Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 470


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Storage, self-service, rental default, lien sale, amount after liens settled to be deemed abandoned property and escheat to state, when, 415.415
Tax sales, surplus property, escheats when, procedure, disposition of, 140.230
Treatment of escheated property deemed unclaimed property, Chap. 447
470.010. Estates escheat, when.
470.020. Disposition of unclaimed moneys--deemed unclaimed property, when--transfer to abandoned fund account--transfer to public schools.
470.030. Proceedings when moneys are not paid to state treasurer as required.
470.060. When lands transfer to state.
470.070. Scire facias to issue.
470.080. To be served, when.
470.090. Who may appear and defend.
470.100. Judgment rendered, when.
470.110. Issues shall be made up and tried, when.
470.120. Judgment for state, when.
470.130. Judgment for defendant, when.
470.140. Writ of possession to issue.
470.150. Copy of record filed with state treasurer.
470.160. Appeals taken.
470.170. Lands claimed within five years, by whom.
470.180. Petition served on whom.
470.200. Court may order sale.
470.210. Proceeds paid into abandoned fund account.
470.220. State treasurer to keep record.
470.270. Money or effects involved in litigation--disposition--unclaimed property, state may bring action to recover, when, exceptions.

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