Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 490


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Abstract of title--admissible as evidence, when, 446.190 to 446.220
Administrative procedure, rules governing evidence, Chap. 536
Banking records admissible in evidence by affidavit, when, filing form, 362.413
Battered spouse syndrome defense in criminal case, 563.033
Bill of exceptions, how evidence therein may be used, 492.410
Computer printouts to be complete evidence in prosecution for sections 569.094 to 569.099
Criminal investigations, prosecutors and circuit attorneys authority to subpoena witnesses and records, procedure, 56.085
Deaf persons, auxiliary services and aids, 476.750 to 476.766
Deeds of trust--recitals therein prima facie evidence, 443.380
Finance, division of, copies of records, admissible, 361.030
Homicide, evidence heard at preliminary examination to be written, 544.370
Hospital records as evidence, workers' compensation proceedings, 287.140
Husband and wife as witnesses in criminal cases, testifying for or against spouse, when, 546.260
Inspection, copying or photographing of records permitted under order of court, 510.030
Insurance, department of, copies of records admissible, 374.050
Inventories and appraisements in estates, when evidence, 473.253
Land title, decree establishing, where records lost or destroyed, admissible in evidence, 527.230
Legal notice, publication, how proved, 493.060
Minors, purchase or possession intoxicating liquor, container describing content presumption is liquor, violator's burden to prove not, 311.325
Municipal ordinances codification to be evidence in all courts, 71.943
New Madrid patents--prima facie evidence only, may be rebutted, 446.250, 446.260
Papers in office of township clerk to be admissible, 65.440
Personal records of crippled children's service privileged, 201.120
Photographic copies of records, evidence, 109.130
Plats, surveys and depositions to establish corners, when admissible, 446.040, 446.060, 446.150
Presumption of undue influence in bequests, devises, transfers of property to an in-home health care giver, when, 197.480
Public service commission copies of records, admissible, 386.290
Registered bonds, when admissible, 108.240
Residence of witness--certified by officer taking depositions-- prima facie evidence, 492.320
Right to financial privacy act, 408.675 to 408.700
Savings banks certificates of incorporation accepted as evidence in all courts, 369.689
Surveys, when considered evidence, 60.150
Uniform electronic transactions act, 432.200 to 432.295
Victim's crime compensation, paying witness, not admissible as evidence, 595.075
Vital statistics records, prima facie evidence, 193.255
Wills and copies thereof, when evidence, 473.080, 474.370, 474.380
Wills, oath of subscribing witness, admissible, when, 473.063
Witnesses, husband and wife in criminal cases, testifying permitted, when, 546.260
Workers' compensation, division of, copies of records and proceedings admissible, 287.590
490.010 Printed statute books, evidence.
490.020. Printed statutes of other states to be received in evidence.
490.030. Certified statute book of other states, evidence, when.
490.040. Books containing acts of Congress.
490.050. Printed federal acts received in evidence, when.
490.060. Printed reports of other states, evidence.
490.065. Expert witness, opinion testimony admissible--hypothetical question not required, when.
490.070. Short title.
490.080. Judicial notice to be taken.
490.090. Court may inform itself of laws.
490.100. Determination of laws.
490.110. Presentation of laws to trial court.
490.120. What law to be issue for the court.
490.130. Certified records of courts to be evidence.
490.140. Justice court records, evidence, when.
490.150. Public documents edited by authority of Congress.
490.160. Printed journals of senate and house of this state.
490.170. Printing authority to be stated.
490.180. Certified copies of certain official records.
490.190. Certified copies in offices of auditor and treasurer.
490.200. Copies from United States land offices.
490.210. Copies of letters received by register of land office.
490.220. Office records of the United States or sister state.
490.230. Exemplification by President and others.
490.235. Printed copies of utility tariffs, evidence, when.
490.240. Records of cities and towns.
490.250. Records of corporations and financial institutions.
490.260. Records of religious societies.
490.270. Certified copies of religious records.
490.280. Instruments under repealed law.
490.290. Deed acknowledged under former law.
490.300. Deed, evidence upon proof of certain facts.
490.310. Original deed lost--certified copy of deed, evidence when.
490.320. Copy of deed, when evidence.
490.330. Evidence offered to reject such copy.
490.340. Certain recorded instruments to impart notice, when.
490.350. Copies of recorded instruments.
490.360. Evidence of execution of real estate instrument.
490.370. Recitals in deeds, evidence of heirship in certain cases.
490.380. Deeds recorded thirty years before 1874.
490.390. Copies evidence when original lost.
490.400. Sheriff's deed in tax sale, evidence of what.
490.410. Acknowledged instruments affecting realty.
490.420. Certified copy thereof read in evidence.
490.430. Shall not be conclusive evidence, when.
490.440. Shall not be received in evidence until.
490.450. Error in name.
490.460. Copies of public contracts.
490.470. Copies of official bonds.
490.480. Copies of bonds of administrators and others.
490.490. When original shall be produced.
490.500. Record copy of lost instrument.
490.510. Proof of endorsement of notes.
490.520. Proof of partnership.
490.525. Affidavit stating amount charged was reasonable and necessary, effect--restrictions--service--counteraffidavit, requirements--notice.
490.530. Affidavit taken in another state before notary public or associate circuit judge.
490.540. Affidavit taken in another state before clerk or judge.
490.550. Affidavit to be filed in court before trial.
490.560. Notary's certificate of protest.
490.570. Letters of attorney, how acknowledged and proved--read in evidence, when.
490.580. Marriage records, evidence when.
490.590. Marriage contracts.
490.600. Certified copy, evidence when.
490.620. Person, when presumed to be dead.
490.630. Evidence, when translated into English, may be read.
490.640. Comparison of disputed with genuine writings.
490.650. Account book, when produced.
490.660. Short title.
490.670. Business defined.
490.680. Records, competent evidence, when.
490.690. Interpretation and construction.
490.692. Business records or copies admissible as evidence on affidavit of custodian, when--filing procedure--notice and copies of records to be served on all parties, when--form of affidavit.
490.700. Courts to take judicial notice of population.
490.710. Advance payment predicated on possible tort liability not admissible in evidence--payment a credit, when--limitation on action starts when.
490.715. Damages paid by defendant prior to trial may be introduced but is waiver of credit against judgment--evidence of medical treatment rendered permitted, when (collateral source rule modified).
490.717. Photographs of personal property to be evidence in prosecution for wrongful taking--wrongful taking, defined--requirements--property returned to owner, when--notarized affidavit as evidence.
490.720. Definitions, admissibility of TDD, TTY, or TT communications.
490.722. Admissibility of communication through TDD, TTY, or TT.
490.733. Hazardous materials, defined, admission of samples into evidence, when--photos, videotapes or lab reports deemed competent evidence.

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