificate, general provisions.
448.4-104. Original sale certificate, condominiums subject to development rights.
448.4-105. Original sale certificate, time-shares.
448.4-106. Original sale certificate, condominiums containing conversion buildings.
448.4-107. Original sale certificate, condominium securities.
448.4-108. Purchaser's right to cancel.
448.4-109. Resales of units.
448.4-110. Escrow of deposits.
448.4-111. Release of liens.
448.4-112. Conversion buildings--low or moderate income elderly tenants and disabled tenants, rights of.
448.4-113. Express warranties of quality.
448.4-114. Implied warranties of quality.
448.4-115. Exclusion or modification of implied warranties of quality.
448.4-116. Statute of limitations for warranties.
448.4-117. Effect of violations on rights of action--attorney's fees.
448.4-118. Labeling of promotional material.
448.4-119. Declarant's obligation to complete and restore.
448.4-120. Substantial completion of units.

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