Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 476
Courts--General Provisions


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Acknowledgments, may take, 442.150, 442.155
Bonds required for arrest warrants, probation, civil cash bonds, deemed unclaimed property, when, 447.595
Certification required for official court reporters, 485.077
Circuit clerk to have authority to appoint special process server valid only for specific case, procedure, fee may be taxed as costs, 506.140
County municipal courts, counties of the first classification, 66.010
Crime victims' compensation, 595.045
Dual jurisdiction of court in disposition of offender transferred from juvenile court, 211.073
Family courts, Chap. 487
Grievance review committee of circuit courts, 211.351
"In vacation" in statute, how construed, 1.020
Judicial commissions under Const. Art. V § 25 (nonpartisan court plan)
Juvenile information governance commission, members, duties, meetings, annual report, 210.870
Rebinding or reindexing court records, 109.090
Regulation of conflicts of interest, financial disclosure, and lobbying, 105.450 to 105.496
Rules of court, power to make, Const. Art. V §§ 5, 15
Rules of procedure, supreme court may prescribe, Const. Art. V, § 5
Service of process by special process server valid for only one specific case, procedure, duty of circuit clerk, fee may be taxed as costs, 506.140
Temporary transfer of judicial personnel, Const. Art. V § 6
Venue, actions, where should be filed, 508.010
476.001. Purpose of law.
476.010. Courts of record.
476.015. Short title.
476.020. Courts to keep a seal.
476.030. Private seal used, when.
476.050. Records to be kept in English language.
476.053. (Transferred 2000; now 488.027)
476.055. Statewide court automation fund created, administration, committee, members--powers, duties, limitation--unauthorized release of information, penalty--report--expiration date.
476.056. Municipal court automation, duties of municipality.
476.057. Judicial personnel training fund, judicial personnel defined.
476.058. Court personnel defined--state court administration revolving fund created.
476.060. Interpreters appointed, when.
476.062. Court marshals' arrest powers--may carry firearms, when.
476.070. Power of courts to issue writs.
476.080. Court or clerk may appoint person to execute process, when.
476.083. Circuit court marshal may be appointed in certain circuits, powers and duties, salary, qualifications.
476.090. Courts may enforce return of process.
476.100. No process abated by failure of court to sit.
476.110. Acts constituting contempt of court.
476.120. Punishment for contempt.
476.130. May be punished summarily, when.
476.140. Commitment for contempt to set forth particulars.
476.150. Contempt not to be used to enforce civil rights.
476.160. Parties may be indicted, when.
476.170. Sittings to be public.
476.180. Judge interested, not to sit.
476.220. Judge may call special term for disposition of cause pending.
476.240. May try civil cases at such special terms.
476.250. No court to sit on Sunday.
476.260. Court to audit accounts.
476.265. Judicial department, budget, procedure for formulation.
476.270. Expenditures of court to be paid out of county treasury--exceptions.
476.280. Oath of judges.
476.290. Judges not to practice law--exception, municipal judges.
476.310. No judge or clerk to have partner--exception.
476.320. Judicial conference of the state of Missouri established, members.
476.330. Conference shall meet, when.
476.340. Executive council shall be governing body, how formed--members.
476.350. Duties of judicial conference, executive council and circuit judges.
476.360. Clerks of various courts shall make reports to executive council.
476.370. Conference or council empowered to hold hearings.
476.380. Expense allowance for conference attendance.
476.385. Schedule of fines committee, appointment, duties, powers--associate circuit judges may adopt schedule--central violations bureau established--powers, duties.
476.405. Judicial department, annual salary adjustment, when, restrictions on, how appropriated--compensation schedule to be maintained, where, how--duty of revisor of statutes.
476.406. Employees of twenty-second judicial circuit may work forty-hour week.
476.410. Transfer of case filed in wrong jurisdiction.
476.412. Reports, statistical information on caseload, filed with supreme court, when--contents.
Cross Reference

Purchase or transfer of prior creditable service authorized for certain persons covered by retirement plan authorized in chapter 476, 104.335 ***

476.450. Judges may become special commissioners, when--salary or retirement compensation.
476.451. Definitions.
476.452. Beneficiaries of special commissioners, benefits, how paid.
476.453. Judges of six years' service prior to law, eligible.
476.455. All judges under nonpartisan plan eligible for retirement.
476.456. Probate or magistrate judges may become special commissioners, when--salary or retirement compensation--credit for service as justice of peace.
476.458. Probate and magistrate judges shall retire, age, exception--may petition to serve beyond retirement age, when petition to be granted--elected judges to complete term.
476.460. Special commissioner subject to temporary duty.
476.470. Judge not eligible for retirement, when.
476.480. Judges convicted, impeached or removed from office ineligible--intentional killing of judge bars survivor benefits, when.
476.490. Expenses of special commissioner.
476.500. Acceptance by judge--procedure.
476.510. Practice of law permitted, when, requirements, exceptions.
476.515. Definitions--reinstatement of benefits for surviving spouse terminated by remarriage, when, procedure.
476.517. One-time retirement plan election for certain judges.
476.520. Eligibility requirements.
476.521. New judges, benefits, eligibility requirements--contribution amount--employment after retirement, effect of.
476.524. Judge who served in Armed Forces may elect to purchase creditable prior service, limitation--amount of contribution--payment period--treatment of payments.
476.529. New judges, election for reduced annuity, options.
476.530. Retirement compensation, how computed.
476.535. Survivor's benefits, how paid.
476.537. Judge leaving no surviving spouse or surviving spouse dies--dependents to receive benefits.
476.539. Surviving spouse of judge may become a special consultant, when, duties--compensation to be judgment and claim exempt, also unassignable.
476.540. Refund of contributions, when--reentry into system, how.
476.545. Early retirement, reduced benefit, how computed.
476.550. Not eligible for benefits while retired under other plan.
476.555. Lump sum payments, when.
476.560. Disqualification by improper behavior.
476.565. Retiree may practice law, when, requirements, exceptions.
476.575. Definitions.
476.580. Retirement benefits, who administers, how paid.
476.585. No payroll deductions, when--accumulated contributions refunded, when, to whom.
476.590. Life insurance benefits to be provided judges, retired judges and dependents.
476.595. Election to become a special commissioner, when, how--compensation--refund of certain contributions, how.
476.601. Special consultants, duties, compensation.
476.675. Commissioner of juvenile division of circuit court may elect to transfer membership service to creditable service as a judge, procedure.
476.680. Votes, how counted and canvassed--governor to proclaim results (Clay County).
476.681. Retired senior judges or commissioners, application, qualifications, appointment, term.
476.682. Retired judge serving as senior judge or commissioner, compensation--expenses, how paid--computation of service as retirement credit, adjustment, exception--annual report, content.
476.683. Judge failing to retire on seventieth birthday, a waiver of salary and retirement benefits.
476.684. Judges with certain service may tack prior service credit in MOSERS to judicial system by purchase, limitation.
476.686. Magistrate judges not now serving in St. Louis City may become special consultant, when--compensation to be creditable service in judicial retirement system.
476.687. Previous state employment, additional credited service.
476.688. Compensation to be treated as other benefits.
476.690. Eligible judge electing not to retire shall receive in addition to retirement compensation all annual cost-of-living increases given to retired judges--appointment as special consultant.
476.750. Definitions.
476.753. Interpretation of proceedings, when--admissibility of evidence--indigent persons.
476.756. Determination of qualification of interpreter.
476.760. Privileged communications--commencement of proceedings, requirement--waiver of right, requirement--fees--payment.
476.763. Commission for the deaf and hard of hearing, list of qualified interpreters--compliance directives.
476.766. Americans with disabilities act, requirements not to exceed.
476.777. Missouri CASA fund established, disbursements--lapse of fund into general revenue prohibited.
476.800. Definitions.
476.803. Appointment of interpreters and translators, when--waiver, when--oath required.
476.806. Fee for service, amount, paid by whom.
476.1000. Mandatory electronic filing jurisdictions, notice of entry of appearance to be accepted, when--expiration date.

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