Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 488
Court Costs


Rsmo Number Section Description
488.005. Clerk not to collect surcharge, when.
488.006. Infraction charges imposed same as misdemeanor charges.
488.010. Definitions.
488.012. Clerk to collect--supreme court to set amount--amount prior to adjustment.
488.014. Overpayment of court costs, no duty to refund, when.
488.015. Court not to increase charges, may be adjusted annually--additional fee, when--review.
488.018. Disbursement of court costs.
488.020. Collection of court costs, when, how.
488.024. Assessment of surcharge, exceptions--remittance to sheriffs' retirement fund.
488.026. Surcharge for all criminal cases, amount--county ordinance defined--collection and deposit of funds.
488.027. Statewide court automation fund fee, amount, disposition.
488.029. Surcharge for crime lab analysis of controlled substances, deposit of moneys in state forensic laboratory account.
488.031. Additional fees for civil and criminal actions and proceedings, collection of.
488.032. Fees of witnesses--examination on oath.
488.035. Witness in criminal proceedings, mileage allowance and per diem.
488.040. Compensation of jurors, mileage--additional compensation and mileage allowance may be authorized, when.
488.045. Costs for impaneling jury to be paid, when.
488.064. Handling fee for child support payments, paid to clerk, when (Marion County).
488.200. Centralized bureau funds.
488.305. Court costs--circuit clerk, duties--surcharge for garnishment cases (statutory liens).
488.426. Deposit required in civil actions--exemptions--surcharge to remain in effect--additional fee for adoption and small claims court (Franklin County)--expiration date.
488.429. Fund paid to treasurer may be designated by circuit judge--use of fund for law library, and courtroom renovation and technology enhancement in certain counties.
488.432. Party filing suit may recover deposit.
488.435. Sheriff to receive charges for civil cases.
488.445. Funding shelters--fees for marriage licenses--surcharge for filing of civil case, how established, amount--reports.
488.447. Court restoration fund--special surcharge in civil cases to be deposited in fund--exempt cases--expires when.
488.470. Lawful fences, gates, liability to erect or maintain, when--recovery of costs, attorney fees.
488.472. Liability for damages, telecommunications company--recovery of attorney fees, when.
488.473. Condemnation of property by utility, payment of costs--compensation of commissioners for services, taxed as costs.
488.474. Utility right of access, wrongful action--recovery of costs.
488.605. Circuit clerk, duties--(child support).
488.607. Additional surcharges authorized for municipal and associate circuit courts for cities and towns having shelters for victims of domestic violence, amount, exceptions.
488.610. Victim of domestic assault, stalking, or domestic violence not to pay costs.
488.627. Dispositional hearing for juvenile, witness fee and mileage allowance.
488.633. Friend of court in child support matters, compensation (City of St. Louis and St. Louis County).
488.635. Surcharge collected, deposit into domestic relations resolution fund.
488.636. Two-dollar surcharge to be collected on domestic relations cases--deposit into Missouri CASA fund.
488.650. Expungement cases under section 610.140, surcharge, amount, waiver.
488.650. Expungement cases under section 610.140, surcharge, amount.
488.1005. Fee to accompany request for notice of final or partial distribution.
488.1010. Fee required for will deposit.
488.2206. Circuit No. 37, additional surcharge for a county or municipal judicial facility.
488.2210. Additional court cost imposed, municipal ordinance violations--waiver, when--collection (St. Louis City).
488.2215. Additional $5 court cost imposed, municipal ordinance violations--waiver, when--collection (St. Louis City).
488.2220. Violation of ordinances, municipal court cases, additional court costs, certain cities (Kansas City and Springfield).
488.2230. Municipal ordinance violations, additional court costs (Kansas City).
488.2235. Kansas City, additional surcharge for municipal courthouses.
488.2245. City of Florissant, additional surcharge for a municipal courthouse.
488.2250. Fees for appeal transcript of testimony--judge may order transcript, when.
488.2253. Fees, amount, payment.
488.2275. Additional surcharge authorized for criminal cases (Greene, Cass, and Jefferson counties), violations of county and city ordinances, exceptions--use of revenue.
488.2300. Family services and justice fund established, where--purpose--surcharge, collection, payment--fundings for enhanced services, conditions--reimbursement for costs of salaries.
488.4014. Court costs in certain civil and criminal cases, exceptions--collection and deposit procedure--distribution--county entitled to judgment, when.
488.5017. Surcharge in criminal and infraction cases, exceptions.
488.5025. Judgments paid on time-payment basis, additional assessment for.
488.5026. Two dollar surcharge for all criminal cases, funds to be deposited in inmate prisoner detainee security fund--use of moneys.
488.5028. Court cost delinquencies, income tax setoff may be requested, procedure.
488.5029. Delinquent debt, notice to department of conservation, when--hunting and fishing license suspended, procedure.
488.5030. Contracting for collection of delinquent court-ordered payments authorized--fees added to amount due.
488.5050. Surcharges on all criminal cases, amount--deposit in general revenue fund or DNA profiling analysis fund, when--expiration date.
488.5320. Charges in criminal cases, sheriffs and other officers--MODEX fund created.
488.5332. Surcharge in criminal cases, when, exceptions--payment to independent living center fund.
488.5334. Reimbursement of costs of arrest, when--limitations.
488.5336. Court costs may be increased, amount, how, exceptions, deposit--additional assessment--use of funds--amount of reimbursement.
488.5339. Surcharge for crime victims' compensation fund, exceptions--surcharge in juvenile court proceedings where child allegedly violates state law or municipal ordinance--disbursement.
488.5342. Appointment of substitute prosecutor, when--fees.
488.5345. Cost of necessary clothing for prisoner, how paid.
488.5356. Change of venue, costs allowed when.
488.5358. Drug court operations, surcharge for, exceptions (Jackson County).
488.5375. Additional cost, certain felony sexual offenses with electronic devices seized.
488.6697. Recording of order of consolidation--fee.

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