Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 493
Legal Publications, Notice and Advertisements


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Abbreviations in advertisements, when allowed, 140.180
493.010 Cost of advertisements in judicial proceedings, payment by whom.
493.020. Payment of costs by county, when.
493.025. Rates generally allowable for public advertisements or legal notices.
493.027. Qualification of newspapers for public notices--rates, review and approval (counties of first classification and City of St. Louis).
493.040. Officers to procure best rates.
493.045. Daily newspaper defined.
493.050. Public advertisements and orders of publication published only in certain newspapers.
493.055. Publication of certain real estate transactions.
493.060. Affidavit of printer, editor or publisher--evidence.
493.070. Advertisements published in specified newspapers (cities of 100,000 or more).
493.075. Publication of notice in lieu of posting, limits.
493.080. Notice of meeting to select official publication--petitions of newspapers.
493.090. Public notice or advertisement valid, when.
493.100. Notice of sale of certain real estate published in certain newspapers (cities of 600,000 or more).
493.110. Board to meet and select newspapers, when, how.
493.120. Notice published in other newspapers not valid.
493.130. Unlawful for officer or person holding property in trust to make profit in contract with any newspaper.
493.140. Punishment for accepting rebates.

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