Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 516
Statutes of Limitation


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Action for accounting on pro rata pay back from nonprobate transfer to personal representative to cover statutory allowances and claims due estate, 461.300
Action for recovery of land sold at tax sales, 140.590
Administration of decedent's estate, 473.070
Administrators or executors, action on bond, 473.213
Childhood sexual abuse action to be brought when, 537.046
Claims against estates of decedents, 473.360, 473.397
Claims against estates of incapacitated or disabled persons, 475.205
Claims against the state, 33.120
Contracts not to limit time for bringing suit, 431.030
Damages for waste in ejectment action, 524.110
Defective release of mortgage or deed of trust, 443.185
Delinquent tax suits, 140.160, 141.890
Durable power of attorney, breach of duty, action by principal, 404.727
Escheats, proceedings to attack title of state to lands, Chap. 470
Gaming and gambling contracts, 434.090
Gas storage companies law, limitations on causes of action arising out of begin to run, when, 393.510
Invasion of privacy, crime, time limit to bring action, 556.038
Judgment, motion to set aside, 511.250
Judgment, revival by scire facias, 511.370
Lien of a judgment, commencement, extent and duration, 511.360
Liens of mechanics and materialmen, 429.080, 429.170
Museums, property on loan, injury or loss, action for damage, time limitation, 184.116
Petition for review of interlocutory judgment, 511.180, 511.190
Sewer or storm water facility improvement district assessment, action to set aside, time limitation, 249.945
Special tax bills, 88.927
Uniform trade secrets act, misappropriation action time limitation to bring, 417.461
Unlawful detainer actions, 534.300
Will contest actions, 473.083
Wills, probate of, 473.050, 473.070
Workers' compensation, claims, 287.430, 287.440
Wrongful death actions, 537.100
516.010. Actions for recovery of lands commenced, when.
516.020. Right of possession not affected by descent.
516.030. Disabilities--twenty-one years.
516.040. Possession of land under color of title, effect.
516.050. Limitation where person under disability dies.
516.070. Limitation where equitable title to land emanates from government.
516.080. When legal title has not emanated from the United States.
516.090. Statute not to extend to certain lands.
516.095. Action for breach of covenant restricting land use, barred, when.
516.097. Tort action against architects, engineers or builders of defective improvement to real property must be brought within ten years of completion of improvement, exceptions.
516.098. Surveys of land error or omissions--action must be brought when.
516.100. Period of limitation prescribed.
516.103. No tolling by filing of administrative actions, certain suits.
516.105. Actions against health care and mental health providers (medical malpractice).
516.110. What action shall be commenced within ten years.
516.120. What actions within five years.
516.130. What actions within three years.
516.140. What actions within two years.
516.145. What actions within one year.
516.150. No action to foreclose mortgage after note barred.
516.155. Mortgages last maturing obligation is due, how determined--future advances on real property security instrument statute begins to run, when.
516.160. In account current, when cause of action accrued.
516.170. May delay filing of action, when.
516.180. On death of person under disability, cause of action survives.
516.190. Limitations on actions originating in other states.
516.200. If defendant be out of state before or departs after cause of action commences, when action may be commenced.
516.210. Time not to be computed during a war.
516.220. Not to apply to what.
516.230. Further savings in cases of nonsuits.
516.240. If defendant dies, when and against whom new suit to be brought.
516.250. Suit abated by death of plaintiff, when--when and by whom new suit brought.
516.260. Suit stayed by injunction, time not computed.
516.270. Disability not to avail, unless.
516.280. Limitation not to be extended by improper acts of defendant.
516.290. Effect of two or more existing disabilities.
516.300. Actions otherwise limited.
516.310. Demands against corporations.
516.320. Actions barred, only revived by written promise.
516.330. One joint debtor cannot revive a demand against other debtor.
516.340. Sections 516.320 and 516.330 construed.
516.350. Judgments presumed to be paid, when--presumption, how rebutted--inclusion in the automated child support system--judgment for unpaid rent, revived by publication.
516.360. Sections 516.010 to 516.370 to apply to the state as well as to private parties.
516.370. Limitation not to apply to setoffs, when.
516.371. Limitation on action for sexual contact by certain persons.
516.380. Actions on penal statutes to be brought in one year.
516.390. When penalty goes to the state, within two years.
516.400. When penalty goes to party aggrieved, three years.
516.410. Sections 516.380 to 516.400 construed.
516.420. When not to apply to corporations.
516.500. Legislative bills, actions on procedural defect in enactment, time limitations, exceptions.

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