Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 523
Condemnation Proceedings


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Chapter Cross Reference
Cities, condemnation procedure for public works, Chap. 88
CONDEMNATION PROCEEDINGS AUTHORIZED UNDER THIS CHAPTER BY: Bridge companies for interstate bridge, 351.040, 351.045 City, for airport, 305.200 City, for public purposes (property outside limits), 77.530, 79.380, 82.800, 88.077 City, for waterworks, 91.610 City, over 300,000, for market place, 82.450 Counties, for courthouse, jail and poorhouse, 49.300 County commissions for roads and public purposes generally, 49.300 County commissions for the establishment of county roads, 228.100 County highway commission, county highway right-of-way, 230.040 County or constitutional charter city, for bridge over navigable stream, 234.150 County or political subdivision, for common facility under contract, 70.240 Gas storage companies, gas storage reservoir, 393.430 Housing authority, for housing projects, 99.120 Individuals, for cemetery purposes, 214.080 Interurban railroad company, for electric railroad, 388.500 Levee district, for necessary land, 245.190, 245.385 Liquid fertilizer solution pipeline, powers of condemnation, procedure and requirements, 266.353 Political subdivision, for national defense project, 91.770 Railroad, for depots, 388.410 Railroad or union station company, for union station, 388.470 Railroads for intersections with other railroads, 388.210 Rural electric cooperative companies, for transmission lines, 394.080 School district, for school purposes, 177.041 Sewer district (St. Louis County), for sewers, 249.290 State director of agriculture, for state fair, 262.220 State conservation commission, for public purposes, Const. Art. IV § 41 State educational institutions, for dormitories, 176.020 State highways and transportation commission, for highway system, 226.270, 227.120 State park board, for park or recreation purposes, 253.040 State university, for public purposes, 172.020 Telephone or telegraph company, for setting poles and fixtures, 392.100 Urban redevelopment corporation, for public purpose, 353.130 Water companies, for underground water mains, 393.100
Consequential damages arising from grading or regrading streets by city, how ascertained, 88.080 to 88.097
Private property not to be taken or damaged for public use without compensation--damages, how ascertained, Const. Art. I § 26
Property taken for private use, when--public use, how determined, Const. Art. I § 28
State, county or city may acquire excess lands when necessary, Const. Art. I § 27
Water companies, condemnation procedure, 393.020 to 393.100
523.001 Definitions.
523.010. Lands may be condemned, when--petition--parties--power of public utility to condemn certain lands, limitation.
523.020. Different owners may be joined in one petition.
523.030. Summons, when to issue, how served--publication.
523.039. Just compensation for condemned property, amount.
523.040. Appointment of commissioners--duties--notice of property viewing.
523.045. Interest on awards payable when--enforcement.
523.050. Commissioners' report--notice of filing--review.
523.053. Distribution of condemnation awards among defendants.
523.055. Possession of land delivered, when, notice--writ of possession, executed how.
523.060. Right of trial by jury in condemnation proceedings--jury responsibility in determining fair market value.
523.061. Determination of homestead taking and heritage value.
523.070. Costs, by whom paid.
523.080. Shall not enter or appropriate dwelling house.
523.090. Who may have damages ascertained--proceedings.
523.100. Appropriation of lands of corporations by other corporations.
523.200. Definitions.
523.205. Relocation assistance given, when--definitions--relocation plans--contents--residential payments--business payments--advance payments--waiver--notice--report--ineligibility for tax abatement, when--additional requirements.
523.210. Agencies authorized to establish rules and regulations.
523.215. Not to affect other condemnation compensation.
523.250. Notice of intended acquisition--mailing requirements.
523.253. Written offer, requirements--explanation of determination of property value.
523.256. Good faith negotiation required, findings, remedies.
523.259. Abandonment of condemnation, remedies--applicability.
523.261. Legislative determinations of areas to be condemned to be supported by substantial evidence, hearing, appeal.
523.262. Power of eminent domain limited, how--private entities to have power of eminent domain--notice.
523.265. Alternative locations for condemnation, procedure.
523.271. Exercise of eminent domain over private property for economic development purposes prohibited--definition.
523.274. Consideration of each parcel of property--time limit on commencement of eminent domain acquisitions.
523.277. Office of ombudsman for property rights.
523.282. Blanket easements void, when--definitions.
523.283. Easement or right-of-way by certain entities fixed by use--definition--commissioners appointed by court--attorneys' fees and costs for prevailing property owners.
523.286. Declaration of farmland as blighted prohibited--definition.

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