Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 511


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Classification and allowance of judgment as claim against decedent's estate, 473.397
Collateral sources rule modified, defendant prior to trial paying special damages may be introduced as evidence, how, effect on judgment, 490.715
Cost of execution and sale of property pursuant to judgment may be taxed as court costs, 514.303
Crime victims' compensation, 595.045
Damages paid by defendant prior to trial may be introduced in evidence, how, effect on judgment, 490.715
Interest on judgments, 408.040
Judgments presumed paid after ten years, exceptions, 516.350
Prejudgment interest allowed in tort cases when, procedure, amount, 408.040
Punitive damages awards percentage to go into tort victims' compensation fund, 537.675
Remittitur order or increase of jury award of damages in tort cases by the court, when, 537.068
Workers' compensation award of agreement, judgment rendered on, when, 287.500
511.010 Term "real estate" construed.
511.020. Judgment defined.
511.030. Judgment, against whom rendered, effect of--court's powers as to minor or disabled person.
511.040. Judgment on a counterclaim or cross-claim when court orders separate trials.
511.050. Judgment of non pros., when entered.
511.060. When set aside.
511.070. Confession of judgment entered, when.
511.080. Form of confession.
511.090. Defendant identified to court.
511.100. Confession by attorney in fact.
511.110. Interlocutory judgment entered upon default.
511.120. When set aside.
511.130. Judgment interlocutory against only part of the defendants.
511.140. Judgment by default, how proceeded on to final judgment.
511.150. Assessment of damages.
511.160. Damages not to exceed amount claimed.
511.170. Petition for review, grounds.
511.180. Bar to petition for review.
511.190. Judgment absolute after three years.
511.200. Judgment set aside--contents of petition.
511.210. Petition, how served.
511.220. If answer or motion filed, cause to proceed.
511.230. Judgment for defendant to be what.
511.240. Sale of property to innocent purchaser not affected by vacating judgment.
511.250. Motion to set aside judgment must be filed within three years.
511.260. Imperfections for which judgment will not be reversed or affected.
511.270. Imperfections cured by amendment.
511.280. Specific performance of judgment.
511.290. Issuance of writs of possession by court.
511.300. Effect of judgment for conveyance.
511.310. Damages in lieu of performance of judgment.
511.320. Copy of judgment decreeing conveyance recorded--effect of failure to record.
511.330. Exceptions to section 511.320.
511.340. Performance of judgment, enforcement.
511.350. Liens on real estate established by judgment or decrees in courts of record, exception--associate circuit court, procedure required--no administrative amendments.
511.360. Commencement, extent and duration of lien--applicability of duration of lien.
511.370. Scire facias to revive, may issue, when.
511.380. Revival to take effect from rendition.
511.390. Scire facias before lien expires, effect of.
511.400. Scire facias, how served and when triable.
511.410. Publication ordered, when.
511.420. Publication of order.
511.430. Judgment of revival, when.
511.440. Transcript of judgment a lien in another county, when--procedure.
511.450. Judgment docketed and recorded, when.
511.470. Such liens to have the force of other judgment liens.
511.480. Execution and revival sued out where judgment was rendered--except magistrate judgments.
511.490. Clerk--failure to perform duty--penalty.
511.500. Abstract of judgment filed with circuit clerk to establish lien on real property--priority of liens (counties and City of St. Louis).
511.510. Duty of clerk to furnish and enter abstracts--satisfaction of judgments--liability of clerk.
511.530. Lien of judgment rendered by district No. 2 of Marion County circuit court.
511.540. Death of a plaintiff, survival of judgment.
511.550. Death of a defendant, survival of judgment.
511.560. Judgment revived by or against administrator de bonis non.
511.570. Satisfaction of judgment.
511.580. Who may enter satisfaction.
511.590. Satisfaction, where entered.
511.600. When made by agent, his authority to be filed.
511.610. Effect of acknowledgment.
511.620. Refusal of party to satisfy--proceedings.
511.630. Clerks shall keep book for docketing judgments.
511.640. Docket shall contain what entries.
511.650. Further entries to be made in docket.
511.660. Space left to enter satisfaction.
511.670. Clerk to enter disposition of judgments.
511.680. Failure of clerk to perform duty--penalty.
511.690. Assignment of judgments.
511.700. Payment to assignor, when valid.
511.710. Execution on assigned judgment, how issued.
511.720. Assignee to have right of action.
511.730. Execution of delivery bond to plaintiff's judgment.
511.740. Submitting a controversy without action.
511.750. Enforcement of judgment.
511.760. Uniform enforcement of foreign judgments law.
511.770. Citation of law--purpose.
511.773. Definitions.
511.775. Judgment final--appeal not to affect.
511.778. Enforceability of judgment, when.
511.780. Judgment--not conclusive, when--need not be recognized, when.
511.783. Lack of personal jurisdiction not to affect judgment, when.
511.785. Appeals, stay of proceedings granted, when.
511.787. Recognition of judgment in situations not covered by uniform law.

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