Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 475
Probate Code--Guardianship


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Chapter Cross Reference
Adversary probate proceeding defined for Chapter 475, 472.140
Bank and trust companies may transfer fiduciary obligations to another bank or trust company, procedure, 362.332
Bank and trust companies serving in fiduciary capacity may transfer fiduciary capacity to affiliate, procedure, objections to transfer, procedure, 362.331
Bank deposits of minors payable to whom, 362.465
Bi-state development agency, bonds of, investment in authorized, 70.377
Conveyance of estate by entireties where spouse is minor or incompetent, 442.035
Disclaimers of property, Chap. 469
Gifts of securities to minors, Chap. 404
Guardian ad litem for minor not a party to action, compensation, 514.335
Insurance proceeds payable directly to minor under certain conditions, 431.066
Nonprobate transfers, 461.001 to 461.081
Persons under 18 may join in conveyance of adult spouse's real estate, 442.040
Powers of next friend or guardian ad litem over proceeds of minor's claim, 507.182 to 507.188
Public administrator to take charge of estate of insane persons, when, powers, 473.743, 473.750
Railroad may acquire land for right-of-way from infant or disabled person, procedure, 388.390
Savings accounts in insured savings and loan associations, investment in authorized, 369.194
Spouse's guardian may join in conveyance of real estate, when, procedure, 451.300
475.010. Definitions.
475.011. Preference for spiritual healing not evidence of incapacity.
475.015. Relationship of guardianship provisions to uniform veterans' guardianship law--powers of Veterans' Administration.
475.016. Persons adjudged incompetent prior to September 28, 1983--review--effect on prior appointed guardians.
475.020. Applicability of provisions of probate code to guardianship.
475.024. Temporary delegation of powers by parent--exceptions.
475.025. Rights of parents as natural guardians of minors.
475.030. Letters of guardianship and conservatorship issued, when.
475.035. Venue.
475.040. Change of venue.
475.045. Who may be appointed guardian of minor.
475.046. Standby guardian permitted, when--appointment procedure--authority effective, when.
475.050. Who may be appointed guardian or conservator of disabled or incapacitated persons.
475.055. Qualifications of guardians or conservators.
475.060. Application for guardianship--petition for guardianship requirements--incapacitated persons, petition requirements.
475.061. Application for conservatorship--may combine with petition for guardian of person.
475.062. Action on petition for appointment of conservator.
475.065. Single guardianship or conservatorship for two or more persons.
475.070. Notice of petition for appointment of guardian or conservator for a minor--service on parents of minor not required, when.
475.075. Hearing on capacity or disability--notice--service--contents of petition, appointment of attorney.
475.077. Judgment of incapacity or disability set aside, when.
475.078. Effect of adjudication.
475.079. Order appointing guardian or conservator.
475.080. Appointment of limited guardian or conservator.
475.081. Persons having disappeared, absent from country, or forcibly detained, to be partially disabled, limited conservator appointed--procedure--termination, when.
475.082. Review of status of persons under guardianship or conservatorship--required report, content.
475.083. Termination of guardianship or conservatorship, when.
475.085. Cost of proceedings as to disability or incapacity.
475.091. Court's powers, estates or affairs of minors or disabled persons.
475.092. Protective arrangements and single transactions, court's powers--limitation of trustee's liability.
475.093. Court may authorize participation in family trust.
475.094. Gifts for federal estate tax purposes authorized.
475.095. Conservator of the estate of nonresident minors and disabled persons.
475.097. Conservator or guardian ad litem--conflicts of interest, removal.
475.100. Bond of conservator of estate of minor or disabled person.
475.105. Letters of guardianship or conservatorship--form.
475.110. Removal of guardian or conservator--incapacitated or disabled person, continuation of guardianship after dissolution of marriage, when.
475.115. Appointment of successor guardian or conservator--transfer of case, procedure.
475.120. General powers and duties of guardian of the person--social service agency acting on behalf of ward, requirements.
475.121. Admission to mental health or developmental disability facilities.
475.123. Medical and surgical procedures--consent--emergency.
475.125. Support and education of protectee and dependents.
475.130. General duties and powers of conservator of estate.
475.132. Individual liability of conservator.
475.134. Protection of persons dealing with conservator.
475.140. Notice of conservatorship of disabled persons.
475.145. Inventory and appraisement.
475.150. Appraisement not required, when.
475.155. Continuation of business.
475.160. Assets of protectee, action to obtain, procedure.
475.190. Investment of liquid assets of estate of protectee--reports.
475.200. Purposes for which property may be sold--petition, examination, order.
475.205. Claims against estate--procedure.
475.210. Filing of notice of pendency of action in other court against conservator, effect--disabled persons, application of law.
475.211. Claims against minors or protectees, classification.
475.213. Payment of claims according to priority.
475.230. Sales of real estate, how made.
475.235. Order of sale, contents.
475.240. Report and approval of sale.
475.245. Deeds by conservator or successor, acknowledgment, evidentiary effect--sheriff of county to sign deed, when.
475.250. Effect of conveyance.
475.255. Receipts and acknowledgments of conservators, effect.
475.260. Actions against protectee, process, enforcement of judgments.
475.265. Compensation of guardians and conservators.
475.270. Annual settlements required, when, exception.
475.275. Verification of securities held by conservator--pooled accounts, defined, restrictions on--audit of pooled accounts, when.
475.276. Order waiving settlement, when.
475.280. Settlement and report dockets--notice to conservators and guardians.
475.290. Final settlement required, when--notice.
475.295. Death of conservator, personal representative to make settlement--waived when.
475.300. Order for payment to protectee of amount due.
475.305. Enforcement of order of payment.
475.310. Estate delivered by resident conservator to foreign guardian or conservator, when.
475.315. Receipt by protectee, successor or others, discharge.
475.320. Death of protectee, distribution of estate--administration, when.
475.322. Use of multiple-party accounts and joint property.
475.325. Escheat of minor's estate, when.
475.330. Conservatorship dispensed with, when.
475.335. Payment and delivery to foreign guardian or conservator.
475.336. Effect of filing letters of foreign guardian or curator.
475.337. Jurisdiction by act of foreign guardian or conservator.
475.338. Service on foreign guardian or conservator.
475.339. Nonresident domiciliary guardian or conservator.
475.340. Mortgage or sale of real estate of ward by nonresident conservator.
475.345. Transactions of protectees voidable, when.
475.350. Incapacitated public officer, proceedings.
475.355. Temporary emergency detention.
475.370. Exhaustion of estate.
475.380. Definitions.
475.385. Administrator as party in interest.
475.390. When guardian appointed.
475.395. Number of wards limited.
475.400. Petition for appointment of guardian.
475.405. Proof of necessity for appointment--minority.
475.410. Proof of necessity for appointment--incompetency.
475.415. Notice of petition for appointment.
475.420. Qualifications and bond of guardian.
475.425. Filing of accounts--notice of hearing.
475.430. Removal for failure to file accounts.
475.435. Compensation of guardian.
475.440. Investment of funds.
475.445. Application of funds.
475.450. Purchase of home for ward.
475.455. Discharge of guardian and release of sureties.
475.460. Commitment to Veterans Administration or other United States agency.
475.465. Construction and application.
475.470. Short title.
475.475. Other laws as applicable.
475.480. Application of provisions relating to surety bonds and administration of estates of wards.
475.501. Short title.
475.502. Definitions.
475.503. International application of act.
475.504. Communication between courts.
475.505. Cooperation between courts.
475.506. Taking testimony in another state.
475.521. Definitions--significant connection factors.
475.522. Exclusive basis.
475.523. Jurisdiction.
475.524. Special jurisdiction.
475.525. Exclusive and continuing jurisdiction.
475.526. Appropriate forum.
475.527. Jurisdiction declined by reason of conduct.
475.528. Notice of proceeding.
475.529. Proceedings in more than one state.
475.531. Transfer of guardianship or conservatorship to another state.
475.532. Accepting guardianship or conservatorship transferred from another state.
475.541. Registration of guardianship orders.
475.542. Registration of protective orders.
475.543. Effect of registration.
475.544. State law applicability.
475.551. Uniformity of application and construction.
475.552. Relation to Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act.
475.555. Effective date.

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