Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 484
Attorneys at Law


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Attorney having prosecuted not to accept fee for signing application for pardon, 56.350
Court may assign counsel to poor person to serve without fee, 514.040
Crime victims' compensation, actions, fee, 595.025
Fees for attorneys, on credit agreement enforcement, limitations, 408.092
Fees to be paid by department of social services for appeal cases for federal supplemental income benefits, when, 208.216
Frivolous actions, defenses and motions, costs not liability of attorney, when, 514.205
Judges not to practice law, Const. Art. V § 20
Legal malpractice insurance, assessment plan authorized, 383.010
Malpractice actions, health care providers fees, 538.220
Military service, exemption from provisions of law, 41.950
Public defender system, powers, duties, Chap. 600
484.010 Practice of the law and law business defined.
484.020. Who shall engage in the practice of law or do law business--penalty.
484.025. Residential loans, imposition of fee to complete documentation not deemed engaging in the unauthorized practice of law.
484.040. Power to admit to practice vested in supreme court.
484.053. Supreme court to furnish director with list of persons currently licensed to practice law in Missouri--tax delinquency, effect of.
484.130. Compensation of attorney governed by agreement--lien upon client's cause of action.
484.140. Attorney may contract for percentage of proceeds of claim--notice of lien to be given to defendant.
484.150. Division of fees forbidden, when--penalty.
484.160. Judgment for costs and damages rendered against attorney, when.
484.170. Partners of prosecuting attorneys not to defend.
484.190. Powers to suspend or remove.
484.200. Charges, where exhibited.
484.210. Day for hearing--citation, where served.
484.220. Citation and charges, how served.
484.230. Proceedings on failure to appear.
484.240. Removal or suspension without trial.
484.250. Trial by court or commissioner.
484.260. Defendant may except to ruling and appeal from judgment.
484.270. Judgment operates as removal or suspension--reinstatement, how secured.
484.350. Standards for representation to be updated and adopted statewide, when.

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