Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 492
Oaths and Affirmations, Depositions and Perpetuation of Testimony


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Affidavit of grantor of real estate as to heirship or kinship, admissible, when, 490.370
Deaf persons, auxiliary services and aids, 476.750 to 476.766
General assembly oath of office administered by whom, 21.370
General assembly oath of office, form, Const. Art. III, Sec. 15
492.010. Officers and notary public authorized to administer oaths.
492.020. Oaths required to be taken before particular officer may be taken before others, when.
492.030. Parties may affirm, when.
492.040. Officer shall adopt mode most binding on conscience, when.
492.050. Parties to be sworn according to the ceremonies of their religion.
492.060. Persons deemed to have been lawfully sworn, when.
492.070. Oaths, affirmations, depositions of persons in military service, who may take--form--validation of those previously taken.
492.080. Depositions may be obtained conditionally.
492.090. Officers authorized to take depositions.
492.100. Commissioners of foreign courts may compel attendance of witnesses.
492.110. Witness residing out of this state, commission to issue.
492.120. Commission, how issued, to whom directed.
492.130. Power and duty of the officer under the commission.
492.140. What officers out of this state may take depositions without commission.
492.150. Special commissioner appointed when, qualifications--time and place of depositions--enforcement of subpoenas issued by other officer.
492.155. Powers of special commissioner--rulings on evidence, review.
492.160. Notice to be given if the party or his attorney resides in this state, how.
492.170. If they do not reside in this state, how.
492.180. Notice, how served on party or attorney.
492.190. By whom served.
492.200. When notice shall be served.
492.210. Time may be shortened by court or judge in vacation.
492.220. Commission to examine witnesses on interrogatories when awarded.
492.230. To whom directed.
492.240. Interrogatories to be annexed.
492.250. Command of the commission.
492.260. Officer to propound interrogatories.
492.270. Officer may compel attendance of witness--contempt--if witness imprisoned, on what terms discharged.
492.280. Production of documentary evidence on taking of deposition, when.
492.290. Witnesses to be examined on oath.
492.292. Venue for deposition of employee of a publicly funded crime laboratory.
492.300. Adverse party may take depositions by giving notice, when.
492.303. Essential witness, defined--deposition may be taken by prosecutor, procedure--costs--videotape authorized, used when.
492.304. Visual and aural recordings of child under fourteen admissible, when.
492.310. Depositions taken in foreign countries to be taken in language of the witness--must be translated.
492.320. Residence of witness certified by officer.
492.330. Objections to competency or relevancy, how taken.
492.340. Deposition shall be submitted to witness for examination--signing of deposition.
492.350. Certificate of officer taking depositions.
492.360. Exhibits to be enclosed with depositions and directed to clerk.
492.370. What constitutes sufficient evidence of the authentication of depositions.
492.380. Official character of officer in the United States, how attested.
492.390. Official character of officer in foreign country, how attested.
492.400. When depositions may be read.
492.410. Evidence preserved in bill of exceptions may be used, how.
492.420. Depositions may be taken to perpetuate testimony, when.
492.430. Petition for commission to take depositions.
492.440. By whom and how issued--to whom directed.
492.450. Notice of time and place of taking depositions.
492.460. If person is minor, notice to be served upon whom.
492.470. Publication of notice to nonresidents.
492.480. General notice given, how and when.
492.490. Subpoenas to witnesses.
492.500. Duty of officer.
492.510. Questions put to witnesses to be reduced to writing.
492.520. Answers to be reduced to writing.
492.530. Power of adjournment.
492.540. Depositions, how certified and to whom delivered.
492.550. May be sent by mail or otherwise, when.
492.560. Duty of recorder on receiving deposition.
492.570. Depositions, legally taken, may be read, when.
492.580. Legal exceptions may be taken.
492.590. Costs and expenses of taking depositions, how awarded and collected--limitations.

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