Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 482
Small Claims Courts


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Chapter Cross Reference
Family courts, Chap. 487
482.300. Judges to maintain separate docket for small claims--court to be known as small claims court--assignment of cases.
482.305. Jurisdiction of small claims court.
482.310. Procedure in small claims court.
482.315. Procedure if amount of claim exceeds jurisdictional amount--amendment of claim in transferred action not to exceed jurisdictional amount of court to which transferred.
482.320. Counterclaims, filing, different transaction, same transaction, arising at hearing, duty of judge.
482.325. Counterclaims exceeding jurisdictional limit, procedure--consent of all parties required--transfer of counterclaim, when--dismissal, when.
482.330. Restrictions on filing of claims--statement required of plaintiff--counterclaim not prohibited--suit may be brought, where.
482.335. Duties of clerk of small claims courts--notices to be posted--plaintiff to advise clerk of time hearing preferred--clerk not practicing law.
482.340. Form of petition and summons--instructions for defendant--waiver of trial by jury--availability of forms.
482.345. Court costs--procedure for assessment of costs, award of fees and disbursement of fees.
482.350. Personal service not required--exceptions--procedure for service--proof of service, what constitutes--record of service.
482.355. Appearance for trial--continuance, when granted--failure of defendant to appear, consequences--procedure--dismissal of action, when.
482.360. Barring person from small claims court, grounds, length of bar.
482.365. Small claim judgment not lien on real estate--trial de novo, how perfected--duty of clerk--recognizance required, when--procedure.

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