Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 491


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Board of mediation, failure to appear and give testimony, proceedings, 295.070
Child, under age ten years, witness in criminal trial, supreme court to develop jury instruction, 477.012
Criminal activity forfeiture act (CAFA), definitions applicable to this chapter, 513.605
Criminal case continued, witnesses to give recognizance for appearance, when, 545.740
Criminal investigation, prosecutors and circuit attorneys authority to subpoena witnesses and records, procedure, 56.085
Deaf persons, auxiliary services and aids, 476.750 to 476.766
Definition of witness by criminal code, 575.010
Director of the department of insurance, financial institutions and professional registration, failure to obey subpoena of, penalty, proceedings, 374.190, 374.210
Essential witness defined, deposition by prosecutor authorized, procedures, 492.303
Husband and wife as witnesses in criminal cases, testifying for or against spouse, when, 546.260
Landlord, tenant, witness protection in civil action, 441.820
Minimum prison terms for repeat offenders for the commission of certain crimes in this chapter, 558.019
Nursing home investigation, director, power to subpoena witnesses, failure or false testimony, penalties, 198.174
Protection for witnesses and families, prosecutors coordinators training council, procedure, 491.640
Public service commission, failure to attend and testify, penalty, 386.460
Tampering with witness, penalty, conviction under this law prohibits parole, 575.270
Television, closed circuit coverage of prisoners for court appearances, when, requirements, 561.031
Unemployment compensation hearings, failure to obey subpoena or give testimony, penalty, proceedings, 288.230
Victim tampering, persuading or attempting to persuade not to report crime, penalty, 575.270
Victim's and witness' rights, 595.200 to 595.220
Videotape of deposition taken by state authorized, when, used when, exceptions, 492.303
Workers' compensation hearings, failure to obey subpoena or give testimony, penalty, 287.570
491.010. Witness's interest does not disqualify--exception--statements of deceased persons and incompetents and other parties to the transaction--abrogation of deadman statute.
491.015. Prosecuting witness in certain cases not to be interrogated as to prior sexual conduct.
491.030. Adverse party may be compelled to testify in civil cases.
491.040. Sections 491.010 and 491.030 construed.
491.050. Convicts competent witnesses--convictions and certain pleas may be proved to affect credibility.
491.060. Persons incompetent to testify--exceptions, children in certain cases.
491.070. Cross-examination of witnesses--scope.
491.074. Prior inconsistent statement may be admissible in criminal cases as substantive evidence.
491.075. Statement of child under fourteen or vulnerable person admissible, when.
491.078. Juvenile court adjudication, use to affect credibility--sexual offense adjudication, affect on credibility--multiple adjudications, admissible, when.
491.080. Testimony of witness not to be used to convict him of fraud.
491.090. Summons of witnesses--procedure--consequences of failure to appear.
491.100. Summons, form--how issued--subpoena for property, court's authority to quash, when exercised.
491.110. Subpoenas, by whom served.
491.120. Subpoenas, how served and returned.
491.130. Fees to be tendered, when.
491.140. Witness liable to action, when.
491.150. Attendance, how enforced.
491.160. Attachment may issue, when.
491.170. Witness attached, may be discharged on bail.
491.180. Penalty where party refuses to attend and testify.
491.190. Fine for nonattendance.
491.200. Penalty for refusing to testify.
491.205. Court may compel testimony, witness immunity, exception, when, penalty.
491.210. Witness not excused from testifying, when.
491.220. Witness, when free from arrest.
491.230. Power to issue writ of habeas corpus--persons detained in correctional facility shall not attend civil proceeding--exceptions--conditions.
491.240. Writ to obtain witness from county jail.
491.250. Application for writ.
491.260. Application of prosecuting officers.
491.270. Prisoner to be remanded after testifying.
491.280. Fees of witnesses.
491.290. Fees, how paid.
491.310. Associate circuit judge to issue subpoenas.
491.320. Validity of subpoena.
491.330. Associate circuit judge may order witness attached, when.
491.340. Attachment to be executed as in criminal cases--cost.
491.350. Penalty for failure to obey subpoena without excuse.
491.360. Continuance of case--associate circuit judge to notify witnesses.
491.370. Cost of surplus witnesses paid by whom.
491.380. Competency of witnesses, how determined--oath of witnesses.
491.400. Definitions.
491.410. Summoning witness in this state to testify in another state.
491.420. Witness from another state summoned to testify in this state.
491.430. Exemption from arrest and service of process.
491.440. Uniformity of interpretation.
491.450. Short title.
491.600. Courts with criminal jurisdiction may issue orders to protect witness or victim.
491.610. Violation of protective orders, penalties.
491.620. Pretrial releases of defendant conditional--notice of prohibited witness tampering activities required.
491.640. Prosecutors coordinators training council may provide for security of witnesses and families, when--powers--request by law enforcement agencies, content--delegation of program administration, to whom.
491.675. Citation of sections 491.675 to 491.705.
491.678. Child defined.
491.680. Court may order video recording of alleged child victim, when--procedure--transcript--exclusion of defendant from proceedings, opportunity to review--cross-examination.
491.685. Defendant may be excluded from child victim deposition proceedings, when.
491.687. Court may order videotaped reexamination, when.
491.690. Provisions of sections 491.675 to 491.693 not to apply where defendant has waived right to counsel--exceptions.
491.693. Testimony to be under oath.
491.696. Child defined--videotaped testimony for juvenile court hearings.
491.699. Juvenile court hearings--court may order video recording of alleged child victim, when--procedure--cross-examination--counsel appointed for perpetrator, when.
491.702. Perpetrator may be excluded from child victim deposition proceeding, when--sequestration of victim--review of tapes required, when.
491.705. Court may order videotaped reexamination, when--testimony to be under oath.
491.710. Hearings involving child witnesses given docket priority--delays or continuances granted, when.
491.725. Citation of law--definitions--applicability.

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