Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 510
Trials and Proceedings Before and After Trial


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Amendment of corporate charter, effect upon pending actions, 351.105
Collateral sources rule modified, defendant prior to trial paying special damages may be introduced as evidence, how, effect on judgment, 490.715
Damages paid by defendant prior to trial may be introduced in evidence, how, effect on judgment, 490.715
Damages, total money amount ascertained by discovery, use in trial prohibited, 509.050
Deaf persons, auxiliary services and aids, 476.750
Judicial review of administrative decisions, Chap. 536
Merger or consolidation of corporations, effect upon pending actions, 351.450
"Order" of court and "motion" defined, 506.050
Sexually violent predators, civil commitment procedure, 632.480 to 632.525
Television, closed circuit coverage of prisoners for court appearances, when, requirements, 561.031
510.010. Court may direct attorneys to appear before it for conference.
510.020. Interrogatories to parties.
510.030. Production of documents, papers, tangibles--statements previously made, definition, obtained, how.
510.035. Child victims of sexual offenses, video and aural recordings or photographs not subject to disclosure without court order--disclosure permitted, when.
510.040. Court may order physical and mental examinations.
510.050. Request for admission of genuineness of relevant documents.
510.060. Motion for order compelling answer to interrogatory.
510.070. Cases shall be placed on docket, when.
510.080. Court may continue an action to a fixed day.
510.090. Application for continuance, how made.
510.100. Applications for a continuance on account of absence of witnesses shall show what.
510.110. Amendment of affidavit--overruled, when.
510.120. Automatic stay of all administrative and court procedures for members of the general assembly, when--continuance when counsel or party is a member of general assembly.
510.125. Grievance resolution system for offenders, civil actions stayed, when.
510.130. Voluntary dismissal--new trial.
510.140. Defendant may move for dismissal of an action--effect of motion.
510.150. Effect of dismissals, with and without prejudice.
510.160. Provisions applying to dismissal of counterclaim, cross-claim or third-party claim.
510.170. Dismissal of plaintiff's action not to affect counterclaim or cross-claim.
510.180. Consolidation of actions--separate trials of issues.
510.190. Right of trial by jury--waiver.
510.200. All trials upon the merits shall be conducted in open court.
510.210. Formal exceptions unnecessary--objections.
510.220. Verdict, general or special.
510.230. General verdict, when rendered.
510.240. Court may direct issues to be made, when.
510.250. Issues to be made only as directed by court.
510.260. Issues, how tried and disposed of.
510.263. Bifurcated trial may be requested by any party if punitive damages involved, procedure--post-trial motion for credit on punitive damages, procedure--credit not allowed, when--doctrine of remittitur and additur applied to awards.
510.265. Limitations on punitive damages in certain cases.
510.270. Jury shall assess amount of money of recovery, when.
510.280. Motion for directed verdict.
510.290. Denial of motion for directed verdict--motion to set aside verdict, judgment--motion for new trial.
510.300. Instructions.
510.310. Procedure in cases tried upon facts without a jury.
510.320. Trial or proceeding shall not be terminated by expiration of term.
510.330. Granting of new trial.
510.350. Motion for new trial when based upon affidavits.
510.360. When motion for new trial deemed denied.
510.370. Court may order a new trial, when.
510.380. Abolishment of motion for judgment notwithstanding the verdict and motion in arrest of judgment.
510.390. Death or other disability of judge--power of substitute.

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