Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 487
Family Courts


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Dual jurisdiction of court in disposition of offender transferred from juvenile court, 211.073
Grievance review committee of circuit courts, 211.351
Supreme court rules amended by legislation in regard to juvenile courts, See SUPREME COURT RULES, LEGISLATIVE AMENDMENTS, preceding Missouri Constitution
487.010. Designation of family courts--designation of division--administrative judge--split venue, assignments--removal of judge.
487.010. Family courts established, certain circuits--designation of family courts, certain circuits--designation of division--administrative judge--split venue, assignments--removal of judge.
487.020. Appointment of commissioners, juvenile commissioners, automatic appointment, terms--family court commissioner, compensation, certain circuits--qualifications, compensation, retirement.
487.030. Findings by commissioner become judgment of court, when, notice of findings--motion for hearing by judge, time limit, computation of time.
487.040. Cases may be heard by commissioner--hearings, where conducted--split venue, assignment of commissioners.
487.050. Judges and commissioners, qualifications--reviewability--removal, grounds--terms.
487.060. Family court administrator--duties--compensation.
487.070. Proceedings--confidentiality.
487.080. Jurisdiction.
487.090. Transfer of certain actions.
487.100. Mediation, counseling, home study may be recommended--costs.
487.110. Uniform child custody jurisdiction act, application.
487.120. Immediate need to hear case outside jurisdiction, assignment of judge, conditions.
487.130. Immediate need to hear case within jurisdiction, assignment of judge, conditions.
487.140. Cooperative agreements with department of social services.
487.150. Family court coordinating committee, duties--members.
487.160. Laws relating to juvenile courts, include family court, when.
487.170. (Transferred 2000; now 488.2300)
487.180. Transfer of equipment and property from juvenile court division to family court.
487.190. Continuation of payment of salaries and benefits.

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