Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 524


Rsmo Number Section Description
524.010 Ejectment maintained generally, when.
524.020. Ejectment maintained in particular cases, when.
524.030. Tenants in common may sue jointly.
524.040. Parties to action.
524.050. Who may be made codefendant.
524.060. Petition--necessary averments.
524.070. Pleadings and proceedings.
524.080. What plaintiff must show to recover.
524.090. What plaintiff must show to recover as against cotenant.
524.100. One or more joint plaintiffs may recover.
524.110. What plaintiff may recover, if successful.
524.120. Judgment where plaintiff's right expires after suit.
524.130. Jury shall assess value of rents and profits, when.
524.140. Judgment in such cases.
524.150. Appeals--amount and condition of bond.
524.160. Defendant may recover compensation for improvements, when.
524.170. Petition--contents.
524.180. Injunction may be granted.
524.190. Plaintiff may relinquish land and recover value, less the improvements.
524.200. Claimant to pay value of land, when.
524.210. Plaintiff to make deed, when.
524.220. Land may be divided, when.
524.230. Not to be divided, when.
524.240. If plaintiff gives notice, in writing, compensation shall not be recovered.
524.250. Compensation shall only be made once.
524.260. Writ of possession and execution may issue, when.
524.270. Ordinary execution to issue, when.
524.280. Executions, to whom issued and how governed.
524.290. Action for damages may be maintained, when.

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