Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 528
Partition Suits


Rsmo Number Section Description
528.010 Equity suit--who may bring.
528.020. Parties to suit.
528.030. Partition, suit for, by whom brought, how determined.
528.040. Suit, where brought.
528.050. Petition shall set forth what facts.
528.060. Who shall be made parties.
528.070. When name or interest of a party is unknown, what necessary.
528.080. Those having an interest may appear and be made parties.
528.090. Proceedings, how governed.
528.100. Conservators may act for disabled persons.
528.130. Partition not to be made contrary to will.
528.140. Partitioned lands subject to debts of estate.
528.150. Judgment by default shall be rendered, when--proof of title to be exhibited.
528.160. Rights of parties to be determined, how--judgment to be rendered.
528.170. Several shares may be set off together.
528.180. Parcels, set off to the parties, to be held and enjoyed by them, how.
528.190. When parties claim adversely, court shall proceed, how.
528.200. Court shall appoint commissioners, when.
528.210. Court, or judge, may appoint new commissioners, when.
528.220. Compensation of commissioners.
528.230. Commissioners to make affidavit and give notice to parties.
528.240. Commissioners shall proceed, how.
528.250. Land not susceptible of division, commissioners shall report, what.
528.260. Lands shall be divided, how.
528.270. May divide lands into lots, when.
528.280. Commissioners shall make report--contents.
528.290. Report to be proved or acknowledged--filed.
528.300. Report may be set aside and new commissioners appointed, when.
528.310. If report approved, judgment to be rendered thereon--force of judgment.
528.320. Copy of report and judgment to be recorded.
528.330. When land laid out, map shall be returned, filed and recorded.
528.340. Court may order sale of lands, when.
528.350. Proceedings where part of shares has been set off.
528.360. Effect of confirmation of report on parties claiming adversely.
528.370. Order of sale shall specify what--shall be certified to sheriff--duty of sheriff--sale, how conducted.
528.380. Order of sale shall be renewed, when.
528.390. Lands may be sold in parcels, when.
528.400. Sheriff to collect purchase money, make deed to purchaser--proceedings if sheriff or purchaser dies.
528.410. Defective sheriff's deed to be corrected, when and how.
528.420. Sale to be a bar against dower, when.
528.430. Sheriff and sureties responsible on his bond, when.
528.440. Outgoing sheriff to complete sale--exception.
528.450. Sheriff to report to court--report shall contain what.
528.460. Proceeds of sale, how divided.
528.470. Adverse claim to share, how disposed of.
528.480. Party claiming proceeds of sale may proceed, how.
528.490. Summons may be directed to whom--how served.
528.500. Answer shall contain what--issue shall be tried, how.
528.510. Judgment by default rendered, when.
528.520. Payment of money adjudged, when.
528.530. Courts to allow attorney's fee and compensation for guardian ad litem.
528.540. Majority of commissioners may act.
528.550. Order of sale may be had without the appointment of commissioners, when--special commissioner, duty and power of.
528.560. Court to order sale of lots, when.
528.570. Special commissioner to execute and file bond with clerk.
528.580. Special commissioner to perform same duties as sheriff.
528.590. Sales, when and where made.
528.600. Note to be taken for deferred sums--form of--shall express what--bidder with interest in property.
528.610. Compensation of sheriff.
528.620. Partition of personal property--proceedings in.
528.630. Sale, how conducted.
528.640. Suits to be tried, when.

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