Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 513
Executions and Exemptions


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Arrest or holding person to bail on civil process prohibited, 506.180
Assessment plan insurance, proceeds of policy not subject to execution, 377.090
Assets of decedents' estates, proceedings to discover, 473.340
Assets of insurance companies not liable to execution, 375.490
Benefits of certain plans of insurance not subject to execution, 377.090, 377.330
Cost of execution and sale of property pursuant to judgment may be taxed as court costs, 514.303
Execution against stockholder of corporation for unpaid subscription, when issued, 351.280, 351.285
Exemption from execution, retirement benefits, cities, 71.207
Foreign judgments, enforcement, uniform law, 511.760
Insurance against loss, judgment creditor may proceed in equity to reach insurance money, 379.200
Judgment against insurance company, execution against deposit with insurance department issued, when, 375.490
Judgment creditors may collect insurance when, 379.200
Land clearance for redevelopment authority, property exempt from execution, 99.570
Married woman's real estate, subject to execution for husband's debts, when, 451.250, 451.260
Public employee, wages may be garnished when execution on judgment against unsatisfied, 525.310
Real property of housing authority exempt from execution, 99.200
Sales of property of decedent's estate bound by execution and attachment liens, procedure, 473.440
Stay of execution on appeal generally, 512.080 to 512.100, 512.200, 512.210
513.010. Levy and real estate defined.
513.015. Executions, who may have.
513.020. Executions may issue, when.
513.025. General execution, form.
513.030. Executions, when returnable.
513.035. Executions, where directed and executed.
513.040. Directed to any sheriff in the state, when.
513.045. Duties of clerks in issuing executions.
513.050. Sheriffs and deputies to endorse on execution the time of receipt--rank of writs.
513.055. Employees and laborers preferred creditors.
513.060. Limitation of actions for preference.
513.065. Finding as to preferred amount recited in execution and judgment.
513.070. Execution against heir to be special.
513.075. Execution against executors or administrators prohibited.
513.080. Execution sued out by administrator de bonis non.
513.085. Execution to be lien, when.
513.090. Property which may be sold under attachment and execution.
513.095. Defendant may elect what property shall be sold.
513.100. Defendant may elect what property to be first sold.
513.105. Evidences of debt liable to be seized and placed in hands of receiver--his duties.
513.110. When officer shall act as receiver.
513.115. Certificate of corporation shares held, to be furnished, when.
513.120. Execution on such shares, how levied.
513.125. Bill of sale of shares required, how made--effect thereof.
513.130. Third-party claim--proceedings--bond.
513.135. Claim, with bond, shall be returned to court--proceedings.
513.140. Personal property subject to execution for purchase price, when.
513.145. Sale of personal property--notice of time and place--exception.
513.150. Personal property to be delivered to purchasers--bills of sale thereof given, when.
513.155. Personal property levied upon may be retained until day of sale, by giving bond.
513.160. Property not delivered, levy to remain a lien.
513.165. Condition of bond broken, officer may seize property--how sold.
513.170. Plaintiff may move for judgment on bond, when.
513.175. Motion heard and determined in a summary way.
513.180. No second delivery bond shall be taken.
513.185. Delivery bond to be returned--failure--officer to stand as security.
513.190. Sale to be fifteen days before return, when.
513.200. Leases for three years or more subject to execution as real property.
513.205. Sheriff in selling real estate shall proceed how--notice to be given--sales, where made.
513.210. Real estate to be divided, when--amount to be sold.
513.215. Death of defendant after levy, proceedings.
513.220. Sheriff selling real estate where court is held at other than county seat.
513.225. Notice to be given defendant in execution if a resident of the state, when.
513.230. When and how to be served.
513.235. Sale, how conducted.
513.240. If purchaser refuses to pay, property to be resold--damages, how recovered.
513.245. Court shall proceed in summary manner.
513.250. Liability of officer, amounts.
513.255. Sale under junior judgment.
513.260. Proceeds, how applied.
513.265. If a sale be not made at the next term, execution to continue in force, how long.
513.270. Execution issued to the sheriff of another county to remain in force, how long.
513.275. Deed for real estate to be executed--its recitals.
513.280. Such deed, how acknowledged.
513.285. Clerk to endorse certificate of acknowledgment on such deed.
513.290. Sheriff's deeds to be recorded--record to be evidence.
513.295. Sales, how made, when term changed.
513.300. Officer not to purchase property--purchases void.
513.305. Executions issued from circuit court of Marion County--either division--effect.
513.310. Sale of real estate on execution from district No. 2 of Marion County circuit court and Cape Girardeau circuit court at Cape Girardeau.
513.315. Sheriff to deliver writs to successor, when--duty of new sheriff.
513.320. In case of death, executions unexecuted to be delivered to successor.
513.325. Power of outgoing officer after levy.
513.330. Death of officer after levy and before sale.
513.335. After sale, how deed may be obtained.
513.340. Officers refusing to carry out execution liable for amount thereof.
513.345. Officer liable on his bond for refusal to perform duty.
513.350. Remedy of plaintiff against officer in certain cases.
513.355. Judge shall call execution docket.
513.360. Proceedings to set aside or quash execution.
513.365. Judge to order stay of execution, when and how.
513.370. Judge to certify and return petition to the court--proceedings.
513.375. Any person owing defendant may pay officer, how.
513.380. Examination of judgment debtor, when, procedure--grant of use immunity.
513.385. Showing of reasonable ground for order required.
513.390. Proceedings in court--referee may be appointed--evidence recorded--signed.
513.395. Opinion of court in writing to be filed--effect thereof--costs, how adjudged.
513.400. Fees of referee to be allowed by court.
513.410. Execution against city returned unsatisfied, officers compelled by mandamus to levy.
513.415. Court to determine the time within which levy shall be made.
513.420. Officer refusing to comply, guilty of misdemeanor.
513.425. No exemptions allowed party leaving state.
513.427. Bankruptcy, exemptions allowed.
513.430. Property exempt from attachment--construction of section.
513.436. Exemption limited by lien.
513.440. Other property exempt--provisions--exceptions.
513.445. Officer shall apprise party of right to select, notice, contents--claims for exemption, how made, when--selection, how made--oath administered--court review of exemption claim, when, notice.
513.455. County or municipally owned property exempt, when.
513.460. Fire fighting equipment exempt, when.
513.465. No property exempt from sale for taxes.
513.470. No property exemption for personal services, by whom--provisions.
513.475. Homestead defined--exempt from execution--spouses debarred from selling, when.
513.480. If value exceeds limitation, owner may designate--proceedings.
513.485. Proceedings where encumbered by mortgage.
513.490. Personal property attached claimed as product of homestead, proceedings.
513.510. Subject to execution upon certain causes of action.
513.515. If another homestead is acquired prior homestead is liable for debt.
513.520. Homestead set out from other real estate--proceedings--duty of commissioners.
513.525. If homestead cannot be occupied in severalty, court may grant relief.
513.530. Court may control investment of proceeds.
Cross Reference

Children, CAFA applicable to, 195.146 ***

513.600. Title.
513.605. Definitions.
513.607. Property subject to forfeiture--procedure--report required, when, contents--annual state auditor's report, contents--violations, penalty.
513.610. Intervention as a party, when--possession of property upon posting bond.
513.612. Right to file motion to dismiss--jury trial.
513.615. Rights of innocent party not subject to forfeiture--innocent party, defined.
513.617. CAFA proceeding stayed until disposition of criminal charges, restrictions upon forfeiture, rights of innocent owner--release of property, restrictions--court approval of settlements--seized property not to be used in bargaining--time limitation.
513.620. Disposition of property after judgment.
513.623. Disposition of proceeds after sale.
513.625. Relations back of title, when--consequences of conveyance or alienation of property after filing of lien notice or petition.
513.630. Statute of limitations.
513.635. Remedies not mutually exclusive.
513.637. Enforcement of judgments--attorney general, duties--authority to enter into reciprocal agreements with other jurisdictions.
513.640. Lien notices, effect of filing.
513.645. Termination, release, or renewal of lien notices.
513.647. Transfer of property seized by state to federal agency, procedure--transfer not to be made unless violation is a felony--property owner may challenge, procedure.
513.649. Peace officers or reserve officer working with federal agency subject to law.
513.651. Money acquired by law enforcement agencies, use of funds.
513.653. Law enforcement agencies using federal forfeiture system, report of federal seizure proceeds--violation, penalty.
513.660. Forfeiture of gambling devices, records and money.

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