Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 472
Probate Code--General Provisions


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Administration of decedents' estates, Chap. 473
Deaf persons, auxiliary services and aids, 476.750
Disclaimers of property, Chap. 469
Durable power of attorney, 404.700 to 404.737
Guardian and ward, Chap. 475
Intestate succession and wills, Chap. 474
Nonprobate transfers, 461.001 to 461.081
472.005 Application, when--effect on pending proceedings and rights.
472.010. Definitions.
472.013. Fraud under probate code--remedy--procedure.
472.020. Jurisdiction of probate division of circuit court.
472.025. State may be party to proceedings--service.
472.030. Powers of court--executions, when returnable--service of process.
472.040. Costs.
472.050. Court open, when--sessions--time for acts.
472.060. Disqualification of judge.
472.070. Powers of clerk.
472.075. Clerk and certain personnel of probate division to be appointed by judge (St. Louis City).
472.080. Documents filed with court, form--content.
472.090. Objections to petition, form.
472.100. Notice--court may require--how delivered.
472.110. Proof of service.
472.120. Amendment of proof of service.
472.130. Waiver of notice.
472.135. Waiver of legal requirements, when--limitation on waiver.
472.140. Record kept--adversary probate proceeding defined.
472.141. Proceedings to be conducted in accordance with rules of procedure--order after action commenced.
472.150. Vacation and modification of judgments.
472.160. Appeal--when--grounds for.
472.170. Appeals from orders as to mental condition--procedure--operates as supersedeas, when--appointment of guardian--review.
472.180. Time for appeal.
472.190. Appeals stayed or consolidated, when.
472.210. Appeals, procedure.
472.280. Records of probate division of circuit court--may be kept by means other than bound volumes--reading equipment, index to be provided.
472.290. Rules of evidence to apply--exceptions--specific rules.
472.300. Proceedings involving trusts--estates--minors--disabled or incapacitated persons--supervised settlements, procedure.
472.320. Independent administration of decedents' estates--application of probate code.
472.330. Approval of act or transaction in best interests of estate.
472.335. Power of court to confirm and validate acts--acts included.

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