Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 477
Supreme Court and Court of Appeals


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Appeals by state, rules, duties, 547.200
Chief justice and presiding judges, Const. Art. V § 8
Civil code not applicable to criminal cases, supreme court to make rules, when, 506.020
Clerks of appellate courts to be appointed, Const. Art. V §§ 4, 22
Court of appeals, number of judges, jurisdiction, sessions, Const. Art. V § 13
Deaf persons, auxiliary services and aids, 476.750 to 476.766
Decisions of supreme court to be controlling in other courts, sessions, Const. Art. V § 2
Divisions of supreme and appellate courts, Const. Art. V § 7
Failure to retire at seventy, judge to waive all retirement benefits and salary, 476.683
Family courts, Chap. 487
Printing for courts, typography, how determined, 34.180
Regulation of conflicts of interest, financial disclosure, and lobbying, 105.450 to 105.496
Retired senior judges, compensation, expenses, credit on retirement credits, exception, 476.682
Retirement of judges, Const. Art. V § 26
Selection of judges (nonpartisan court plan), Const. Art. V § 25
Shipwrecks meeting national register of historic places criteria, salvage or excavation, requirements, permit, fee, penalty, 253.420
Superintending control over inferior courts, Const. Art. V § 4
Supreme court, jurisdiction, Const. Art. V § 3
Supreme court rules amended by legislation regarding juvenile courts, See SUPREME COURT RULES, LEGISLATIVE AMENDMENTS, preceding Missouri Constitution
Temporary assignment of judges, Const. Art. V § 6
Terms of judges, Const. Art. V § 19
Transfer of causes from division to court en banc, Const. Art. V § 9
477.004. Supreme court may answer questions of law certified to it by certain courts, procedure--fees and costs.
477.005. Supreme court and court of appeals, employees authorized.
477.010. Supreme court to promulgate general rules for all courts of the state.
477.011. Supreme court employees to serve judicial council.
477.012. Rule on jury instruction on child under age ten as a witness in criminal trial, duty of court.
477.020. Majority decision--special judge appointed, when and by whom.
477.030. Opinion in writing--where filed--how endorsed.
477.040. Court of appeals consists of three districts.
477.050. Territorial jurisdiction of the eastern district court of appeals.
477.060. Territorial jurisdiction of the southern district court of appeals.
477.070. Territorial jurisdiction of the western district court of appeals.
477.080. Appeal to wrong court--transfer of cause.
477.087. Official station of judges--office space to be provided--travel to and from official station to be a paid expense.
477.120. Expenditures, how paid.
477.130. Compensation of supreme court and appellate judges--practice of law prohibited--practice before supreme court prohibited, when.
477.140. Office and library furnishings--expenditures, how paid.
477.150. Expenditure for books, how paid.
477.160. Judges, eastern district court of appeals, number.
477.170. Judges, western district court of appeals, number.
477.180. Judges, southern district court of appeals, number.
477.220. Sessions of southern district of court of appeals--when and where held.
477.231. Designation of private publication as official reports.
477.235. Publications revolving fund established, funding, exemption--sale of publications to public.
477.241. Old official reports, custody, sale, reprinting, disposition.
477.285. Copies of reports disposed of, when.
477.390. Supreme court to replace reports lost by fire.
477.400. Reports to belong to offices.
477.405. Judicial personnel, court to furnish guidelines for general assembly.
477.600. Judicial finance commission members, terms, vacancies, compensation--powers, duties, staff.
477.650. Basic civil legal services fund created, moneys to be used to increase funding for legal services to eligible low-income persons--allocation of moneys--record-keeping requirements--report to general assembly--expiration date.

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