Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 483
Clerks of Courts of Record and Court Records


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Acknowledgments, clerk may take, 442.150, 442.155
Appeals in felony cases, clerk to notify attorney general and warden of penitentiary, 547.260
Chariton County, duties of circuit clerk, Laws 1893 p. 137 §§ 4, 5, 15
Circuit clerk St. Louis City, budget estimate procedure, 478.428
Circuit clerk to have authority to appoint special process server valid only for specific case, procedure, fee may be taxed as costs, 506.140
Circuit clerks budget estimate procedure, 50.642
Costs incurred unnecessarily in subpoenaing witnesses in criminal case taxed against clerk, 550.110
Crime victims' compensation, judgment, duties, 595.045
Game laws, fines and prosecutions for violations, clerk to report, 252.140
Juvenile court clerk, circuit clerk to act as, 211.311, 211.321
Labor and material liens against railroads, circuit clerk to make abstract of, 429.470
Lafayette County, duties of circuit clerk, Laws 1893 p. 141 § 43
Linn County, duties of county clerk, Laws 1887 p. 141 §§ 4, 5, 15
Mechanics' liens, circuit clerk to make abstract of, 429.090
Process, clerk may appoint person to execute, when, 476.080
Randolph County, duties of circuit clerk, Laws 1885 p. 116 §§ 4, 5, 15
Recorder ex officio, circuit clerk to act, when, bond, 59.090, 59.100
Retirement benefits, 104.345
Senate investigator to have access without charge to criminal records, 43.541
Service of process by special process server valid for only one specific case, procedure, duty of circuit clerk, fee may be taxed as costs, 506.140
Session laws to be furnished and distributed by clerks, 2.050
483.010. Qualifications of a clerk.
483.015. Election--term of office--commission exceptions, Jackson County court administrator to be clerk, St. Louis County circuit clerk, how selected--circuit clerk of sixth, seventh, and twenty-second judicial circuits, how selected.
483.020. Vacancy, how filled.
483.050. If surety of clerk is insufficient, new bond required.
483.055. Office supplies--duties relating to.
483.060. Allowances, how paid.
483.065. Office and records, where kept.
483.070. May remove records, when.
483.075. Duties of clerk--when county clerk replaces circuit clerk.
483.080. Deputies, their duties.
483.082. Court records, how kept.
483.083. Circuit clerks, compensation.
483.086. Clerk to serve as secretary to court en banc (St. Louis City).
483.088. Circuit clerks to report to state auditor annually all fees collected.
483.130. Courts to direct filing of papers.
483.135. Clerk to bunch, label, and index papers.
483.140. Judge to superintend keeping of records.
483.140. Judge to superintend keeping of records.
483.145. Court to reconstruct records, when.
483.150. Clerks to keep account of fines.
483.160. Clerks of courts to deliver reports to successors.
483.163. Circuit clerk to cooperate in nonsupport investigations; additional compensation, exception.
483.165. Nonfeasance or misfeasance, misdemeanor.
483.170. Duty of court when clerk is charged with misdemeanor in office--notice--temporary clerk during suspension.
483.175. Duty of attorney general or prosecuting attorney--notice.
483.180. Notice and copy of charges to be delivered--witnesses summoned.
483.190. Trial by the court or a jury.
483.195. Clerk found guilty, removed and fined.
483.200. If clerk acquitted, reinstatement--costs.
483.205. Additional proceedings by indictment.
483.210. Clerk's successor to receive all records of office.
483.225. Office, where kept.
483.235. Liable on bond for acts of his deputies.
483.240. Circuit clerks, duties and responsibilities--exceptions.
483.241. Other clerks, duties.
483.245. Deputy circuit clerks, appointment, removal, assignment of duties--compensation, how determined and paid.
483.246. Municipal clerks, selection, tenure, compensation--limitation on compensation.
483.260. Clerk to employ attorney (St. Louis City).
483.270. Certain abstract of judgments to be continued (St. Louis City).
483.310. Investment of funds in registry--income, how used--clerk defined--collection of moneys, procedure.
483.312. Security required for deposit of funds in circuit court registry.
483.355. Circuit clerk of Lewis County--duties.
483.360. Clerk to file judgments at Lewis County seat.
483.390. Papers may be recorded in office of clerk of circuit court--fee charged.
483.420. Circuit clerk, office (Cape Girardeau County).
483.445. District No. 2 clerk, qualifications--election (Marion County).
483.450. Residence and office hours of clerk.
483.480. Probate clerk, oath--itemized fee bill.
483.500. Fees of the clerks of the supreme court and court of appeals--collection.
483.505. Account of fees--supreme court.
483.510. Account of fees--court of appeals.
483.530. Fees, clerk's duties.
483.535. Fees for naturalization.
483.537. Passports, accounting for fees charged, use of moneys collected.
483.550. Clerks to charge, collect court costs, when.
483.580. Fees, probate proceedings, guardianships.
483.591. (Transferred 2000; now 488.2275)
483.617. Fees not to be charged against counties or St. Louis City, when.
483.630. Records transferred to circuit clerk--certificate of clerk effective, how (St. Louis City).
483.640. Records transferred to clerk (Marion County).
483.650. Records transferred to clerk (Cape Girardeau County).
483.660. Records of probate courts transferred.
483.670. Records of magistrate courts transferred.
483.680. Records of municipal courts transferred, when, how.

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