Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 515
Referees and Receivers


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Railroad companies, receivers or trustees appointed by any court, powers, 388.240, 388.250, 388.440
515.010. Cases referred by consent.
515.020. When referred by order of court.
515.030. Parties may agree upon referees or court shall appoint.
515.040. Referees to be disinterested parties.
515.050. Oath of referees.
515.060. Referees to hear and determine cause without delay.
515.070. Appointment in case of death or removal of referee.
515.080. Referees must all meet and conduct hearing.
515.090. Hearing--notice--adjournments.
515.100. Service of notices, how and by whom made.
515.110. Power to compel attendance of witnesses.
515.120. Service of notices and subpoenas.
515.130. May compel parties to testify and produce documents.
515.140. Punishment of parties for contempt.
515.150. Punishment for refusal to testify.
515.160. Depositions may be taken and read.
515.170. Testimony to be written--exceptions to be stated in report.
515.180. Court may compel referees to hear and report.
515.190. Report of referees.
515.200. Exceptions to report.
515.210. Proceedings on report.
515.220. Compensation of referees.
515.230. Compensation of witnesses and officers.
515.240. (Repealed L. 2016 H.B. 1765 § A merged with S.B. 578 § A)
515.250. (Repealed L. 2016 H.B. 1765 § A merged with S.B. 578 § A)
515.260. (Repealed L. 2016 H.B. 1765 § A merged with S.B. 578 § A)
515.500. Citation of law.
515.505. Definitions.
515.510. Court authorized to appoint receiver, when, procedure.
515.515. General and limited receivers.
515.520. Notice of appointment, content.
515.525. Replacement of receiver, when.
515.530. Bond requirements.
515.535. Receiver to have powers and priority of creditor.
515.540. Court to have exclusive authority, when.
515.545. Powers, authority, and duties of receivers.
515.550. Estate property, turnover of upon demand--court action to compel.
515.555. Debtor duties and requirements.
515.560. Debtor to file schedules, when.
515.565. Appraisal not required without court order.
515.570. General receiver to file monthly report, contents.
515.575. Appointment of general receiver to operate as a stay, when--expiration of stay--no stay, when.
515.580. Utility service, notice required by public utility to discontinue--violations, remedies.
515.585. Contracts and leases, receiver may assume or reject--action to compel rejection--consent to assume required, when.
515.590. Unsecured credit or debt, receiver may obtain, when.
515.595. Right to sue and be sued--action adjunct to receivership action--venue--judgment not a lien on property, when.
515.600. Immunity from liability, when.
515.605. Employment of professionals.
515.610. Creditors bound by acts of receiver--right to notice and may appear in receivership--notice requirements.
515.615. Claims administration process.
515.620. Objection to a claim, procedure.
515.625. Distribution of claims.
515.630. Secured claims permitted against estate property.
515.635. Noncontingent liquidated claims, interest allowed, rate.
515.640. Burdensome property, abandonment of, when.
515.645. Use, sale, or lease of estate property by receiver.
515.650. Receiver may be appointed as a receiver by out-of-state court, when.
515.655. Removal or replacement of receiver, procedure.
515.660. Discharge of receiver.
515.665. Orders subject to appeal.

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